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Chapter 11 Devils Show Up

There are some things in the world that are really not to be sure. A person's choice when it is considered absolutely correct, fate tends to make a big joke with him. This morning of

Tarona, the taboo, regarded as "heresy", began with the secret of the demon ancestor "Aang" of the millennium, and had heralded the secluded land, which would bear the price of its wrong choice.


"Huh? "A blurry golden shadow over the cliff gradually became clear.

"no? Am I overthinking it? "The young man with the golden robe called Rafael is back here.

"Not right! I clearly feel the smell of evil, which is contrary to God's will, my sense of light will not go wrong. "Rafael set in the air, carefully observing the bottom."

looked for a while, shaking his head with a strange look on his face. "Very weak elements fluctuate, as if they were dark elements. It seems that I am so worried. "He smiled at himself," it may be that I was so nervous that if Badar used dark magic here, would I also think he was using heresy? Ha ha. "

Rafael laughed, and he really seemed to think of that ridiculous picture, and he gave his good friend a hard beating ...

was only briefly relaxed, and Rafael's expression was serious again, "that mighty heresy ... If it's really ... Should I ... "

his eyes twinkled, as if he were making a decision, long time, and he seemed to decide, ready to leave.

"Hum, Bira and sherry must have been here a long time ago, those two guys. Well, it can also be understood that for the first time in so many years, there is something that can threaten us. It is not known whether the records in Goya's ancient classics are true, and if so, then, holy ... Hey? It's up again! "

Rafael this time convinced that this is definitely not the element of pure dark magic, but, the real taboo!"

his body began to drop fast, it was too high, and his light perception worked poorly.

"Oh? Is there a place like this here? "He can finally see the Tarona clearly." "It's beautiful ... No way? They're the only them? They actually moved here, and thought that the hybrids of this group had long since disappeared into the big 6. "

Suddenly, he was still watching the rare Rafael tremble.

"That man ... Still alive? "

his handsome face was cloudy," if it hadn't been for him, then why would the breath of this energy be so similar?

Rafael stopped his descending body and stopped just 500 metres from the demon village of Tarona. As the light sensed that magic was becoming more and more powerful, he became more and more convinced that the man was in the village below him.

"He's really still in the world. "Rafael sighed. "Witchcraft, what a wonderful thing, is it to keep your life, or has someone saved you?" My friend, ' Huadi ' Sarats. "

" is really not a good day today. "Instead of going down, Rafael cast a magic similar to that of an individual transmission array. The golden glow of

in the air into a hexagonal star, and Rafael stood in the middle of the hexagonal star, gazing down and staring at a red wooden house in the village. He had a strange smile on his face, as if he were talking to the people in the room.

"I really want to see you, old friend." But now there is a more powerful presence than you and me, and his power can easily destroy us. You must feel me, too, don't you? Why don't you come up here? You know that exists, too? Are you afraid to meet me? You're afraid you'll see me, you won't be able to control your hate, come and fight me? Or are you already less powerful than you were then? "

Rafael began to be surrounded by gold around his body, and his appearance blurred.

"Maybe you'll really rush up and be as stupid as you were!" In that case, it's going to bring that guy in, haha, I'm not as stupid as you are. Goodbye, powerful and simple old friend, protect your new people, this group of different species to live to this day is not easy. When we have solved this headache, I will definitely come again. Sarat, by that time, we will carry out the will of God, so that you, these heresy, will always be purified by the divine light! "As soon as

's voice fell, the six stars went out in the air with the image of Rafael.


completely unaware that Rafael, the Lord of the Temple of Light from the holy city of Goya, had just wandered about his head. It's not surprising, though strong and powerful, but what is Rafael's role? That's Offilar's most perverted light Wizard! People are going to let you do it now?

unless he wants to tell a joke to you, the demon Patriarch!

felt it-certainly not Rafael, who had now returned to their homes. What he felt strongly was that his mother's mental strength began to wane cologne. That is to say, "Soul hunting", has been completed ... The

black boy was still lying on the wooden bed, his face still pale, and the wound on his lips was still glaring.

"mother. "Push the door inside."

"Grandma, Grandma, is he all right? Dad said you were helping him with his injuries! "Na flashed from behind the strong, and rushed to the wooden bed.

Cologne looked at a strong glance, saw the fierce vicissitudes of the cold face instantly red to the ear root.

It seems that I, the son of the patriarch, kicked this difficult ball under my feet. Good son, worthy of being the length of a family, wise.

tall body suddenly shorter, strong back has been submerged by sweat, he did not understand, clearly is their own play an eye, why mother will look at themselves with the eyes of appreciation?

"Haha! "Cologne was about to open his mouth and let the baby granddaughter fool away, but was interrupted by the happy laughter of her granddaughter." "Grandma, you are so good! He can move the yay! "Na jumped up with excitement."

"What? "Cologne and Strong called out at the same time.

"What! Didn't you get him cured? "Na looked back strangely at the two big mouths and the tall man.

"Yes, yes! "After all, it is the length of a family, a strong war saint, the reaction is really fast, the expression immediately returned to normal," Na, is your grandmother with her spirit of magic, the child to cure. " "

" grandma, thank you! It's really you, yay! I was beginning to fear you for the safety of the people, to take him ... Take him ... "Na said to herself, busy with her head down, her little face flushed.

in fact, if she raised her head at this time, she would have been, and there was a man with a face redder than hers. The

boy's fingers smoked a few times, and a painful expression appeared on his pale face.

"Pain ..." he finally out of the voice, said the first word, the tone is very immature, feel, but good real.

"No pain, do not hurt, you want to be good, I told my father to make you delicious wheat cake!" "Na touched the boy's face gently. The

boy seemed to feel na's soft little hand, and under Na's reassurance he didn't look so miserable.

"By the right, you have to be obedient and lie down, or you won't be good." I'm telling you, my grandma made honey cake better than Dad's wheat pie! As long as you're good ... Oh, yes! "Na felt only a great force coming, and then she lost consciousness."

"Well! "The boy's body suddenly began to exercise violently, his left arm slammed, will stand on the bedside of Na a bit to throw out!"

"Na! "Strong is a warrior, the body reacts much faster than the sorcerer, he quickly withdrew a step, a single hand, the Na flying body to take off."

"What!? "What Jean Rei didn't think was that he was taken several steps back by the body that Na flew out of.

is a holy strong, second-order war saint, known as the Fire Sword Saint, the Great 6 on one of the most powerful people! Even if he did not use the fight, simple physical strength is also very terrible.

However, he was a young child just lifted his hand to throw out of the body, to bring must be a few steps back to stand steady!

could not bear surprised, he hurriedly bowed his head to examine the arms Rina situation.

fainted, with a trace of blood hanging from the corners of her mouth.

"This monster! "Cologne screamed and turned and dashed towards Na," I knew! I knew it! "Cologne's voice has been changed in tone by anger and extreme fear," he asked.

"mother, calm down, do not be heard by the people their soul tutor so gaffe." Na's all right. It's just that the guts are bleeding from the earthquake. "Heavy channel."

"Look at Na! Oh, my God! How do you tell me to calm down! My patriarch! "Cologne's face was blue, and she was furious to the extreme, but her voice came down.

"You see, I said it a little good! This child ... "Cologne stunned, she saw her son's expression, that is what kind of expression?

looked at the direction of the implantation ...

Cologne suddenly turned back!

"He's the devil! It's the devil!! He's here to destroy our devil!!! "

screams sounded again, this time decibels higher.


and Cologne, the strongest warriors and Wizards of the rare racial demons of Offilar's great talent, witnessed a scene that surprised them.

Boy Originally the short beginning of the ear to grow longer, messy, fluttering, around the air like waves tumbling.

his little body stood up so straight, completely unconscious on the bed, his eyes closed, and when his black head grew to his waist, the change stopped. The long nature was divided on both sides of him, dancing with the airflow. His pale face began to change again, and a layer of black metallic objects grew from both sides of his cheeks, completely covering his face.

The five senses on his face were dark and integrated with the color of his head, like a black cloud with countless tentacles.

"Boron! "The wooden bed is broken."

but the boy's bizarre body did not fall.

He just floated in place like that.

hands open, stiff body, like a stationary puppet.

his dilapidated clothes were broken, and less than a metre of his body floated with golden, bizarre characters, words that Cologne and he had never seen before.

then, the word Fu Fei moved, his body was almost transparent, and he could even clearly see the trajectory of the character moving in the body.

saw the character move more and more quickly, his limbs began to grow long, and then his body stretched. Until about two meters or so, the change stopped.

, a layer of black metal, covered the whole body with the same metallic object on his face, like the full-clad plate armor worn by the Big 6 knights.

, his knuckles, elbows, knees, shoulders ... The opposite is the joints of the body, all grow sharp as a knife of the Thorn, looks cold and incomparable, full of murderous.

then, a pair of wings, a pair of wings like Eagles, open behind his back!

to make wings, not feathers, but knives! A one-hand knife! Not a real knife, but the shape of those black metal slices and the blade of the knife is exactly the same!

the difference is that the black blade that makes up the wings, without any light. Not only behind the wings, his face, his body, those covered with black metal objects, are not bright, like a black mist, sunken, do not feel the breath of any life.

that is not the general black, that kind of black, is a kind of dull, painful black, like helpless sad night ... The

airflow slowly subsided and the boy's body changed close to completion. Suddenly, cologne and the fierce eyes are like being crossed by the cold blade, a strong smell of killing stabbed them unable to open their eyes.

a few seconds later, when they opened their eyes again, they saw, a pair of eyes.

Maybe, it can't be called eyes.

because it is not the window of the mind, but the deep pool of killing, hatred, destruction, anger and all the negative raging emotions that converge.

how cold, how ruthless a eyes!

was like that, inlaid in a black face.

ignored everything, as if waiting, waiting for the fear of life in front of him, and then, silently harvesting them ...

such as the fall of the wilderness in the night, aimlessly walking, no direction, also can not see the exit, naturally, lost the survival. The feeling of

and Cologne was bizarre. The monster's breath was in fact weak, and could not even reach them, but the breath seemed an unknown omen, leaving the two inexplicably frightened.

attention, not fear, is fear.

fear, is from the heart, is to sway the mood of the mind, it can not be restrained.

This breath, more oppressive than hostility, more terrifying than murderous, so it scares people, 1.1 points from every cell in the body to breed, until the collapse!

stillness ... This can only be described as frightening to the stillness of despair.

"Fierce! Kill him! I was in his eyes and saw death! It's dark, it's covered in blood! It's going to be a disaster! "Cologne's voice trembled, and under the influence of that stillness, she was extremely emotional.

didn't move. Do not know why, he is afraid to look at those eyes, even if, he clearly know, he wants to destroy the monster in front of him, effortlessly.

"Hands!! "Cologne's voice was more acute. As a spiritual Holy Spirit, and practiced the demon secret method, her sensitivity to the breath is very strong.

hard to shake the head, control the mood, body shape flash, the right hand has Thunderball the power to bang in front of the monster.

"Poof! "The wild blood sprays in the mouth of the monster, and the body floating in the air is distorted by the powerful attacks it suffers."

's face changed, and though there was no sword, the power of the blow was enough to blow any practitioner below the holy level into pieces.

but the black monster in front of him was hard to resist!

didn't have too much hesitation, and the second attack hit the monster hard.

this time, the black, metal-like body did not resist, fell heavily on the ground. After a few moves, the black light flashed and recovered into what the boy looked like.

raised his fist, but how could not smash it, he really did not have the means to a child unable to collapse on the ground.

affect the mood of the stillness disappeared, Cologne also returned to normal, she walked to the strong side, cold tunnel: "He is not a child." "

did not speak, slowly put down his arm.

Cologne looked up at her son's expression, and a minute later she shook her head and turned towards the door.

"If you can't get out of your hand, let him live." We saved him, the soul didn't work, and you couldn't kill him. Maybe...... Maybe this is God's arrangement. "

" I'll look at him. If he is really a devil, or bad for my family, then I will kill him myself. "Crouch down and pick up the boy."

He looked at the small body huddled in his arms, suddenly a little poignant, and he could not believe that this poor little life, like the mother said, would be a devil who brought death.

"Mother! "

Cologne stopped in the footsteps.

"Probably ..." a warm warmth passed through the heart, a soft feeling in his hearts. ' He's a special race like us. "

Cologne looked back at his strong eyes," How do you feel now, like you met Na at that time?

did not answer his mother's question, but turned to look at Na, who was still in a coma on a soft fur. "What about you? Are you feeling about NA now, and what you felt at the time? "

Cologne's shoulder trembled and did not answer.

she left, and there was no turning back.

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