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“If you insist on following me upstairs, we can do that. Let’s go up together.” Liu Gan said after thinking about it deeply for a long time.

Although Liu Gan had never hunted with Zhang ShengLi before, he knew that Zhang ShengLi was a part of the student council cadre. So his self-conduct was pretty good, and his reputation was quite positive among the other classmates. In addition, the physique of these three were quite decent, and they had accumulated plenty of combat experience from killing zombies. They also had great teamwork, so in short, they wouldn’t be deadweight.

Suddenly, Liu Gan had a different idea. Essentially, if he still wanted to head to Green Pao Bay, he would need to infiltrate the serenity aircraft and then hijack it. If it was only him and Yin He, trying to take over an aircraft would be very difficult. If it was a large aircraft, then more people were required to operate it, so the crew members had to stay alive.

[TL: Liu Gan just upgraded to a terrorist]

So under these conditions, he had to bring his own people over. It would be preferable if they could supervise the crew members and prevent them from rebelling. He would send one of them to go and learn how to pilot the aircraft. This way, he truly would be in control of the aircraft. So he could fly over to the main city anytime without any problems.

“Splendid!” Zhang ShengNan said happily after Liu Gan agreed.

They proceeded up twenty floors, and Liu Gan didn’t search meticulously. He sent Yin He to search around to see if there were any important spare parts. Once Yin He had left everyone’s field of view, her search efficiency was very high. So along their way up, there wasn’t any noticeable delay for gathering.

Once they reached the 70th floor, this was the starting location where Zhang ShengLi and the other two players had entered the game. As they continued upstairs, the number of zombies on each floor started to increase as well. When they encountered zombies, despite how many there were, Liu Gan just rushed through them with a fluid movement of punches and kicks. He was able to mow them down.

However, he didn’t kill them. It didn’t serve any purpose for him to kill regular zombies anymore, so he left the killing to the other three players.

Liu Gan’s efficiency enabled them to kill zombies at a higher rate. The three could only watch in amazement. Compared to before, they spent more than two days to carefully clear twenty floors when the three of them were alone. In the short period of time that they followed Liu Gan, they were able to clear five floors.

As they continued towards the top, the number of zombies began to steadily increase. They were unsure of the reason behind this, but there was no point in investigating such matters. To Zhang ShengLi and the other two players, they were happy they could farm experience from killing so many zombies. As Liu Gan was able to mow down a large portion of the zombies, this left the experience all to them. He purposefully slipped one or two zombies for them to practice their skills.

Although Zhang ShengNan attempted to ask Liu Gan for his level, Liu Gan didn’t answer her. Zhang ShengLi also stepped in to prevent her from asking anymore questions. They already could have guessed that Liu Gan’s current level was much higher than theirs. Aside from the level difference, the combat technique, and experience, Liu Gan definitely had more experience than them. Inevitably, they recognized his ability and accepted Liu Gan’s position as the small group’s leader.

Ability to protect team members, sense to allow team members to benefit from this group, constant understanding of what the next step should be are all basic traits of a group leader. To be able to accomplish this task, leading a small group like this wouldn’t be too much trouble.

They were unaware of the time, and the sky darkened as night started to set in. Liu Gan cleared out another safe room and distributed food for Zhang ShengLi and the other two, so they could all eat dinner meal together. Ever since Liu Gan left the Lucky Garden District, He and Jiang JinYuan brought along a lot of food. After reorganizing the portions, it was enough for him and the three to eat until tomorrow night.

As for Yin He… Liu Gan put on a charade and gave her a bag of cookies. Then she went and hid from their field of view, so others couldn’t tell that she actually didn’t eat anything.

An eerie feeling was within the building late at night. Especially when it was after dusk, they were able to hear the zombie voices from close and from afar. The tingling sensation of hair rising uncontrollably came from this eerie feeling.

In the previous two days, Zhang ShengLi and the other two players ceased all activities once it got dark. They would then proceed to find a place suitable for resting. However, Liu Gan wasn’t thinking about stopping.

Liu Gan had a strict time schedule he had to adhere to. Liu Gan estimated that he could finish exploring this building by tonight. Then, they could rest and reorganize at night. The very next day, they would head toward Green Pao Bay. If possible, they would rush over as soon as possible. If they couldn’t make it, then he wouldn’t force it. It was possible that at Green Pao Bay, there would maybe be more than one serenity aircraft? Even if the serenity aircraft had left, there were perhaps other aircrafts or ships parked near the bay.

“Are we continuing at night?” Zhang ShengLi asked as he saw Liu Gan prepare flashlights and realized that they might continue.

“Would you guys be willing to keep following me?” Liu Gan asked the three players officially.

“If you are willing to lead us and not feel like we are deadweight, then of course we would be glad to follow you.” Zhang ShengLi said, representing him and his sister, and he was obviously very happy. Hu Rong also voiced in agreement to follow.

After they all realized that they were trapped within this world playing this game, they were constantly in life-threatening danger. In addition, it was hard to find food, so they decided to follow Liu Gan then everything would be much easier.

Although, Zhang ShengLi and Liu Gan hadn’t interacted much, Zhang ShengLi believed that Liu Gan’s moral character was trustworthy. He also knew that although Liu Gan was a 2nd generation successor to a wealthy and powerful family, he never abused his position by bullying others. He also knew that Liu Gan, occasionally, used his pocket money to help the impoverished.

It was only natural that all these affairs were known by Zhang ShengLi as it was his duty to know within the student council. They could be at ease, knowing they were following a morally good and strong leader.

“This game world and real world are very different. It is very cruel. When I was on the ground below, the players and local survivors were killing each other for food. Society as you know it, doesn’t exist. The social ethics and survival rules have to be rewritten. Are you guys mentally prepared for that?” Liu Gan asked the three players.

“That we can understand.” Zhang ShengLi and his sister nodded at Liu Gan.

“Only if you don’t kill innocents and bully the weak.” Hu Rong added.

“Relax, Brother Liu isn’t that type of person.” Zhang ShengLi told Hu Rong.

“Alright, if you are willing to follow my command, I will protect you and provide you with food. Later, I have a plan that I would require all of you to participate in. It is possible that we can help players return to the real world. Once the conditions are right, I will tell you more details.” Liu Gan told them, after they had agreed to follow him. It seemed like the terms of agreement ended as the conversation drew to an end.

“Return to the real world?” The three players heard this phrase, and their eyes lit up with hope.

“The specifics are hard to explain. First, we must reach the main city’s laboratory to see if that will be possible. By that time, I will share with you guys in detail. Let’s not waste anymore time. Tonight, we must continue searching every floor upstairs. So by tomorrow early morning, we can go downstairs.” Liu Gan stood up and distributed a flashlight to each of them.

By now, the sky was completely dark. Within the building, it would be impossible even to see their own fingers at a close distance without a flashlight. Zhang ShengLi and the other two felt uneasy, they trailed closely behind Liu Gan with a flashlight in hand.

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