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Chapter 14 Physique

The fierce method of fighting cultivation, is his teacher butcher Dragon Sword Santa Filano taught him, the enemy when completely do not have to be opportunistic, hot fighting, coupled with a very sense of conquest of the power, absolutely just fierce bully!

in Offilar 6, there is no attribute of fighting, which is a kind of explosive force produced by opening up its own potential ability. Only the cultivation methods are different, the resulting fighting is also different, that is basically determined by the character of the cultivator and the way of martial Arts. For example, a person with a flock character, his martial arts and venomous speculation, then his fighting feeling must be gloomy and cold. There are many ways to practice the fight, but basically by the exercise of the body to obtain a greater intensity of fighting, the principle is similar, it is not like magic is the use of the outside magic elements, and then skilled control, magic elements of different attributes and can not be fused with each other, so it is necessary to strictly divide the attribute categories. Of course, that's why wizards are worth more than Warriors-one is with the help of external forces, one is hard self-practice, one needs to be born with the innate perception and affinity of magic elements, but not so complex requirements.

especially on the battlefield, the sorcerer stood in the distance, moving mouth pendulum shape on the take down a large area, and you warrior, white knife into the red knife out for half a day, there is no one else a few words to work. However, there are certainly fewer good things, which is the inevitable law of the Material World exhibition--

an ordinary person, if there must be a 50% chance of becoming a senior warrior, then his chances of becoming a junior sorcerer are likely to be 0 ...

talent, not everyone can have.

to think so. The Demons are a well-enchanted race, and although they have only more than 1000 people, the average person lives only 80 years, but each of them can practice to become a senior sorcerer.

as a result, the average life span of the demons is years.

because of their strong magical talent, few of them choose to practice fighting. is an exception, and an exception to success. When the big 6 was famous strong, the first man in the Ice Canyon slaughtered the Dragon Sword Santa Filano when he saw his youth, he was moved by his fortitude and unyielding, so the man, who was famous for his pride and wild 6, collected the only apprentice of his life ...

in fact, the strength of their own is already the holy second-order peak, he believes that their strength today has been similar to that of the teachers of that year, he also know, to the holy level, if you want to break through the original order, the accumulation of the fight alone can not be done, more often, lies in the understanding of the realm. Strong in this position, has been staying for 20 years. He practiced very little time every day, more often than not in the exchange of nature, or, in the sense of perception.

more sense, stronger feel that kind of strength from their own wonderful. So for the night, his expectations are very high. For three years, he had been pondering at every turn how he could teach his "son" well. It would have been at least three years since the night had become a baby of no knowledge at the age of two, and it would have been too early to help.

at first, the physical condition of the night surprised him, it was an indescribable feeling, with the hard toughness of the metal, but not without losing flexibility, as if born to become a warrior prepared. But he thought it was normal to think of the unknown life of the night and the feeling of his fear in the first place when he turned into a season.

However, with the passage of time, strong, the night body three years ago that kind of physique is gradually disappearing, become more and more common.

He can not understand what is the reason, also asked mother Cologne, Cologne speculated, may be the night body that kind of terror power was "soul-hunting" fused, perhaps that power does not belong to the night, with the body function of normal, slowly dissipated.

would have thought that with the talent of the night, only need years, you can live their own ...

even, to reach another level, a brand new unknown can stand at the pinnacle of power!

at that time, the strong will be extremely proud, because the night is his son, he gave his son, is selfless and great love, as well as do not ask for return of the pay!

but now, the strong have to start over again ...

so he worked out a detailed cultivation plan for the night. The foundation of the

Warrior is the body, the tension of the muscles, the toughness of the meridians, the hardness of the bones, are all important factors that determine the strength of the body. Therefore, the first step in his cultivation plan for the night is: the refining body.

This is also the first lesson that every person who wants to be a warrior must do.

but, in a strong sense, his plan was too harsh for the night.

This child is not a demon, the demon's magic talent is unparalleled, the body is general, only slightly better than the human, and some special people and even the physique is very good.

physique is very important to a warrior, it is called the body talent, to a large extent determines the degree and tolerance of the fight.

"You stand up for me! "Frowning, the tone became very stiff."

saw the night small body lying on the ground, tired panting, the head has become a little long black scattered in the snow melted mud floor, looks like a group of soft black silk.

"Dad ..." the night raised his head hard and looked strong with tears in his eyes.

"Don't show that look!" "The voice of the strong and haughty is very loud," as a fierce warrior, will not be knocked down by any difficulties, remember, night, stand, will always be the glory of the warrior! "

night, although not very clear, but at this time the sun's strong that tall figure is deeply imprinted in his young heart, like a wind and rain but towering mountains."

"Well! "The little arm of the night laboriously propped itself up, continued to squat, and then jumped around the brown-red wooden house, round and round.

But his physique is really not good, too ordinary, not long, then completely paralyzed on the ground, calf muscles also appeared a slight strain.

"It looks like it has to stop. "Walk over, take the night into the cabin, wipe a restored magic potion on those two small legs, gently rub."

those big hands although rough, but the night still feel comfortable, he winked black eyes, asked strong: "What is called Glory?" "

" dignity, a kind of dignity that makes the opponent venerable, it is the will and patience of unyielding, but also the road that men must go through. "Heavy channel."

night Zhang Big Mouth, only five years old, he can not understand dad's words.

"hehe." "Strong smile," do not understand is it, it is OK night, you just need to remember, in the future no matter what the situation, you must stand, can not fall! Even if you fall, you have to get up and always stand longer than the enemy! "

" no matter what the situation, must stand, can not fall ... "The little mouth of the night repeatedly said this sentence, strong and gritty voice, deeply into his heart.

"All right." "Stand up, put the night body in bed, put a blanket on him," give him a good rest, and tomorrow we will go on with the body. "

" Oh. "The little head of the night lit a bit, and soon the Han went to sleep ...

looked at a drop of crystal sticky liquid from the corners of the night slowly slipped to the skin pillow, can not help but sigh, this boy's physique is what is going on, his mind appeared that the body of the dark winged monster ...

in fact, what he did not know was that the transformation was only a mutation after the remaining Asher of the soul of the Lowen night, which had been split for a long time, and had suddenly taken shape, and the force had come to a complete explosion.

then the soul of the strong man fell asleep again, hidden in the depths of the night's brain, unable to break free. Why would

do that?

because the soul converges under the reaction of the "Soul Hunt," It is not complete--

three years ago, when the boy fell off a cliff, the mysterious silver man once crushed a golden character, the word characters slash is one of the countless soul marks in the night body!

and Soul imprint is the constituent element that remains after the soul is sealed.

If this is not the case, the night behind that change, the body of the Asura blood will awaken, rather than as now is only his own human physique.

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