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Everyone was stunned at his words, was that how a person expresses words of comfort?!

But Ji Mo Ya was not an ordinary person, so no one dared to correct him.

The emperor finally understood that Young Master Ya had no feelings at all for the princess; he had thus decided to shelf away his plans about them.

State Teacher Sang Ping asked, "From your words, does Young Master Ya think that this incident was not purely coincidental? It was an effort meant to target the princess?"

"After several days of investigation, this Greater Demon likes to target only insect and snake-type spirit treasures but from what I know, the princess's spirit treasure is a raccoon-type, it does not belong to the Greater Demon's usual preference. As for why it is targeting you, this will be something to ponder on; it is either targeting you as a person or it is targeting the royal family as a whole…"

With that, even the emperor begun to feel nervous.

Bai Chen Feng, who had been staying silent within the group of princes gathered, said in disdain, "It is just a Greater Demon that's currently possessing a human body; Lord Father, please allow this son to stay in the palace to protect Lord Father…"

Along with Bai Chen Feng's statement, another handsome young man wearing a red robe, lightly coughed and said, "Lord Father, this son also wishes to stand guard outside Lord Father's accommodations and assist Lord Father in sharing the tribulation and solve it."

< < 24. <<<<

The young man was the next in line to the throne and successor of the Hanging Cloud Empire, the crown prince, Bai Chen Yu!

Bai Chen Yu was born with a weak and sickly body; even when he got older, his body's condition did not seem to have gotten any better and was often surrounded by medicines and sickness. However, his mother's clan's influence was extremely powerful within the empire; from the moment he was born, he was appointed the crown prince. Despite his sickly body, the crown prince's star talent, cultivation and abilities were also outstanding.

This allowed his status as crown prince, to be as stable as a mountain.

This was the time for the scions of the Bai Clan to display their filial piety, so Ji Mo Ya did not continue to speak.

At that moment, a guard entered the palace to give a report, "My lord, we have used the Demon Detection Disc and followed the demon's aura out of Cang Xia Palace, but it vanished after a few hundred meters."

"This Greater Demon even knew a secret technique to hide the residual traces of its demonic aura!" Bai Chen Feng exclaimed.

Princess Cang Xia was crying even louder than before.

The emperor was feeling ashamed at that and quickly said, "It's only a Greater Demon, do not make Young Master Ya laugh at your reaction. Ninth, bring Cang Xia to the State Teachers Academy now, else she would just be a disgrace."

Then he turned and asked, "Young Master Ya, what do you think of this?"

Ji Mo Ya calmly said, "I believe your esteemed empire's State Teacher Academy is extreme powerful, it would be easy for them to deal with a mere Demon General."


State Teacher Sang Ping had wanted to seek some advice from Ji Mo Ya but when he heard his words, those words got stuck in his mouth due to embarrassment.

Since what happened had been confirmed through the images, Ji Mo Ya said a couple of courtesy words before seeking his leave from the palace.

Ji Mo Ya boarded the carriage and returned to the Aged Consulate.

Mo Si appeared like a ghost within the carriage, "Young Master, aren't you trying to catch the Greater Demon as soon as possible? Why did you stop getting involved now?"

"The Huan Estate is currently in rather deep waters." Ji Mo Ya casually spoke those words that no one understood.

"Why did you mention the Huan Estate out of nowhere? How is it related to the Greater Demon?" Mo Si asked in confusion.

Ji Mo Ya frowned, "Why did a Greater Demon appear within the Hanging Cloud Empire? Why did Huan Bei Ming suddenly die? Why is the Huan Estate the place where the insects' concentration is highest?"


"How are they related to Huan Bei Ming's death?" Mo Si got even more lost!

"When we used the Demon Revealing Mirror the last time, the highest concentration of demonic aura was where Huan Bei Ming most recently stayed. Looking at that, it is either Huan Bei Ming emitting demonic aura, or the Greater Demon was extremely near Huan Bei Ming at that time. While the people who were closest to Huan Bei Ming were: Madam Huan, Huan Qing Yan, Huan Xing Han, Huan Jiu Li, Huan Meng Yue…"

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