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Chapter 12 Where come from

That's right.

, the boy who turned into a monster, was the heir to the hereditary Earl of the Principality of Hill, the Pollack family, and Isaac Bora.

"Zacchaeus", in Offilar's ancient saying, meaning "persistent, adhere to", the extension of the solution is "patience."

May, when Samuel gives his name to his "nominal son," hope that he will endure pain and perseverance in his future practice.

but you're going to put up with so much pain!

and, only two years old.


Actually, he's a lot older. He is alone. His wife is just an ordinary human being, and has no talent like the demons. Among the demons, the most ordinary people can practice to senior Warriors or wizards.

è years ago, when he rescued a dying girl from a snow on the outskirts of the Laris mountains, his feelings found the only place in his life.

Naris is the only child of the president of a small chamber of commerce in the Principality of Hill, not beautiful, but it has a pure and charming temperament. Fort Sin, a small border town in the Principality of Hill, is located at the junction of the principality and the Laris Mountains, where Canalis lived happily before the age of 18. Although

her home is not an aristocrat, but also a solid family, life without worry. However, when she was seen by the city owner of Fort Sin, her happy life came to an end. The owner of the city was a famous rascal and Rascal, and he would have been killed if he had not been a member of the principality's Royal Belsa family. Because his trail is too bad, so was casually thrown by the family into this barren frontier town, the eyes do not bother.

if he had not done too much, perhaps he would not have ended up with no bones left. He raped Canalis, and killed dozens of people in her family, including slaves, and Canalis the property of his family, and became a in his pocket ...

Naris was imprisoned in his castle for his lewdness and was humiliated. Because Canalis pure temperament easy to arouse his perverted, so this poor just into the * people of the girl, with her stamens opened the body, bear the unimaginable abuse!

Finally, Canalis escaped out of that grotto. It may also be that the beast is not as good as the city owner to play with the tiresome, relax the guard, so she has a chance to escape. But where can she escape with her frail body, which has long been tormented? If

had not happened to pass by, her end must have been buried in the wilderness of Laris by snow and ice.

by Common sense, the demon is hating the human race, but when he saw the incredibly pure, but sad face, he actually produced the idea of wanting to protect the girl, and more and more deep, until unable to extricate himself.

Naris leaned on the broad chest, she felt the warmth of the fire, a strong sense of security let her out of control, she wept, she told ...

fierce rage, since he reached the peak of the nine level, become the first legendary war division of the demon, his heart, has not been so strongly shaken. Where is this what people do? Even the most brutal Warcraft in the canyon is unlikely to do such a thing!

almost the castle that imprisoned Canalis for the ground, and the people inside, there was not even a corpse left ...

Afterwards, the holy City Messenger of the Principality of Hill, in the belsa of the strong dissatisfaction of the family, questioned the matter. Although the man who was killed was thrown out by the Belsa family, after all, it is also the Royal King of the Principality, how to say, face is still to be asked.

But as a strong teacher, Ice Canyon, the first powerful-the Dragon Sword Santa Filano A come forward, the holy city also as invisible. Even after the snow and ice war, according to the contract, the strong in the ice and Snow Canyon are not allowed to leave the canyon range, but how can Goya holy city for this there is no big thing to touch Firano this nail!


Offilar four wars saints! The immortal legend of the Bard People's mouth!

Moreover, the back scold fact is that the rules are only the rules below the holy level, and as a holy strong man, as long as you do not challenge the bottom line of the holy city, is not heresy, follow the Odin code, generally no one cares about you.

Card Naris followed the strong back to Tarona, the whole family greatly shaken. Recognized as the next patriarch, even determined to marry a human woman as a wife? The result can only be renegade.

first gave up the strong, is his mother, at that time is already a class nine high-order sorcerer's Cologne. As a soul mentor within the family, her sense of responsibility even passed through the sheikhs. After countless conflicts, she chose to give up because she understood her son's character, and once he decided something, no one could change ...

in this way, strong for Canalis gave up the whole demon, in a quiet place no one disturbed, accompanied her through nearly 10 years of good time.

because Canalis body has been greatly hurt, and in the snow and ice suffered severe frostbite, in fact, can live another 10 years, is already a miracle.

to create this miracle, is the strong love ...

Naris is to leave the world with a smile, she is happy, because she took away a man all the love. It was such a wonderful man that he had the same tenderness of fire that he could melt the saddest ice and snow of the Laris Mountains.

She was also sorry, for she could not bring a child to the strong. Those who are unbearable once, let her body function, become incomplete ... Two years after the death of

Naris, he returned to the demon, the people forgave and re-accepted him, and his life was back on its original track. The Demons are very short protection, children who do wrong can be forgiven, not to mention the best genius in the family. Strong also lived up to the expectations of the people, years later, he successfully broke through the "polar Realm", became the demon's first ever Holy Warrior, at the same time, also took over the position of the sheikhs ...

"Strong, my son, why are you always entangled with foreigners? "Cologne sat in another log-built room with a deep, frowning brow.

"Seven years ago, you went back to Na from the canyon, and I was going to kill her for the safety of my people, and you even had to turn your face on me." Finally, I gave in, you lied to me that Na is just an ordinary human baby girl, my son, do you really think I do not know the identity of na ... You know, you're the one I brought into this world, and I know you better than anyone. "

Cologne's eyes are full of heartache," You always want a child ... That's your regret, I know ... Your feelings for that human woman, in fact, I am also very moved. So, I will give in, let you leave na ... Seven years, I admit, I realized the happiness of being a grandmother, the time of Na, really very happy ... "

" but, from the departure of the Holy King, to you, the sheikhs have passed on three generations. The Demons have never had a holy warrior, the first two generations of Chiefs are wizards, plus soul tutors, the Demons have never had two saints of the strong. Ice Canyon Tigers, do you really think we can stay in Tarona with this? "

Cologne's face is full of worried look, she as a soul tutor, in fact, know more than the Patriarch, on the basis of her can cultivate the demon secret method can know, the first generation of sheikhs in order to protect the secret of the demon, the real burden on the soul tutor."

"Why do you think Lord Firano taught you? Do you think your teacher is just a higher order than you? You think this big 6 is really just like the information in the human library? You think Lord Firano really just traveling? "

Cologne shook his head and sighed, his face solemn, as a St. Vansalat hand-rolled reader, soul Tutor know Offilar some secret!

"for Saint Wand's trust, perhaps Firano should have gone there ..."

Cologne clearly knew that Tarona was able to be so secure, not because she was a holy demon, but because of the of the war, but because of the strong teacher-Firano ...

"Great holy King, I know why you have taken care of us with such a powerful man as Lord Tofilano, are you afraid that such a catastrophe will be born again?" "Cologne looked into a stone tablet in the middle of the room, his eyes full of piety. The

stone carving is full of ancient and bizarre words, about the demon's worship and remembrance of Sarat.

"Holy King, would you please tell me what to do? I left Na because in any case she always came from the human world, even if, later ... But the boy ... He...... He's so much like ... He's so much like the kind you described! "

," You say, is something you have seen more fearful than your people being destroyed, and it is like an indelible mark that has been torturing your soul ... Darkness, with the breath of death shrouded the earth, the color of blood masked the light of the sun, countless lives in those powerful existence at the foot of the mournful cry, you say that is the devil, will only bring the devil of destruction ... I can't know more information from your hand roll, maybe, it's a picture you don't even want to recall. "

Cologne shook his head, went to the cushions in the corner of the room, knees sat down, slowly entered the meditative state," soul hunting "almost consumed all her magic, she must reply. It was just that in her mind, a brown-red house and a black monster with huge wings were constantly intertwined, divided and unable to peel off ...

just as Cologne entered meditation, he was looking after two children.

is OK, after the fierce use of fighting to stimulate her meridians and viscera, she drank a bottle of treatment potion, wake up is only a matter of time. The other resources of the demon are very scarce, but there are many things, one is a lot of senior wizards, two of this magic treatment potion, they often use magic potions, magic scrolls and other things with other races in the canyon Exchange, in order to obtain some life necessities. The

Demon's lifestyle is simple, as simple as their name, and they have little to ask for those superficial things, which is also related to their long-standing environment. The situation in

is much worse. He first fell off a cliff, and the already severed organ connection suffered a great shock, becoming more disorganized, and the power contained in every organ in his body swelled, as if it were to rush out of limits to conquer other forces.

then, he was picked up again by Na, Na's grandmother Cologne with a taboo magic on him, which is even more messy.

Spirit Wizard's ability to control the soul is the strongest of all the wizards, you know Cologne or this system of the Holy Magic Guide! Originally, the organs in the body are like to live, this, and then by a strong soul traction catalysis, it is completely "alive."

they used the body of Satan as a battlefield, in which they kept fighting, and the forces contained therein were constantly conquered and conquered, with the immediate consequence of organ displacement. No, the correct description should be: organ scurrying.

dominates the brain of that energy is going to wake up, but this, it was hit back, in the face of a group of lunatics, it no one dare to provoke, had to hide back.

Hide back? Yes. Satan's brief sense of perception came back. Perhaps this is not a good thing, because he has just felt, and was tormented by the severe pain of the organ scurrying to death.

with the "Soul Hunt" in the spirit of traction continues to strengthen, the organs finally can't help it! The principle of the Soul Hunt is: The life cycle of the human body through the external soul traction become disordered, and then channel, let them half downstream, half of the countercurrent, and finally when two strands of circulation into the brain, the previous savings in the cycle of the soul traction completely explode, the whole person's internal interest is destroyed. Because it is the soul force that detonates, the soul breath does not stay, because what is detonated is the cycle of vitality, so the breath of life will not stay. As a result, the person disappears completely, even if his body looks intact from the outside. This is the power of what it claims to be "taboo."

However, there is no "taboo" in general magic, because the basic condition for the existence of magic is the magic element, and the reason why magic can convert those elements into energy release is by looking for the law of elemental activity and then arranging them together. The spell that the sorcerer's mouth recites is, in fact, the command to arrange the combination. But the taboo is different, it is completely ignored the law, it does not need to respect the idea of magic elements, it only needs to roughly pinch them together, extract energy, and then destroy the other law composed of elements.

Therefore, the existence of taboos is to prove that the law can be destroyed. It is not really strong or weak, perhaps some taboos even the power of primary magic is not the same, but it can easily destroy the ultimate mantra, and then, resulting in the use of the ultimate mantra of the Mage Magic Eat, to the sorcerer's weak body, do not have to do other people, they will be anti-death.

If a junior mage would be a taboo magic, he would have every chance to kill the Holy Devils as long as he was not killed by seconds and had enough time to sing. Of course, this is only theoretical, just as rats get into an elephant's nose to straighten out elephants, so to speak, how likely are rats to get into an elephant's nose? Perhaps before they saw the elephant, the mouse scared away first, unless the dead and the hell were very good luck.

don't say, in the history of Offilar, there really is such a thing born, just so many years there and only once ...

in order to protect the laws of magic, as well as the wizards to obtain the magic of the right way, "taboo magic", is strictly prohibited by the holy City, as long as the present, it must be completely extinct. Otherwise, the mages have gone to look for taboos, and have gone to destroy the law of the use of magic elements, and it is estimated that the magic system inherited from Goya has to be rebuilt. It's a troublesome thing, and it's a big threat to the holy city.

So, taboo magic, not hesitate to be zoned "heresy evil."

"Soul Hunting" reached, Asher Lowen night Soul remains also began to go crazy. It was an energy full of hatred, unconscious, without direction, but accompanied by absolute destructive power.

devoured, yes, is devouring! The black air of death surrounds each organ, assimilating, and then devours.

organs melt, bind, melt, and bind ... They no longer fight each other, they abandoned the war killing and death of the source of tyranny, unexpectedly reached an agreement!

"Soul Hunt" is over. The final detonation of the power of the soul gives full integration to the remaining forces of the mighty Dark soul. That is to say, that power has completely taken over every inch of the body of the scatter. However, it is still unconscious, because it is only residual. Under the "Soul Hunt" powerful soul traction, it gave up the resistance, it chose to yield, so it fused, so, it morphed!

it into the cells of the Satan body, changing the cellular force of the cell, it will sprinkle the body, completely turned into Asher Lowen night!

originally this is lunan exhausted the curse of the Heart and soul, want to completely erase the last blood of the Asura family, but he did not think, he did not dream: it is he against the conventional residual that soul remains forced into the body of Satan, changed the body structure of Satan, let him become a "stripper puppet" like The Living Dead; Satan, leaning against the strong body of the king of Asura, fell from a height of thousands of meters and did not die; then inexplicably fell into the realm of the demons, and was found by Na, and then Na's grandmother was the only spiritual Holy Spirit in the Ice Canyon, who could use the power of the soul, and coincidentally, the taboo magic "Soul Hunt" Face is a fragmented soul, so, played a counter-effect.

if Isaac is a normal person and the body soul is complete, he has now become a "human dust"; but his body function has been completely disordered and his soul is broken, so the soul of Asher rejoicing has been repaired by the power of the "Soul Hunter", and has been fully integrated into the body of Satan, and the human flesh of Satan , completely transformed into his own!

so, cologne and strong will see that bizarre scene. Satan becomes the monster is actually-Asher rejoicing's body! But the ontology is not yet mature, that is to say, cologne and strong see, is only his most initial state, equivalent to the human early period.

Imagine, Lunan if he knew this kind of revenge that made him very proud, but indirectly helped the Thurus clan left the incense of inheritance, his expression does not know what will happen?

but unfortunately, "soul hunting" again perverted, but also only the first order of the Holy Spirit to cast out, if the change of a more powerful spiritual mage, then, that residual soul, it will be possible to completely resurrect in the body of Satan!

But, then, Zacchaeus is dead, for he is left with only the shell, and the user of this shell will be the king of the Asura, who is unknown, for seven nights.

now, it is impossible to generate consciousness in the soul of the rejoicing. It can only turn the source of its own power into a potential consciousness that adds to the depths of the brain, expecting that one day Satan will be able to touch it and then awaken and use it to perpetuate the Asura family.

This, is also the fate of the bumpy level of the strong, for their own people's last blessing bar.

just, this thurus ethnic group, these seven nights, and that Lunan, in the end from where to come, have such a terrible strength?

is not known.

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