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Chapter 19 Leave


Remember, no matter what, you can't fall!

this gritty and haughty voice, the night can not forget, the hard body has been continuing, although for his physique, that does not have much effect.

day after day, boring and boring, and soon passed another two years.

"Ah! "

's 10-year-old night had begun to breed, and the shape of the drawing looked incongruous, and in the cold snow there was a leather rope tied to his waist, desperately pulling a huge rock.

The weather is very cold, but his bare upper body is still steaming, sweat from the muscle contour has been a little obvious on the body dripping, the snow on the ground hit one small hole after another.

"Hey! Night Refueling Ah! "A thick, sandy voice sounded in my ear, and Douglas, who was at least two heads taller than him, held a giant rock in one hand, sped past him, and the stout legs trod on the snow, slammed slammed slammed, a deep pit with a standard foot.

"Alas, this guy is in good health and has learned to fight again." "The night sighed, clenched his teeth, continued to drag behind the giant rock, leather rope deeply into the skin on his waist, the surrounding pores have been congested, the epidermis may be broken at any time."


Leather Rope broken, the body of the night jerked forward, slammed in the hard snow field ...

face buried in the snow and ice, a touch of yanhong from both sides oozing, and snow mixed together.

waist has changed the bruise, the night quietly lying, motionless, pain and fatigue hit, let his body a few desire to collapse.

"Night." "A man in black, who looked unusually sharp, came over.

"Well ... Uncle Arrimendi ... "The night struggled to prop up the body, and the wound before the forehead had been condensed by the temperature of the snow.

"Do you know what is the perfect state of the body? "Aris Mendi looked down at him.

"Douglas's body is different and his muscle strength is inherently strong, so he's right in this way, but that's definitely not the best refining. "Aris Mendi went on," I am definitely an underdog compared to Douglas's race, but I have become a holy strong man. " "

" because you're going to fight! "The night suddenly got excited.

"Yes, that's right." "Aris Mendi a faint way," but my body, but balanced, even if my opponent is better than me, still have a chance to win. " "

" balance? "The night froze."

"Yes, that is the perfect state of the refining, each muscle, every rib, even every bone, has swung the greatest role, they cooperate, so that the body reached a limit of the balance." "Aris Mendi Road.

night did not speak, but the eyes flashed light ...

"If you don't give up on cultivation, find a way to balance your body." "Aris Mendi left after he had finished.

this kid has a good understanding, at least a lot more than my stupid Douglas, and I don't know what the guy thinks ...

in the distance, he looked back at the night of quiet thinking in the snow.


time flies, night grew up day by day.

Arrimendi words have had a huge impact on him, the refining process is becoming more and more bitter, but he has always been aware of the degree, strength, explosion, persistence in all aspects of the balance point ...

that side of the cliff, the 13-year-old night has grown to 1.7-meter, the body is also strong a lot, at this time, he crouched down, will be two dagger entangled in the bottom of the boot, the tip of the blade outstretched, very sharp.

snapped, he kicked two feet in the snow, determined to be firm, pulled two knife out of his belt.

Clang, the tip of the knife inserted into the snow-white rock layer, and then, the night left hand of the knife also inserted in, and then the right leg to the rock wall kick, boots on the dagger tip into the rock wall, and finally left leg fixed on the rock wall ...

He is climbing this cliff, for three of years, he has been using this method of refining, from the beginning can only climb a few meters tall fell down, to be able to climb 10 meters, 20 meters ...

countless drops, countless times stand up, countless injuries, countless bites.

because a person once said a sentence, let him remember in the heart, and that away from their own more and more distant tall figure, but is the most beloved person in his heart!

that's when it began, and the night developed a character that was indomitable and unwilling to fall.

Cliff rock formations do not know after how many years of blizzard, very hard, every step of the night, are in full force, in addition, he also has to pay attention to the balance of the body, the strength of the uniform, the limbs have to coordinate, or will fall--

although he has been used to, but the feeling of falling apart is really very bad.

100 meters, night feel on the forehead appeared fine sweat beads, 200 meters, he is a little tired, 300 meters, 400 meters ...

from early morning to sunset, the night has been nearly 1-kilometer of the place, this is his new height, holding the knife of the hand began to tremble, feet are soft, howling cold wind from his face, pain pain.

night was really about to support, so he began to climb down step by step.

, standing on a stretch of rock not far from his head, stood two men, looking out into the face.

"This boy actually found this method, I did not expect, it seems that his cultivation of the understanding is indeed very strong!" "laughed the bronze-headed man in black on the left.

"Aris Mendi, you asked me to come, that's what you're looking at? "The Tall Red man beside the man turns his head," and, you don't have to say that, what's the use of perception, it can't produce a fight, it can't be called cultivation. "

" I said strong, really no way at all? "Aris Monroe frowned.

"No ..." the strong voice softened and the expression on his face was a bit unnatural.

suddenly, his face changed greatly, the body jerked to the next leap!

because even if he was talking to Arrimendi, the afterglow of the corner of his eye had never left the figure on the cliff. More than today, almost every day, the strong will stay in a night unseen place, staring at him.

lost his foot at night.

fell from a height of nearly 1-kilometer ... You know, he's not the puppet man with the remaining soul in his body when he was two years old ...

ear Cry is very fast, the body completely weightlessness, unchanged white in front of the shaking quickly, fear and shock of the double stimulation, the night fainted.

don't say a 13-year-old boy, even if it is an adult, in this situation, there are not a few do not frighten.

just as his body was about to hit the hard ground, a figure caught him ...

snapped, Arrimendi fell behind the fierce, the corners of the mouth hung a meaningful smile.

the night gently on the ground, and then turned away.

"This stubborn fellow ..." Aris Mendi crouched down, with an extra bottle of healing agent on her hand, breaking the mouth of the night and pouring him down.

moments later, the night woke up, opened his eyes, saw is a sharp thin face.

"Uncle Aris Mendi ..." He struggled to sit up, "Did you save me? "

Arrimendi did not answer the question, but shook his head.

night no longer ask, some green face, gradually exudes a trace of hope ...

flies time will not stay for who, its footsteps, always so unswervingly forward, and then forward.

night still climbed the cliff every day, arrived more and more high, and after a few years, he finally stood at the top of the cliff ...

Odin Holy Calendar 3o28 years. It has been 16 years since

came to Tarona from night. Years, really like a ruthless painter, no matter how subtle the brush, it left to the world, always true, true happiness, as well as, real harm ...

today, is the demon young people's gift.

This is Tarona's festival, the biggest festival. The

Demon Clan's ability to reproduce is very poor, it is possible, such a day, a few years can not catch up.

but this year, there are more than 10 teenagers going through this wonderful day.

includes, night ...

1.85-meter's height, slender body shape, muscles appear so symmetrical, full of flexibility and explosive force, which is the result of his daily climbing, balance of the refinery. The skin is fair, unlike other people who are brown. Face, a pair of eyes slender and deep, like the stars in the night sky, not tall but just right nose, with slightly raised lips, the five features are not exquisite, with a very good look.

Black as waterfall long casual tie up, put in the back, some messy, some stubborn, as if a love poem read to the end, faintly scattered sad.

He is 18 years old, after today, he is the official * man, he will rely on their own strength in the ice and Snow canyon to survive. It's not just him, everyone in Tarona, it's like that. As long as they are adults, they must be self-reliant and no longer dependent on their loved ones.

This is the rule inherited by the Demons, has never changed.

Night has been uneasy since the afternoon. These more than 10 years, he has not practiced the fight again, he knows, that is useless ... Their own refining even if no more diligent, as long as it will not fight magic, in the eyes of the cultivator is always waste, Tarona everyone to see their own eyes are very disdainful. He didn't care about him any more, only na ...

thought of here, night inexplicable fear up.

five years ago, he experienced the gift of his sister Na.

He did not understand, why the people will have such cruel rules--

so-called into a human ritual, is to send them away!

then live independently for a year in the brutal ice and Snow Canyon!

came back alive, is a formal people, can continue to live in Tarona cultivation. If it dies ...

no one will come looking for you!

He couldn't figure it out, why would the moment of such a split of affection be a holiday?! He couldn't forget the look in Na's eyes as she left.

because, na didn't come back ...

five years, no more than a dead!

five years, the night's thoughts did not stop. He was more withdrawn and almost stopped talking. He felt vaguely that something unpredictable in his body was throbbing, as if to wake up.

"Night." "It's coming back."

raised his head at night and looked at his father, who had long since become a stranger. He has seldom seen the strong since he knew that he could not practice. Father and son, in the past more than 10 years, a total of words, a pair of hands can count over. Na told him that the father is a holy strong, must practice, in fact, the night knows, that is the father do not want to see him.

He dreamed every day, dreaming of the happy three years as a child, dreaming that he was still sitting on his father's shoulder, flying in the air. However, he would wake up, and then open his eyes, in the face of a daze of darkness.

, "Are you Ready?" Today is the most important day of your life. "The path of the fierce and indifferent."

"Why? "The night bowed its head, and a few strands of black on his forehead fell, swinging slightly in the air.

"That's the rule." "There is no doubt about the strong tone.

"rules? "A sneer at night." "Who set it up? Then this man is damned. "The tone of the night was like a knife, a cold poke into a strong heart."

not speak, but looked at his son.

night was also a bit surprised, he did not know why the chest has always been blocked in a breath, let his mood become very unstable, let him rebellious, let him want to do some crazy things in his own way. Before doing so, he would never talk back to his father, or, questioning his father's words, in his heart, even if his father turned a blind eye to him, the strong figure is still great and tall, still the idol he worships.

but he can't control it now, "Where's na? Where's the sister? Aren't you a sword saint? Why don't you go find her? Why! You tell me why! What the bullshit rules! The rules that make people sad and scary why do you want to keep it going! You say it! Aren't you the patriarch? "

night rushed in front of the strong, looking straight into his eyes."

's face flashed a touch of a complex look, and then resumed his face of the night always indifferent.

"Have the skill, you go to find it yourself." "No more night, turn away."

night stunned in situ.

he could not refute his father's words, though he had become accustomed to being despised, but such a ** naked sense of failure without any excuse had left his chest on the verge of exploding ...


he felt the humiliation for the first time in his life, and it was given to him by his most respected man.

a thin, needle-like undercurrent broke through the cortex of his brain and began to spread slowly ...

night is as cold as water.

Tarona is hot. The

gathered in the square to celebrate the Grand Day--

12 green figures stood upright in front of the huge wooden totem, receiving the blessing of their soul mentor, "Cologne."

Cologne's expression was serious, but her heart was fluctuating.

because of these 12 young people, there is no her "grandson."

had told her before the ceremony began, and the night was gone.

did not take anything away, just so lonely a person, left Tarona, left this place where he lived for 16 years.

Why? Why is my heart so sad?

is it because of the night? Don't......

my heart, has really thought of him as my grandson? My family?

Cologne wondered.

even if this is only a ritual, the so-called blessing is formal, only to express in words the wishes of these descendants who are about to go out to experience.

can cologne, but nearly said the wrong few places. Those deep eyes had been appearing in her mind, and there was deep sadness in that eye ...

This night, the fierce drunk. The haughty is seldom drunk, but for ten years he has often been drunk.

early the next morning, the strong also left. Left only a letter to the mother, the content is feel that they break through the imminent, want to find a quiet place to practice.

Cologne did not say anything, silently took over the affairs within the family. Anyway, she knew that her spiritual magic was at this level, and that unless there was a miracle, she would not want to reach the second order of the Holy class. Besides, it's amazing how spiritual magic is practiced to the holy level.

More importantly, she understands very well that there are things that take time to fix.

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