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Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: Chapter 212 – Crystal Ball  

At least, proper arrangements must be made for Xing Han.

When they finished their discussion, Huan Qing Yan and Madam Huan left, leaving behind a sulky Little Xing Han who was unwillingly saying his goodbyes to them.


In her previous life, Little Xing Han was taken under the care of Old Ancestor; in this life, this outcome has not changed.

It was just being brought forward much earlier than before.

The path was the same, just the details had changed.

Within Cang Xia Palace, the Emperor, State Teacher, Ji Mo Ya, Princess Cang Xia, a few princes as well as several Silver Mask Guards and Feather Guards filled up the area within the palace.

Ji Mo Ya was wearing a silk robe of black and white; his flawless form and handsome features stood out naturally from within the crowd.

  < < 24. <<<< Property of outside of it, it is stolen.

Princess Cang Xia was attracted to Ji Mo Ya, now that she had become a victim of an incident, she cried sorrowfully and tried to lean into the arms of Ji Mo Ya multiple times…

However, Ji Mo Ya always silently evaded every single one of her advances.

Within the Cang Xia Palace, the stench of decay emitted from the dead toads filled the air. The corpse of the palace maid that had her heart dug out had already been removed; however, the residual demonic aura was still present and filled the palace.

The State Teacher of the Hanging Cloud Empire, Sang Ping, was an elder in his seventies and had a face filled with various deep wrinkles.

He was currently holding on to a crystal ball in one while pacing about the different areas of Cang Xia Palace.

On his crystal ball, an image slowly began to appear.

This was an image when Cang Xia Palace was still fine, around early noon. Princess Cang Xia was taking an afternoon nap while the palace maids were all standing by quietly within the palace…

Suddenly, large amounts of toads and slugs appeared and were entering the palace through the windows.

A rough estimate indicates that there were at least more than a thousand such critters; however, the strange incident did not seem to have frightened the serving girls who were on standby, but on a closer look, one could see their eyes turning dull, as though they were unable to see what was happening…

The number of toads and slugs within the palace began to increase as more of them gathered, in the end, the bunch of toads and critters began to perform a high-speed spiral, and transformed into a black cloud of smoke. When the black smoke dispersed, a demon with a body of a man and the head of an eagle appeared…

Its weird form was much larger than the average human and looked extremely horrifying!

  >> >>


When someone saw that, they exclaimed, “State Teacher’s magic equipment finally has a reaction and is able to reenact what has happened. Lord State Teacher, can you zoom in on the face of the Greater Demon? Let us have a clearer picture of it as its image is rather blurry.”

The fat emperor and most of the people present were beginning to feel nervous at the discovery.

Sang Ping was currently covered in a head full of sweat, “This old one is already at his limits, this is the best I can do.”

An eagle head, a man’s body. The limbs and skin of the body looked exactly like a normal person, and the movement of the demon was also very agile while his walking posture was upright and natural.

Princess Cang Xia screamed and said, “That’s the demon. It was exceptionally disgusting and tried to dig out my heart! Young Master Ya, I was so afraid at that moment…”


She tried to lean on Ji Mo Ya with her trembling body, but Ji Mo Ya’s body emitted a pulse which gently pushed Cang Xia towards the fat emperor’s direction, causing her to lean on him instead. No one commented on what just happened as they focused on the changes that were still occurring on the crystal ball.

That included Ji Mo Ya, the abilities of this crystal ball had piqued his interest.

< Property of outside of it, it is stolen.   >>>> >

There were many people with unique abilities within the human population, and all of them had their own specialty.

…. When the Eagle-Man Demon appeared within the palace, it glared at the serving maid that was closest to Princess Cang Xia, and that palace maid was a low rank spirit master. The demon lifted its hand and made a grabbing gesture at the direction of the palace maid; the action immediately caused the heart of the palace maid to burst out of her chest. Despite her heart being removed, the palace maid did not die immediately and released a painful scream; her scream alerted everyone causing them to realize what happened. As everyone began to run away while screaming, Princess Cang Xia also woke up from her sleep; fortunately, she was quick-witted and chose to escape through the back door of her palace. Although the demon chased after her, before it could reach her, the palace guards had arrived; therefore, it gave up its pursuit and transformed into a cloud of black smoke before it escaped through the nearest window…

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