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Chapter 17 Waste

Soon, a year passed, the night almost will be a strong search of the work of the practice of all over, but, the results are all the same, the only difference, is to adhere to the long and short time.

Heart is not good, really bad, sometimes he is wondering, their own do this is not right ...


a touch of red dyed strong eyes, even if he saw countless times, but still heartache incomparable.

"This is the last volume of work ..." Strong put the night gently on the bed, his eyes are very complex, there is heartache, there is reluctance, there is disappointment, and thinking.

"Boy, you've changed, you've become more and more silent." "Look at the night with your eyes closed," but this is the world, this is the cruel world, if you can't be strong, then your life will be just a plaything in someone else's hands. Indeed, I can protect you, but what's the point of that, you are a man, you have to stand up! "Talking to himself, his emotions fluctuate a lot," son, you blame dad, you hate me to scold me, but I tell you, I didn't do anything wrong. Of course you're wrong, "

." "

a familiar voice sounded behind him.

suddenly back to--

"Teacher!" "He got up and walked respectfully to the student salute.

"You're still so stubborn ..." laughs a silver-haired man. This man, is the strong teacher: the Dragon Sword Santa Filano, ice and Snow Canyon, the first powerful.

"Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be there? "asked strongly.

"is dedicated to your baby son. "Firano smiled, and the smile always made people feel very comfortable," You're So wrong, the little guy's dead. "

" I was wrong? Die? "It was astonishing."

Firano waved his hand, a breath closed the cabin, and then, the voice sounded in the strong mind ...

gradually, the strong face changed.

for a moment, Firano's lips moved and the sound was over.

, "Do you understand? My disciple. The more powerful, the more special ... That's his homecoming. Do it my way ... "after Firano said these words, he disappeared into the fluctuating air," he says.

"So it is! "A hint of pain flashed through the face of the night, and he sat down at the bedside of the evening, gently putting back the little arms that had been exposed at night ...

gazed at the night that handsome little face, strong eyes gradually firm up ...

"OK ..." he nodded slowly.


a few days later, the night recovered, the final work method is relatively simple, so his body function did not reach the need to lie on the degree of one months.

"Night." "The strong came in."

saw that tall figure, the small body of the night could not help but shrink back.

night This instinctive reaction, let the strong eyes flashed a hint of pain.

"Go! Dad, take you to fly! "Laughing."

"Fly, Fly?" "The night opened his eyes wide, stunned for a moment," Yes! "He jumped up ... How long has it been? It's gone since he started practicing, hasn't it? --on a broad, warm back, feel the vastness of the sky ...

House in front of the open space, crouching down, patted his shoulder, "come up, boy!" "

the night with a few eyes, a cheerful smile, leaped, and hugged his neck from behind."

"Let's Go! "Soar up, straight into the sky."


"Dad, when am I going to fly like you?" "

" will be ready for you to practice to the holy level. "

" Then I want to practice, I want to practice! "

" Hehe! To be a man, to become stronger, shoulders to be able to resist the sky! "

," Dad, your shoulders are on the fight! "

" is not resistant to the sky, it is resistant to my night! "


memories, lingering in front of the fierce eyes.

vividly, but sound like tears.

in front of the day can not see the end, and his day, on the back.

He looked down at the little arm around his neck at night, and his eyes became moist.


time flies, who can capture its breath, any stronger, you must also surrender for this silent strong.

never let the night practice again, but appeared in front of the night less and fewer time. Even if the

appears, it will not give a good night's face to see.

and the last flight, it became the night memories, the strong bring him the last scene of warm melt ...

a bit like a farewell.


"Swoop! "A thunderbolt struck at the foot of the night.

"What are you doing? "A beautiful maiden lifted the night from the ground and looked at a few demon children."

"It's all right, sister, they ... They had fun with me. "Night Shudder's way." Another year later, he was seven years old.

looks still so handsome and beautiful, but the face of a little more indifferent, as well, humble ...

"Play? ' Na's voice was shaking and five years passed and she was almost 13 years old. She was five years older than nighttime university, and now she is a full head taller than her own brother.

"Ze, don't go too far, the night is the son of the patriarch! "Na exasperated."

"He doesn't deserve it! "The head of the child," the head is called Ze, "how powerful the chief is, is the great jihad!" And this guy ... "He pointed to the night with a short magic wand on his hand," nothing! Will not magic, will not fight, but also want to play with us, dream to go! "

" You! "Na was shivering with anger.

night's lips moved, want to say what, but speechless.

suddenly, an electric light fell from the sky again, this time, split his shoulder ...

"Night! "Na was startled, and she could clearly smell the charred flesh."

Bully also has a limit, night finally angry, he roar a cry, toward the boy called Ze pounced on.

suddenly, the ground beneath his feet bulged with a thorn, without noticing, tripping to the ground.

"haha ..." a laughter.

then he lit another two fires on the soles of his shoes, and the burning pain made him jump out of the ground and stomp on the ground.

fire hard to put out, a strong wind hit again, once again blow him to the ground ...

"You ..." na's eyes filled with tears, rushed to the side of the night, to lift him up.

"Let's go, let's go! This crap is so boring! Go to the woods and find those warcraft games! "Ze chanted, and a few little wizards followed his butt and walked away.

"Sister ..." the little head of the night leaned on Na's shoulder, "I'm such a piece of crap ..."

's tears slipped.

"Dad said ..." The sound of the night is very weak, "no matter what the situation, can not fall down, have to stand, that is ... That's glory ... It's dignity ... "

.... In the woods outside

Tarona, a brunette boy and a gray-haired boy who was a head taller than him were playing.

"Douglas, what the hell does a fight look like? "The night looked at Douglas, who was crawling on a tree to dig a bird's nest.

"Fight what fight!" What did you say...... Oh! "Douglas's brain was a hamstring, and he must not be distracted. He slipped under his feet and uploaded it from the tree, in pain he hummed.

This hideous boy, the bird egg did not eat, poured a mouth of mud.

"Night! What are you talking about? "Douglas climbed up from the ground and rubbed his head.

"Fight ... What does it look like? "The night looked at him."

"Ah Bah! "Douglas spat out a piece of mud," This dead bird! It's okay, get the nest that high! I have to eat your eggs today! "

his body and climbed up again.

"Alas ..." sighed softly at night, "Uncle Aris Mendi should have taught you, you are much better than before ..... Let people become stronger, that should be a fight. "

He sat under the tree knees and began to practice again.

a strong pain from every endings of the nerve, almost suffocating this seven-year-old child ...

"Night! You see! What a big Bird's egg! "Douglas jumped out of the tree and ran merrily to the front of the night.

"Oh." "Open your eyes at night and look at his only friend."

"Let's go and bake it! Douglas laughs that the flat, broad-nosed and dark brown skin match is really creepy.

"Good! "The night laughed." With the fun of things, he also forgot the pain and loss just now, after all, he is still a child.

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