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Chapter 13 Initial Phase of Night

Destiny, an interesting fate. Originally unrelated to the two existence, but in its playful, closely linked to together ...

"Soul Hunting", in fact, there are side effects.

when Satan opened his eyes, he saw two faces, the big vicissitudes and fortitude, the small one lovely and clever.

He was completely stunned, he didn't know where it was, and he didn't know who he was. His brain is now equal to a blank sheet of paper, or a newborn baby-this is the side effect of the "Soul Hunt," wiping out all the memories of the two-year-old before Satan.

in fact, even if not erased, Isaac just full moon on the traumatized head, also can not remember anything, perhaps, in addition to the sparse old sorcerer, there are those holding his soft arm, as well as the tears that keep flowing on his face. Unfortunately, but forgotten, in the fate brought about by the gap forgotten.

"What's your name, son? "A strong opening."

open mouth instinctively want to react, but he now can't speak, can only rely on the vocal cords vibration simple sound, like the baby's cry.

was stunned, and then he reacted, a condition that could have been caused by the mother's magic. Well, the boy forgot the past, the mind became blank, so that he might lose that horrible ability, or not become the mother said to bring destruction to the devil?

smiled, he looked at the pure and incomparable eyes of Satan, the heart produced a strong fatherly love ... That year brought back na is entrusted by people, in fact, deep down in his heart is to want a son, so that he can learn his fighting martial arts skills, but also can accompany him to do a lot of men can do things. Of course, he is also very aina, but also a little sorry, but now God has given him a perfect gift, his wish, but also finally get paid.

"Dad, he is so silly oh, do not know anything, only know the cry of Wow yay!" It's so big and crying, shame! "Na turned her little mouth, stretched out her lovely little finger, and scraped it a few times on her blasting little face.

See na Lovely look, strong can't help Guan ' er. "Na, come on, you're seven years old, and your brother is young." "

" Brother?! He!? "Na opened her eyes wide and pointed to the sudden and giggle of Sarai."

"Yes, he is your brother, after that, we are a family, you are not allowed to bully brother." "Laughing, he looked at the Luke of the straight music, his heart full of love," well ... You don't have a name yet, my son! Haha, you look at you, you know giggle. "Strong reach out, put Satan in his arms, he is now, it turns out that the boy is very beautiful, white skin, small straight nose, such as the night sky as Deep eyes, as well as a dark and supple show."

"Black eyes, black head, you are coming to me in the dark, well, call you ' Night '." "

" Hey, Na, your brother is more cute than you were at that time, you see how beautiful he is. Hey, what are you doing, don't pull your brother's face! What the? You want to compare? My baby girl, it's no better than that! Na, you stop! Where are you going to take him, just wake up at night and your body needs to rest! You stop for me! Do you hear me? "


often says that the world has a balance that measures the gains and losses of every life and then chooses to give or deprive.

, Isaac Bora. Odin's holy calendar year, February 9, was just two years and 06 days old.

six days, he went through a lot of pain that many people had never experienced in their lives. A conspiracy to

a game. The body is almost destroyed. Wandering between life and death several times.

but a very powerful soul, but with their own forgetfulness to help him choose "Forgetting."

a new life.

from "Satan" to "Night", from the bumpy life to the father love of the Fire Sword saint.

Perhaps, this is the unknown existence called "Seven nights", with his indelible will, in a new course of life, written about the chronological chapter of the night.



This is the most sacred place name for Offilar. The holy city of

... The sacred origin of Goya. It is so classical, so vicissitudes, so magnificent, so deep, and accompanied by an eternal breath.

Santa Pagoda.

always so high, always like that, overlooking the sentient beings. 12 The temple crept beside it, like a faithful group of believers.

the 13th floor of the Holy Tower. The legendary place is dedicated to the great God of Odin.

at the end of a gorgeous promenade is a golden, gem-studded wall. Just below the wall, a platinum-built door was closed tightly, and a cold young man in a black sorcerer's robe was standing respectfully at the door.

"Bana. Didn't I say you wouldn't bother me if there wasn't anything important? "There was a cold sound in the room.

"Lord Saint, this matter is very important. "Barnabas lost the cold of the past, and he stood there, his body slightly bent, and his forehead was full of tiny beads of sweat.

a strong sense of oppression! Just through the sound of the door, as one of the 12 shrines of the Dark temple owner of the Badar is a bit unable to stand.

"Oh? I've told you that the state I'm in is now having to cut off contact with the outside world. If you force an interruption, you should know the consequences. "The pressure in the sound is gone, but it's even more chilling," he asked.

"Monseigneur, there, was opened. "As a remark broke out, Bana clearly felt that the people inside were silent ...

more than 10 minutes later, the door, it's open!

, with its golden strong light, could hardly open his eyes, and he had just a little better heart, and began to beat violently again, as if to break the feeling. A figure appeared behind

after the bright light disappeared.

"Come with me." "Without the barrier of the door, the sound is much real."

is a woman's voice! The "Lord Lord" in the mouth of the Padres, the voice of the Great God of Odin, the Supreme Master of the Holy city, the strong man who merely spoke and made him difficult to breathe, unexpectedly ... It's a woman!

"Yes, my lord." "Barnabas turned around, carefully following the graceful posture, and disappeared into the promenade.


Odin Holy calendar year July. The

ice and Snow Canyon ushered in a summer of just 10 days a year.

However, this summer is also relative, there is no irritating sultry, there is no concept of summer cool. Compared with other days of the year that are winter, these 10 days are plenty of sunshine, a rare treat for creatures in the canyon. The

month is also the only one months in the snow-covered land that won't snow.

Tarona's summer is beautiful, the sunny days here are a little longer than the rest of the place, and the few green spaces have been filled with a wide variety of flowers. Trees in the forest shook off the silver makeup that accompanied them for a year, revealing a touch of a green face. It has been three years since

came to Tarona. Oh, he's called "Night" now, or the "only son" of the demon Patriarch.

to tell the truth, three years of time, carefree, in addition to grandma every time see him are particularly harsh, let him a little afraid, the days are still very moisturizing.

this morning, the sun very early to Tarona, five years old night, has been father to put up the bed.

"Dad, Good morning oh, I still have to sleep." "The night was dressed in small shorts, on the upper body, and sleepy stood in the open space outside the house.

"Night, I tell you, not only today, from now on, you will have to get up so early every day." "A strong face is serious."

Night small body shiver, his father's sentence, let him quickly wake up, "no?" Can't sleep? Summer's over? "

saw the appearance of the night, very want to laugh, but his face is still that stern expression." He knows that in the last few years, the night has been spoiled by him, but today is not the same. Today, the strong is ready to let the night start to practice martial arts, or to frighten this little thing, he is definitely hemangiomatosis net.

"Dad, I love you! "The night opened small hands, little ya son Saihuan, pounced on the strong embrace."

"You stand up for me! "With a stare in his eyes, he scared the night back to where he was."

night This under the honest, usually no matter whether he broke into a big disaster, as long as this trick out, must be saved. Including the other day he put Uncle Mo next Door's Warcraft "Iron Armor" tail to burn, Uncle Mo came to the door, Dad began to be very angry, are about to whack him, the result he came like this, Dad's face immediately hail turn showers, and then quickly clear up.

to know, Uncle Mo is a very strong nine-class water system sorcerer, but is not hit, hard to catch a thick meat rough ground system eight high-order Warcraft Iron Dragon, happy, baby with what like, the result was a fire in the night into a serious injury.

ironclad Dragon is most afraid of fire ... Strangely enough, no matter how scary and ferocious Warcraft, as long as you see the night, immediately become better than the puppy, honest let him torment. But this is only limited to the place where Tarona is located, in the night that small body also can not run far, after these years, the column and Cologne now, the night and other children compared to the lazy point, there is no difference.

was also very unbearable in his heart, but his sanity told him that if he did not give the little fellow today, he would make sure that he would put the practice behind him tomorrow and continue to mix his land in the Tarona.

to concentrate on teaching the night, two years ago, na followed Grandma Cologne to learn magic. Of course, it's not a strong eccentricity ... Perhaps, deep down, he admitted that he was indeed partial to the night, but there was another reason for it, a secret that only a strong self knew ...

na give up the cultivation of martial arts there are two reasons, one is Grandma Cologne think na for the spiritual understanding is good, and as the spirit of the Holy Magic Guide, the use of soul power of the master, she also knows Na's body is not suitable for the cultivation of martial arts and fighting; The martial arts practice has long been thrown to one side, every day to her grandmother that drill.

so, after Na reluctantly practiced another year of martial arts skills, finally dumped strong.

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