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Chapter 18 Dame Vengeance

Another year has passed.

Tarona is still serene and serene. Snow and ice canyons are still slaying cold.

night sitting on the upper reaches of the card Tahe on a boulder, practicing the fighting. Kata only 10 meters wide, the river crystal clear, leisurely from the Tarona of the land flow, like a graceful ballad, so that everyone living here, the heart of peace and pleasure.

"Night, you've been sitting for almost a day, and you're not going back? "A gentle voice came from behind the night.

"Sister, I don't want to go home. "The Night Road."

"Are you afraid to see Dad? "Na lightweight a jump and sat next to the night.

night did not speak, just silently looking at the incessant flow of the river. From early morning to dusk, he has maintained this position for eight hours ...

na sigh a sound, looked at the "brother" handsome side face.

, it was a melancholy that transcended his age.

He is only eight years old Ah, Na's heart suddenly seems to be blocked by a stone. As she grew older, she could not tell what kind of feeling she was in her heart about the "younger brother."

She had no way of fighting recklessly and at night, as she had been as a child.

she had to learn to restrain herself when she had begun to change from a little girl to a girl.

it has something to do with her learning spiritual magic. Spiritual Magic is recognized as the most boring and difficult to learn magic, it is not like the magic of other departments is to communicate with the magic elements of the outside world, its advanced, is entirely through meditation to strengthen their own spiritual power, light from this point of view, spiritual magic and fighting is very similar.

of course, no method of cultivation can be disconnected from nature, that is, what the cultivator call the "outside world." When the spiritual wizards break through the "polar wall" and become magic guides, they can feel the power of the soul in nature, which is actually a sign of the true introduction of spiritual magic.

, but is the polar wall of mental power so good to break?

So, if the sorcerer on the Offilar continent is only less, the spiritual sorcerer will be described as rare. Ask, how many people with magical gifts are willing to waste the dignity of becoming a senior sorcerer, to choose the magic that must have six levels of magic before they can play power?

Na's talent is not high, choose to learn spiritual magic with Grandma, mainly because of childhood resistance to novelty things is poor.

However, she broke through at least the first bottleneck "limit", has reached the level of three magic, has become a junior sorcerer.

is not like his younger brother "night."


"Son, don't be depressed, I think you are in the drill." At this time, the soul mentor of the Demon clan, the spiritual Cologne, is educating his son at a strong home.

"You were the one who was going to leave the night behind, and what are you like now? "Cologne sat on the wooden chair, his brow wrinkled.

"Mother, you don't understand. "A strong, listless way." He would have been sloppy, unruly, and now a bearded face.

"I don't understand? You know what! Don't fool me with the one of your sheikhs! "Cologne angry Way."

"Hey." "Too lazy to argue with his mother, simply close his eyes and stop talking."

See strong appearance, Cologne more angry, stood up, rushed to roar up, "not just can't practice fight?" What do you got? Don't forget, you once told me that the physical talent of the night is very good! Now, you are disappointed in him, indifferent, ignoring, I see, you are no confidence in your own expectations, can not meet your requirements, he is not your son? "

" He was not my son. "He opened his eyes strongly."

heard this sentence, Cologne shivering, "you!" You! ... "She pointed at the strong," You "for half a day, but could not say the following.

"You're exactly like your father, and you're all the same selfishness." "Cologne left a word and left. The quiet horror of the

room only heard the sound of breathing that had become chaotic.

"Canalis, am I wrong ... I remember you said, you want to give birth to a boy for me, when he grows up, can become like me ... "

's eyes moist," Unfortunately, the night is not, as a holy strong, I can not achieve your last wish. I thought the night was a gift from heaven, so that I could have no regrets for you, and as a result ... He could not produce a vengeance at all. There is no vengeance, no stronger body, nor can it be called a warrior, let alone reach the holy level. ...... Yes, I love the night. So, I know that only the methods in his memory can make him a real strong man ... Even if, like that, it would cost me to lose him ... "

" turned out to be. The Cologne, who was outside the door, heard the strong self-talk, and finally understood the reason why the sudden indifference to the night had suddenly been in the past few years.

"Strong, my son, you and your father, after all, are still different." "Cologne smiled with relief," at least, your feelings for Canalis and the night, your father will never be able to do. "

, but the way in memory ... Who told him that? Cologne's eyes became complicated, and the figure drifted away.

the afterglow of the sunset, sprinkled on the land of Tarona.


"Sister, why, why am I not the same as the other children in the family? "The night finally opened its mouth.

"Night, you do not think, you are the son of father, is my brother, your father is a family, no, is the most powerful warrior in the whole canyon, your grandmother, is a great holy Magic Guide." You ... "Na said here for a moment," don't doubt that at all. "

night silent, the night around is very quiet, can only hear him more and more rapid breathing sound ...

Suddenly, he jumped off the boulder, rushed into the river like crazy, and kept throwing the water hard into the sky.

"Fight! Fucking vindictive! Fucking practice! "

Night has begun to become a bit thick sound echoing over the Kata, Na's eyes, Out of tears."

"Dad, why are you doing this to the night? In fact, I know, you love him ... "Na's vision blurred, the shadow of crying in the water, gradually into a dark."


a warrior, if there is no fighting, can not call the warrior, fighting, is the soul of the warrior, is the real source of their strength!

physique, is to fight and service, soldiers exercise, just to make the muscle meridians more powerful, can accommodate more fighting just.

that is an explosive pure physical energy, for example: a two-degree strength of the Warrior apprentice, even if he can only rely on muscle strength to lift two hundred or three hundred pounds of things, as long as he used a fight, an instant explosive power can reach thousands of pounds!

ordinary human physique, but has been asura blood transformation of the strange meridians ...

that's outrageous. If he is a normal human, even if the physique is ordinary, as long as the cultivation of those advanced work method, coupled with the understanding of high luck, in the limited life is still possible to become a war saint, the worst is also a war teacher.

However, he was unable to produce any trace of vengeance-and it was decided that his achievements could, at best, bully ordinary people who had not been refined.

is not only anti-Dragon sword gas, Demon clan, even the whole ice and Snow Canyon, any method of fighting cultivation, the night can not be cultivated!

his body, like another pole of a magnetic field, rejecting all the foreign energies

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