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Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: Chapter 213 – Familiarity Breeds Fondness  

The palace guards quickly gathered within the palace and killed the toads that did not manage to escape in time.

The palace maid, that had her heart removed, died after crawling a few meters amongst the horde of toads…



When the image reached this point, the State Teacher, Sang Ping, vomitted a mouthful of blood on top of the crystal ball.

The images being projected within the crystal ball stopped.

The emperor asked in concern, “State Teacher Sang, are you alright?”

“I am fine, I can recover with a few days of rest. This Greater Demon seems to have the abilities of a Mid or Late Stage Demon General, extremely intractable,” Sang Ping sighed and said.

He added, “Most importantly, this demon had the audacity to sneak into the royal palace! There are more than ten thousand palace eunuchs and maids; to perform a thorough search is not something that could be done in a few days. However, please be assured my lord, the State Teachers Academy will move out in full force, and this old one shall report our findings to my teacher…”

Sang Ping’s teacher was the academy headmaster of Hanging Cloud Empire’s State Teachers Academy, and possessed the cultivation of a Mystic Spirit Master.

His teacher was also one of Hanging Cloud Empire’s strongest cornerstones.

  < < 24. <<<< Property of outside of it, it is stolen.

However, his teacher was often behind closed-door training and would not stop his training unless a life and death situation arised.

For most humans, when they awaken their spirit treasures, they would be referred to as Spirit Masters.

Spirit Masters could be split into One-Star to Nine-Star Spirit Masters, after Nine-Star, it would be True Spirit Master, followed by Mystic Spirit Master, King Spirit Master, Saint Spirit Master!

Most people with ordinary star talent would never reach the level of Nine-Star Spirit Master in their lives, much less become a True Spirit Master…

It was said that within the whole Spirit Treasure Continent, the strongest power that the Five Great Empires possessed, would be Mystic Spirit Masters, they were basically pillar-like existence to the foundation of the empires.

Amongst the Eight Great Clans, although their overall power may vary but they all have at least a King Spirit Master looking over their clan.

Only the Holy Court of Humans would have Half-Saint Spirit Masters; they were basically peak existence of humanity that were akin to legends, and ordinary people would never get to see one within their lifespan.

As for Saint Spirit Masters, not one has existed for the past thousand years of human history! They were extinct within Spirit Treasure Continent.


The emperor waved his hand, “It is only a Greater Demon, there is no need to alarm the Great State Teacher. Let me handle this matter.”

State Teacher Sang and the Silver Mask Guard Commander acknowledged his order.

They both felt extremely ashamed to have allowed a Greater Demon to sneak into the palace under their watch.

  >> >>

“Lord Father, Cang Xia doesn’t dare to stay here anymore, can I go stay in the Aged Consulate?” Princess Cang Xia softly asked while she slipped a look at Ji Mo Ya.

No matter how daring the Greater Demon was, it would not dare to confront Ji Mo Ya directly, so it would not dare to approach anyone from the Ji Mo Clan.

The Aged Consulate was definitely the safest place within the capital, plus she would be able to spend her time with Ji Mo Ya daily; as the saying goes, familiarity breeds fondness…

Huan Qing Yan that b*tch was doing exactly that with Ji Mo Ya now!

Princess Cang Xia hoped to use the situation to do the same.

The emperor did not speak immediately, instead, he looked at Ji Mo Ya.


Ji Mo Ya returned a graceful smile and said, “This is the Hanging Cloud Empire, so the Princess has the right to choose where she wants to stay. Since the Princess wishes to stay in the Aged Consulate, this young master shall move out of it. Lord Emperor does not need to worry, you can arrange for this young master to stay anywhere you deem convenient.”

The emperor’s face darkens and chided Princess Cang Xia, “What are you blabbering about? If you are afraid, you can stay within the State Teacher Academy; the Aged Consulate is the lodgings that this emperor has gifted to Young Master Ya, it is his private property. Do not speak of such words in the future, quickly apologize to Young Master Ya!”

< Property of outside of it, it is stolen.   >>>> >

Princess Cang Xia said in a seductive and sorrowful voice, “Young Master Ya, Cang Xia had spoken out of turn, please forgive me.”

Ji Mo Ya maintained his graceful countenance and smiled gently, “Lord Emperor is being too polite. Lady Princess might have escaped death this time but there might be more in the future, so Lady Princess should be careful in the future.”

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