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Elder Snow replied, "Can."

From the moment Elder Snow appeared, Bai Chen Feng had vaguely understood something from this incident.

When he heard that Jin Da Zhong was being charged with the crime of colluding with demons and given the Deep Fry Execution as punishment, initially he was startled before he could release a sigh of relief!

It was extremely likely that this damnable fatty was the reason Huan Qing Yan of his previous life was charged with colluding with demons.

He hated that he did not help her clear her crimes that life, and he had even cheated her out of her family heirloom after bewitchment by Huan Meng Yue.

Bai Chen Feng looked at Huan Qing Yan and his guilt and heartache weighed upon him.

A person like him, a weakling and a betrayer, most certainly lacked the qualifications to stand beside her.

Following Young Master Ya was also ideal.

Bai Chen Feng was born a prince, from the moment of birth he knew he was meant for greatness and was exceptionally proud; this was the first time that he experienced such inferiority about himself!

Jin Da Zhong exclaimed, "No! I must not die, I must reach the rank of King Spirit Master, I still have many things undone; those students were involved out of their own greed, I've nothing to do with it, Headmaster! Young Master Ya, please please return me the Tyrant King Lizard's remnant soul; I can immediately become a King Spirit Master and be your loyal servant… or even a slave… Young Master Ya…"

The Three-Day Drunk Devil only prevented him from keeping his inner thoughts from coming out and he had to verbalise his thoughts, but it did not meant that he has gone crazy.

Ji Mo Ya stood there, silent; beside him Huan Qing Yan was laughing like a silly thing while pulling at his sleeves.

Jin Da Zhong crawled towards them and kowtowed towards Huan Qing Yan, "My dear grandmother, I admit my mistake, I have wronged you, please forgive me; you were deranged even before I could perform a Soul Search, your condition had really got nothing to do with me! I had at most splashed some demonic poison on you; Young Master Ya, please show some charity…"

Elder Snow was enraged, "You really used Soul Search on her, you deserve to die! This was a potential disciple that this old man had setted my sights on, yet you crippled her, this old man is infuriated!"

With a bang! Jin Da Zhong's body which weighed several hundred kilos was slapped away, causing him to hit the wall liked a shockwave.

Jin Da Zhong fell down as a pile of soft fat, crumbled down to the floor and he no longer moved.

The Hall Master of Justice Hall immediately summoned someone to drag Jin Da Zhong away.

Ji Mo Ya casually asked, "Jin Da Zhong, where did you discover that evil ancient text?"

"It's… given to me by a mysterious person… Haha, I will never tell you all… I will not die, that person will surely save me…" Jin Da Zhong laughed and fainted.

Someone came in and quickly placed him on a stretcher to be brought away.

Huan Meng Yue cowered at a corner, and hoped that everyone would ignore her presence.

She had already experienced several such life and death situations, therefore she would no longer faint when facing such situations; a professional now.

"How shall we deal with Jin Da Zhong's disciple?"

Someone chimed in, "Send her to the Holy Court as well!"


When Huan Meng Yue heard that, a trace of joy flashed through her heart.

She was planning to go to the Holy Court as well but was unable to find a method; now that there was a suggestion for her to be brought to the Holy Court, she felt that things were going her way.

The fairy was at the Holy Court but unable to leave.

Since she was unable to come out, then Huan Meng Yue should just head over to find her…

Once she met up with the fairy, she would not need to suffer such humiliating experiences anymore.

However, she continued to display a pitiful expression and seek mercy, "Dear elders, I was forced by Jin Da Zhong to commit these crimes! I plead guilty, I know the Butterfly Culinary Technique, I wish to stay in the academia and contribute to the academia!"

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