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Ji Mo Ya chuckled, "Can your spirit treasure even communicate with you? Perform the Butterfly Culinary Technique? I tolerated you for a long time. How many times did you kick Qing Yan?"

Huan Meng Yue suddenly panicked.

Although Ji Mo Ya was smiling, his smile beheld an frigid iciness colder than ice and she detected a strong killing intent within his smile.

Young Master Ya was planning to take action against her!

"I did not…" she meekly replied.

"Three kicks?" Ji Mo Ya pointed towards Huan Qing Yan, at the points on Huan Qing Yan where Huan Meng Yue had directed her kicks at.

"Yu Yi?"

During the battle at the Five Black Mountain, the Feather Guards suffered heavy losses, most of the guards who were with Ji Mo Ya had felled.

Only the ones that were dispatched ahead of him survived.

Yu Yi was one of those disguised as Ji Mo Ya and were dispatched…

Yu Yi stood out and respectfully replied, "Young Master."

"Give her three kicks, there's no need to worry about her life." Ji Mo Ya spoke calmly but there was an icy chillness within his gaze.

Yu Yi was a True Spirit Master, and if he were to give three kicks to the best of his ability, how could Huan Meng Yue hoped to survive?

Since Ji Mo Ya never had the intention of letting Huan Meng Yue live anyway!

Huan Meng Yue was shocked to her core, "Young Master Ya, you are a great and magnanimous person; Young Mistress, I have done you wrong and I will not dare to do this again. Young Mistress, please help me speak up…"

She kneeled in front of Huan Qing Yan and pulled at her skirt while she cried for forgiveness.

As she pleaded, she also kowtowed; she felt that the only likely saviour was Huan Qing Yan now.

Unfortunately her actions caused silly Huan Qing Yan to be startled, who started to scream and shout, "Kill you, kill you, go away, go away…"

Ji Mo Ya filled with rage as the current Huan Qing Yan should not undergo extra stimulation. He willed his spirit energy and pushed her far away from Huan Qing Yan before he gently pacified, "Little Yan, be quiet, everything is fine."

His attitude was gentle and calm.

It was completed different from the cold and murderous intent that he maintained when facing Jin Da Zhong and Huan Meng Yue.

Huan Meng Yue instinctively knew that this time around she was finished. Finished!

This time she would really die!

She cannot die, she doesn't want to die.

"Young Master Ya, please let me off;  from now on, I will absolutely not have ill intentions towards Young Mistress. I had always taken care of her as my own younger sister; she has turned into a simpleton, I am willing to take care of her for the rest of my life. Or let me return to Hanging Cloud Empire, I am willing to take care of Madam Huan and Little Xing Han, I will never appear in front of you again…" Huan Meng Yue was covered in snot and tears from fear.

Ji Mo Ya turned and faced her and with a mocking tone he said, "Applying poison during the Spirit Chef Festival is taking care of her? Splashing poison on her while she was imprisoned is taking care of her? You thought to return to Hanging Cloud and continue harming the Huan Family?"

The fact that Ji Mo Ya had kept a clear record of Huan Meng Yue's wrongdoings was not expected, she had committed all these crimes and non of it could be refuted; moreover she dared not deny them, her only goal is to live.

"Young Master, I'm in the wrong, I will change from now on, Young Mistress had treated me very well, the Huan Family had treated me very well. In the past I was an ingrate who did not know any better and chose the wrong path but I will not do that again, please give me the chance to make amends… please believe me, Young Master Ya! Young Mistress is a kindhearted person, if she is cognizant, she would also not let me die…"

Ji Mo Ya smiled coldly, "Therefore, since she is not, this Young Master shall use the chance to help rid of a scourge like you."

He enunciated his intentions very clearly.

Everyone present looked at Ji Mo Ya, shocked…

Ji Mo Ya had always maintained the image of a noble young master; his actions had always been graceful and magnanimous. However in front of everyone this time, he was very blunt with his intentions and did not seemed bothered about the repercussion of not maintaining his image anymore.

After all that had happened so far, maintaining that image no longer appealed to him as well, for the sake of Huan Qing Yan he needed to reveal that overbearing side that he has hidden all this time.

Huan Meng Yue continued to plead for forgiveness but Ji Mo Ya ignored her, Huan Qing Yan still maintained her silly disposure, while the Hall Masters of the academia had turned away at her words with looks of disdain…

She had experienced many close calls but this time, the call of death was exceptionally strong, she was shaking in fear and wanted to use her spirit treasure to contact the fairy, but before she could do it…

Yu Yi threw the first kick and with a bang, Huan Meng Yue broke through the window and flew outside.

"No, I don't want to die! The fairy would take revenge for me! Fairy…"

Her voice resounded as she flew out the window.

"First kick!"

Yu Yi counted seriously, there were two more kicks left to be given so he quickly followed after her.

He did not know if his first kick was enough to kill Huan Meng Yue or not, so Yu Yi needed to check and followed-up with the remaining two kicks if she was still alive…

From the look of the situation, Ji Mo Ya had no plans to leave her alive.

Wu Cang Hai and others in the group twitched but no one stopped him, the Hall Masters all looked skyward while Nan Gong Be Cheng and Bai Chen Feng together squatted at a corner and mumbled, "Young Master Ya is truly domineering!"

Meanwhile, Ji Ma Ya gently coaxed Huan Qing Yan as he hugged her and finally managed to pacify and calm her down.

He spoke to the air, "Elder Snow, where are you receiving treatment for your injuries? This junior wishes to bring Yan Lass for a visit."

"I am at the Spirit Spring Forbidden Grounds, at the edge of the Cliff of Reflection where the eye of the spring is located."


Ji Mo Ya bid his goodbyes to Wu Cang Hai and the Hall Masters before bringing Huan Qing Yan away.

Bai Chen Feng watch their backs with a gloomy expression, his nails had pierced into the flesh of his palms.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng continued to rub salt in his wounds as he spoke, "This bro seemed to have fought with you in vain; Young Master Ya was this bro's real love rival, little beauty was never yours. Bai Chen Feng, you should go home and rest."

Bai Chen Feng clutched at his chest and left, angered and lonely…

Nan Gong Bei Cheng chased after him, "This bro has some medicine here, do you want it? Actually, we should form an alliance, the might in numbers trumps over the power of one, it will be pretty stressful for this bro to face Young Master Ya alone, why not we team up and face him?"

Bai Chen Feng gritted his teeth and replied, "Scram!"

Spirit Spring Forbidden Grounds.

Elder Snow was located at the eye of the spring and Ji Mo Ya was holding Huan Qing Yan's hand as he conversed with Elder Snow inside.

"Elder Snow, you have been immersed in the Spirit Spring Bubble for many years since then, how are your injuries?" Ji Mo Ya asked eloquently.

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