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Within the Spirit Spring Bubble an elder was covered in snowy white, the elder's eyes were burning with life and if not for his black eyes, one would not be able to differentiate between his facial features.

"The recovery was very slow, I was just beginning to feel better, when… enough of this old man, the Ji Mo Clan truly has a great heir! It was unexpected that you were so close with this little lass *coughs* quite the foresight you have, this little lass possesses duo spirit treasures with Goose Egg Talents and also knows how to make spirit dishes and medicinal food, she is very good!"

Elder Snow was very familiar with Ji Mo Ya's clan elders, but he has not met with Ji Mo Ya before. However, this does not affect their ability to socialize with each other.

Ji Mo Ya smiled and nodded, he did not deny his words, "Thank you for your praises Elder Snow, Yan Lass is indeed not bad."

"This old man's injuries were healing very slowly initially, but this little lass prepared a medicinal food that greatly aided this old man's recovery; alas, what a pity she is now in this state!"

Ji Mo Ya turned to look at the silly Huan Qing Yan seriously and said, "Elder Snow, this junior is here precisely because of this matter; her condition seems to be a problem of mental instability and I heard there is a soul type secret spell that could be used to investigate…"

For a moment Elder Snow was flabbergasted, "You are implying that her soul has encounter some problem?"

"Elder Snow, doesn't she look like someone attempted to wrestle control over her body, and that had resulted in both sides suffering, with no winner?" Ji Mo Ya boldly gave his weigh-in on this matter.

He had been checking on Huan Qing Yan's condition using the Phoenix Feather Bell throughout his journey here, her expressions were  always changing between two extremes, if she was startled she would shout kill you and when nothing happened she would say goodbye, goodbye…

In addition, between every expression switch, there would be a momentary display of lifelessness.

He looked back in detail on that day's happenings within the Tyrant King Lizard cave. That time, when Huan Qing Yan stabbed him, her expression was vicious and extremely different from that lackey behavior she displayed usually, it was as though she had turned into a completely different person.

He had treated Huan Qing Yan really well, so even if she really fell for Bai Chen Feng, it was impossible that she would want to kill him!

That aside, back when he was trapped by the Demon King, Huan Qing Yan was only a Low Rank Star Spirit Master, yet she willingly braved the danger and were willing to die with him. Those deep bonds and emotions that she had were definitely not fake; it was impossible for her to suddenly turn these feelings into a vicious hatred without any logical explanation.  

He was too agitated back then, now that he recalled the details, there were simply too many suspicious inconsistencies…

Elder Snow was alarmed, "To wrestle control? A greater demon had possessed her? That was not to be, she was only splashed with some demonic poison, that couldn't have caused demonization. However, now that you mentioned it, this old man does feel that something is off."

Ji Mo Ya's starry eyes turned cold for a moment, "Therefore, I hope senior could teach this junior that secret soul spell. Of course, this junior should have sought the elders in my clan, however it will take me too long to return back and I'm not sure if her soul would be able to last so long as well, if Yan Lass were to be unable to hold on for that long…"

Elder Snow lightly coughed, "This type of secret soul spell is usually used by King Spirit Masters only, but so be it; this old man shall teach you. This secret spell is a type of soul intrusion technique, you will experience rejection from the target. If the divine sense you use is too much, it might cause harm to her. Yet if you used too little, you will be repelled  and be in an extremely dangerous state, lost within her sea of conscious. Your cultivation will thus be greatly damaged, you must think this through properly!"

This secret soul spell was basically the one known as Great Seizing Technique.

Upon becoming a King Spirit Master, one would roughly learn this spell and in a situation the King Spirit Master meet with a deadly encounter, they could use their divine sense to takeover someone else's body to save their own life.

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