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Chapter 10 Demons

The Wind whistled ...

This is a cliff up to thousands of meters, the timeless white makes it look so slaying.

Suddenly, a small black spot slid high from the front of it, then smashed a few stout branches and fell onto a hard rock ...

didn't bleed!

is only spread on the stone surface, like by the cook to suck the meridians of the meat block--

unconscious, unconscious, even the pain of broken bones and broken tendons is also like irrelevant.


a day passed, and the day was short in terms of the sunshine of the ice and Snow Canyon.

would have been cold here, when the night came, but in the chilly air mixed with a bit of sadness. The place where

fell was a wooded area, with years of snow, that made the trees look bare, and in the night, their branches, like the tentacles of a root, opened toward the four sides.

at this time.

more than 10 red dots of light twinkled in the dark jungle, scattered with a bloodthirsty smell ...

, suddenly!

a few dark shadows shot at that little body on the rock--

"Ow!" "

rushed to the front of the shadow out of a tragic number, in the blood from the teeth poured out of the fly back, landed on the ground after a few times, swallow."

a few of the remaining dark shadows in a hurry to stop the body shape, slowly back.

This is a few snow wolves, seven Levels of Warcraft, with their strength can only linger in the edge of the Ice Canyon, although seven Levels of Warcraft in the world outside the canyon has been very remarkable ...

but now, they look at the thing above the rock with a frightened eye--

a strange, golden character. The character of the

seemed to have life, and it looked proudly at the few snow wolves.

"Whoo-hoo", fear let the Snow wolves want to escape, they really can not endure the depression caused by that little character, but they can not move even a bit.

more surprising is that that character unexpectedly did not have any strength, just by virtue of the momentum, let these bloodthirsty wolf Warcraft four feet Soft!

"Dong", a snow wolf front leg bent, kneeling to the ground, and then, its companion also made the same move. is

begging for mercy? These bullies who live in groups on the edge of the canyon?

The golden character moved, spun two laps, and suddenly flew towards the few snow wolves!

went on.

a few blood lines, and then into flowers, into the ground of snow.

several Wolves head on the ground after rolling a few laps, still down, the rest of the wolf body decadently fell to the ground.


"Oh? "A silver man over the woods had a hint of surprise on his face," that breath is this child? "

He closed his eyes, sprinkled with a spirit, and covered the rock where Satan lay.

that golden character fierce beating up, it is now, oneself actually can't go back!

also has countless companions in that body, but it is due to protect their organs, forced to break out of the body ...

a figure fell beside it, catch it in his hand and looked at it carefully.

"Soul remains?! "The

Silver man was more surprised."

"It seems that my senses are right, and the breath of the blood magic at first is not this little guy ..." The Silver man is not handsome, but that lazy look makes people look comfortable, but then his face turns from surprise to twist, ".... It seems that there is nothing wrong with me coming over, this power, incredibly ... "

he took a deep breath," are all the guys from there idiots? A group of stupid people who blindly believe in strength ... "He frowned," I don't know what the purpose of the guy who used the blood magic was, but to force that level of soul to break into the body of a human child, which would quickly awaken that person ... "in the mind of the

Silver Man, an image appeared ...

white bones everywhere, bleeding, lonely moon hanging in the blood-stained night sky, a man, wearing a heavy black armor, stepping on those limbs, squeezing out thick plasma ... The

Silver man's eyes twinkled, and the sight of his mind made him stand still, and the golden characters swirled wildly back and forth in his right palm, as if desperately trying to rush out of captivity.

thought for a moment, Silver man's face again hung a smile, and then--

right hand together, will that golden character pinched scattered!

"Little friend, I can't let you wake up so quickly ..." laughed the silver Man. "Maybe, you'll be very helpful ..."

he looked at the little boy on the Rock, "the dark color is the best proof." "As soon as the voice fell, the body disappeared without a trace, leaving no trace."


is on the edge of the Ice canyon, inhabited by a special race.

The origin of this race is a bit sad: legend has it that many years ago, some powerful people intersected with female Slaves and Warcraft for their appreciation in order to satisfy their perverted animal lust. At first it was just a game played by the upper echelons, and slowly it turned into a criminal law that punished female slaves or women, and lasted for more than 10 of years. Later, the act was banned by the holy city, but the female slaves who were raped by Warcraft gave birth to one freak after another. The surviving freaks fled the human world because they couldn't stand the abuse and abuse, ran to some deserted places, and for a long time, they formed a ethnic group.

according to the rules of Offilar 6, because they have human lineage, do not belong to the "alien." So the holy city tolerated their existence. But humans don't think so, and they think these weird guys are a disgrace to themselves. Humans have the highest wisdom in the Great 6, while Warcraft has the most powerful body on the great 6. Such a distinction, in itself, is irreconcilable, even if humans can sign a contract with Warcraft to become partners.

Unfortunately, this particular ethnic group also has the Characteristics of Warcraft, that is to say, they can both sign a contract with Warcraft, but also as a Warcraft to be signed by others. As a result, the World of Warcraft can not tolerate them.

They are very tenacious, no matter how difficult the environment of survival, their lives continue. After generations of evolution, the genetic and human lineages of various Warcraft have long been completely mixed with them. So their appearance is basically not the same as the human gap, but the talent is different. Some of the wisdom is high, some elements have good affinity, some have strong physical strength, their definition is very complex, the big 6 of the Bard people give this poor race an apt name-the demon. The

Demon Family, the number is sparse, the individual talent is outstanding, can easily become the sorcerer's leader. But again, because of the historical reasons for their formation, the race's sense of self-preparedness and protection is extremely strong and exclusive.

Offilar 6 of the various races, the largest number of human and orc people, followed by Warcraft, the number is also very large. Then there are elves, dwarves, goblins and so on, these long life but the ability to reproduce is not strong race. And rare races, such as the Demon Dark Elf Fire essence, are generally rare to see. Just like the only demon colony on the Big 6 is the Ice canyon, if you want to visit, the price of the light ticket is enough to drink a pot. The name of the

Ice Canyon, though called the canyon, is in fact large in size. It is a fault of the Laris mountains, except that the sea dials are very low. It is actually a sunken geographical environment, which has different sizes of plains, forests, highlands, Hills.

Demon Live in the place, is a mountain forest, the area is small, probably more than 100 square kilometers of the appearance, here is a few snow and Ice Canyon can see a little green place.

the entire demon population is less than 1000, and they have built a large village called "Tarona" in a broad open space in the forest, which is said to have been used in most of the 6 ancient sacrifices, meaning "the place left".

may be the reason for the long sunshine Time, Tarona in the ice and Snow Canyon is definitely the most beautiful place, here can smell the fragrance of the Earth, see the green grass wildflowers, there is a clear river from the village murmur flow.

"Hey, na! Don't run! Stop it for me! The sheikhs are coming back! "A shout broke the serenity of Tarona early in the morning.

saw a little girl rushing out of the village with a quick degree, then leaping high, grabbed the branch closest to her, and when the little body bounced, she swung to another tree. She was so light that she didn't swing a few times that she disappeared into the thick woods.

"Hey, this wild girl, just so big so wild!" Although this forest is not big, there is no danger, but in case of a high-level warcraft how to do? "A white old lady gasped against the trunk of a big tree and kept wiping her chest.

"I'm this naughty granddaughter Yo." "The old lady's face helpless," all blame his father, all Day said his daughter is the family hundred years of rare genius, NA has a few double I do not know? Only two levels of strength every day want to run out, it is really nerve-wracking. "

called Na's little girl at this time is very proud," Grandma Can't Catch Me, Hee. Dad said that when he could not catch me, he would be allowed to go outside to play. Come on, come on! "

actually this little guy don't know, not grandma can't catch her, but Grandma heartache her, afraid she smothered, deliberately let her a horse."

Otherwise, on the strength of her grandmother "Cologne", if even she can not grasp, it can not be called the Soul tutor of the Demon clan.

The happier she thought, as if she had got the bar. She bounced up and down on the tall trees, and her body was not as flexible as a seven or eight-year-old child at all. Suddenly, she stopped moving, like what was now ...

"Huh? Who's this guy? Why are you lying on a rock? "


"Na, where did you find this boy? "A gritty, tall, dregs-faced red man was sitting in a large chair with white fur, questioning na.

This is a house built entirely of brown-red logs, the structure is very simple, the decoration inside is also very monotonous, in addition to Warcraft fur is wooden furniture. There were two beds in the

room, which were placed diagonally on the other, and on the smaller one, there was a strange boy in the shape of a limb, the messy black still flashing, pale and frightening, his jaw biting, his lips full of wounds bitten by his teeth.

"What the hell has he been through? Why is it so painful in a lethargy? "Na crouched by the bed, looking at the boy's face." It is not clear why, only seven years old she, the heart is unusually sour.

"Na, I'm asking you a word! "Red man brows slightly wrinkled, expression a little helpless." To tell the truth, he--strong, demon patriarch, Don Fire Sword saint, even in the ice and Snow Canyon that let Offilar 6 fear, can let him hold his breath is not a few, but when he faced his baby daughter Na, this usually eye above the top, domineering and proud of the Holy class, but there is no way.

"Na! "Seeing that her daughter had not yet been ignored, he had to raise the decibel of his voice."

"Daddy! You're in such a loud voice that you're going to scare him! "Na turned her head and looked at her father, and she turned up her little mouth, her expression very unfriendly."

"Uh ..." and ate a choke again.

"My good dad, what's wrong with you, it looks like you have something to say? "

" ... "The sound of not even coming out, completely speechless.

"Na, don't be naughty." I knew to be happy with your father, pay attention to a little, he is our strongest warrior, and is our demon clan ever the strongest. "An old lady full of White pushed the door in.

"Grandma! "Na jumped up and flew into the arms of the comer.

This old lady is Na's grandmother "Cologne". The First Order Spiritual Wizard of the Holy class is also one of the three Holy Magic guides in the ice and Snow Canyon. It was the existence of the strong and Cologne that made the demon, a sparsely populated race, safe on the green in the snow.

Holy class--

Jihad! Holy Magic Guide!

Ice and Snow Canyon is worthy of the first fierce Offilar, is worthy of the holy city of Goya to move the holy war place!

because Cologne's mental strength is very strong, often with soul purification for the people to solve the negative effects of cultivation, so it was also promoted as the Soul tutor of the Demon clan. The

Soul Tutor, similar to the prophet of the Orc or the great Elder of the elves, is very respected and status by the people.

is only the demon population is too small, and only Tarona this piece of slap big territory, in Offilar this huge and complex big 6, people's understanding of the Demon family, but also limited to "hear", "rumors." As for the "Soul Tutor", there are very few people who know.

"Oh, my lovely granddaughter." What the? Is your father fierce for you again? Hem, wait for grandma to teach him a lesson. Don't think he's holy, look at grandma. Still a stick to limp his leg! "Just now a pair of face to speak for the son's attitude, but na in her arms sprinkled jiao, the soul tutor instantly threw his son to the isolated island."

"mother, you are used to her." "It's a fierce displeasure."

"Daddy! "Na pounced again on the strong embrace."

"Ouch, my baby girl ..." full face smile. "Look at Dad's beard is good no, haha, thorn us little Nana can't stand it ..."

Cologne smiled and shook his head, full of love, in front of this happy freshman, are the flesh of her heart ...

room filled with warm affection, but there is another person, but can not feel.

because he is unconscious, even if he is awake, he can not feel the beauty of the world.

his world, only chaos; In his eyes, he could not see sobriety.


"Did you say he was hanging from a tree when you found him? "asked strongly.

"Hmm! "Na's little head is a little bit."

"Strange." "The strong eyes are full of incredible."

"What's the matter, son? Is there any question that can defeat our wise sheikhs? "Asked Cologne with a smile.

"No, mother." You see, this child's body is completely divided, but not dead. His body must have been entered by some force that we did not understand, and you looked at the wound on his lips, apparently bitten by himself before. Judging from what Na said, he fell down, and you know how high that cliff is. "In analysing the situation, he showed the calmness of a sheikh.

"Oh? "There was no smile on Cologne's face.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense. For the outside unexplained situation, the vigilance of the Demon clan has always been very strong. Maybe it has something to do with the environment they've been in for a long time.

Cologne walked to the bedside, hands horizontal forward outstretched, a bowl thick snow white light slowly condensed out of the air, entangled cologne arm.

"Don't do that, mother, he's still a kid. "Strong know what the mother is going to do, open her mouth to stop."

Cologne did not stop, the white light has been out of her arm, did not enter the boy's body. "What do you think I should do to make a man a force like this, but still alive?" "

listened to his mother's words and was silent.

"You are the patriarch, remember that the safety of the people is always the most important thing." "Cologne's voice was sane as if it had lost its temperature.

nodded, pulled Na's hand, "Na, good, go out with dad." Dad taught you new tricks. "

" Dad, what's grandma going to do to him? "Na raised her little head and looked nervously at her father.

"Nothing, grandma is going to wake him up." "I know how cruel the impending thing is, and he doesn't want his innocent daughter to know."

"Oh." "Na looked back at the pale little face on the bed, put her heart down, and bounced out with it.

She did not know at this time, her heart, has carved a look, that lip on the scars such as shredded flowers, sprinkled on her young heart, inadvertently, deep buried a seed.


Demon Secret law-hunting soul!

and Advanced Spiritual Magic "Soul Search" is not the same, "Soul Search" is only to know the message in the other person's brain, if a person was cast this magic, he was at most at that time suffering the pain of the brain, and then a few days in a coma. And the soul hunting--

can not only completely take possession of all the information in the other person's brain, but also, completely let the brain die, the soul hunt!

a little breath will not stay. No matter who, no matter how powerful, it is impossible to perceive the situation of a "soul Hunter", even a cell, through the residual message in space.

It was a taboo magic that wiped the breath of life completely out of the world.

This magic has broken the rules of Offilar, too domineering, too cruel, so, it is taboo. If the Sorcerer's Guild of the Holy City, no, is the Sorcerer's Guild of any small country who knows that there is such a taboo magic in the demon secret Law, the consequences are unthinkable.

Demon Clan is not genocide even good, at least, the demon secret method, will disappear forever in the Offilar Big 6. In the open space outside the

house, Na was happily practicing the new martial arts skills, sitting on a stone, looking at jump up's baby daughter, but the thoughts floated to the distant place ...

a long, long time ago, about 1000 years, or maybe 2000 years, anyway, in the demon Records, there is no exact year. At that time, the demons who had been driven everywhere had just migrated here.

they have different talents, varying intelligence, no order, no unity of leadership, they only rely on hatred and instinct to gather together.

just as they had just built a humble house and were ready to settle down, a man appeared.

that is an absolute strong, according to the memory of the first generation of the patriarch, is like this:

"The sky is a powerful deterrent to the Holy King, the extreme cold seems to flinch in front of him." The moment I appeared in the Holy King was completely immobile, and to our surprise, the Great Holy King did not use any power at the time.

Just breath! Just the breath released by the pressure let a lot of gifted family practitioners surrender!

I used to wonder if Saint Wand would be God? Is he looking at us too pathetic to bestow on us? If not, why didn't he kill or enslave and, on the contrary, help us?

to the Honorable Holy King Worship, for he was not a god, but an ordinary human being. Therefore, his wisdom and strength are unparalleled, even the Offilar of the strongest temple owners can not compare with him!

He taught us the right way to practice, our young people, no longer have to rely on talent to become strong, they, under the guidance of the Holy King, everyone can achieve a high achievement.

more than that, the saints purified our souls and bodies, truly turning a chaotic race into an inviolable whole of unity, so much so that we could have ' Tarona '-beautiful homes-in such a ferocious canyon.

Sadly, the Holy King cannot be with us. Five years later, the second year I was fortunate enough to be a disciple of the Saints, he told me that he was leaving to accomplish something he had to do.

I look at the person I admire the most in my life ... My teacher, his expression is very solemn. I was thinking, what the hell is going to make the omnipotent Saints so worried? He said nothing, but left me a roll of practice-a completely different kind of magic ... The Great holy King of

finally left. I want to follow my teacher, even if it will be wiped out by his side. But he taught me that a man will always face his destiny and not flinch, for that is the value of life.

I did not understand at that time, just for the teacher's departure sad, but now I understand, so I will devote my life to my people, my home. I also hope that my successors, the sheikhs of every generation after Tarona, will abide by this ethnic training. At all times, the interests of the people are above all else, and the safety of the people is more important than your life, for that is the destiny of you as sheikhs, and the value of your life!

Miss my teacher, the Supreme Holy King of my family, Offilar the greatest Wizard of all time-Sarats.

He has a broad mind like God, he believes that every life has the value of existence, are equal, so he unselfishly helped us, so that a humiliating race has been a space for survival and reproduction. This is why he can practice witchcraft to such a level.

bear in mind, my post-people: The world is equal, there is no race, cultivation methods are not allowed to the world, as long as you have a heart that embraces everything.

my teacher, the mentor of the souls of all our people for generations, has done just that.

So, he's what we believe in.

--first generation patriarch: Aang.

Note: Forgive me, use the last word of the teacher's surname as my own name, I miss him too much, because when I later around to inquire about the teacher's news, learned that the teacher is no longer alive, very sad. But my strength is too weak to do anything for the teacher, for the safety of my family, I will leave with the teacher, so that the teacher how the secret of death will also sleep underground. In addition, the teacher left the magic file is the highest secret law of my family, in addition to the ' Soul Tutor ' qualified people, no one is allowed to go through. These will be written into the demon rules, and every people must abide by them, or they will be punished with the harshest punishment within the clan. "

... The

Demons never believed in any gods, and their faith was Sarat, their holy King, the mentor of the soul. and the "Soul Tutor" This demon in the status of the noble or even over the sheikhs of the post, is the first generation of Patriarch Aang set up, but also in memory of his teachers.

for a long time, the strong body slightly shook a bit, understand the mother to let the boy disappear completely.

, a child of such a young age, fell from a height of thousands of meters in the dark, without a single injury, just in a coma? When I brought him back from Na morning, I sensed that there was an extremely aggressive energy presence in his body. That energy is terrible, it should be the breath of killing, as sharp as the blade, as frightening as the night, and with hatred, injustice, anger, seems to rush out of the child's body, and then destroy everything ...

, what does that mean? It shows that his life is complicated, or, very dangerous. Neither the people who are trying to kill him nor who are going to protect him can compete with this family. My mother must have felt the horror of that terror as much as I did, so I would have been willing to use the taboo magic in secret, so that the people associated with him would not be able to find it.

and the secret method are now compared to the Sorcerer's Guild, perhaps this black boy poses a more serious threat. Well, the possibility of the secret being by those guys is too low, it's a snow canyon! Well, my mother's choice was right, and I was too benevolent to read it. Just......

was very concerned about him, and could see that she had treated the boy she had brought back as a friend, if waiting for her to now her friend ...

, how am I supposed to tell her? The little girl is so clever that she can't be fooled easily.

's train of thought interrupted, supported the chin, red as steel needle short, in the Tarona morning in the gentle sun, slightly shaking.

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