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After reaching the 80th floor or so, Liu Gan started to become more cautious than before.

Not only was it pitch black, but the PDA probing device was also able to find a variant zombie in its scan.

Right now, Liu Gan knew that the variant zombies weren’t limited only to one type. There were possibly many different types of variant zombies. He first encountered the type with coarse skin and thick flesh that had a body the size of a tank, the Giant Colossal Zombie. Then, he encountered the Tentacle Colossal Zombie, which had two razor sharp tentacles for stabbing and slicing. No one knew which variant zombie was sitting on the 80th floor. Would it be a new variant zombie?

The method of attacking for these new variant zombies was still unknown, so they faced an unknown danger. They had to be extra careful every step of the way.

However, Yin He was in the front leading the way. Additionally, Liu Gan’s body had the ‘Mist Armor’ protection. So even if an accident occurred, they should be able to handle it with his and Yin He’s current abilities.

Zhang ShengLi and the other two players were not only curious about Liu Gan’s experiences in game, but they were also interested in the mysterious female ‘Xiao He.’ For the entire trip up the stairs, this person had not spoken once. She had a cold facial expression that would turn away anyone who tried to interact with her. Seeing that her abilities weren’t beneath that of Liu Gan, they had no idea how she and Liu Gan met each other and grouped up.

[TL: The resting b*#[email protected] face LOL. By the way, to three players, Yin He is known as Xiao He.]

Zhang ShengNan attempted to get close to Yin He. However, the moment he stepped too close, Yin He would immediately get out of the way. Sensing that, Zhang ShengNan gave up on that method.

Eighty-seventh floor… Eighty-eighth floor…

Liu Gan became more and more cautious.

“On the eighty-ninth floor there is a high chance of encountering a variant zombie that is more powerful than regular zombies. Once this variant zombie appears, you guys don’t need to panic. I will work on keeping its attention. In the meantime, you guys have to leave the battlefield and retreat far away, so you won’t get injured,” Liu Gan said in a whisper to Zhang ShengLi and the other two.

“Variant zombie?” Zhang ShengLi and the others curiously asked Liu Gan.

“Yes, these are quite different from the normal zombies. It can have a very large body with a combat strength ten times that of normal zombies. It can also lurk in darkness, ambush us with razor sharp tentacles, and kill us with a one hit KO. Judging from your current strength, you are no match for these types of variant zombies in a direct confrontation. So if you do encounter them, be sure to retreat as far away from the battlefield as possible. Once I have finished, I will come back and regroup with you,” explained Liu Gan, going over in detail what they should do.

“This is a BOSS? Will killing them earn more experience? Will it drop any sort of treasure?” Hu Rong excitedly asked Liu Gan.

“I killed three before, and it does give a large amount of experience. If you are level 4 and want to advance to level 5, then you have to kill a variant zombie. No treasures are dropped from killing it. If you want to follow me, I will leave give you an opportunity to solo kill these variant zombies to level up, but not tonight,” Liu Gan said to them.

“Can we watch from afar?” Zhang ShengNan curiously asked. Before Liu Gan and her two male bodyguards, she never experienced true danger, so her guard was always lowered.

“The moment the first variant zombie spawned, I was grouped up with ten other players, located at the plaza nearby below. We were nearly wiped out. Only one other player and I remained. The other player was able to escape into the underground sewer, so his whereabouts are unknown. The second variant zombie showed up when I was with another male and female player. The male player was killed in combat, and the female player managed to stay alive. As for the third variant zombie, a very important companion’s chest was pierced through right beside me, and he died spewing blood from his body…” Liu Gan told them the dangers of these variant zombies.

“In that case, I will listen to Brother Liu’s plan and get as far away from the battlefield as possible,” Zhang ShengLi said that after Liu Gan went in depth about the dangers. Quickly, he also talked the other two into it.

Hu Rong didn’t seem quite satisfied with the arrangement, but didn’t say anything. Male players, when they encountered a BOSS battle situation, became excited even if it was dangerous, to the point that they were eager to try it out. Not being able to participate was a feeling that couldn’t describe how disappointed they really were.

Once they reached the eighty-ninth floor, they pushed open the fire escape door for the staircase, which revealed a long walk down a hallway.

Wearing a large white gown, a zombie was standing in the hallway near the wall. After hearing the metal fire escape door open, it rushed toward them baring its teeth and hands.

Yin He stuck her hand out and grasped the zombie by its neck to stop it from coming closer. Then with slightly more strength, she was able to break its neck. She let it flop onto the floor, but didn’t kill it. Others stepped out from behind her and rushed to kill it. Zhang ShengLi lifted up his fire axe and smashed the brain of the zombie.

A dark black mist floated out from the zombie into Zhang ShengLi’s body. His body felt a familiar warmth as if it was boiling. His body strength and speed all indicated that he had reached the next level.

“I leveled up.” Zhang ShengLi said in a happy whisper as he looked at his alloy wristwatch.

“Congrats.” Others one after another congratulated Zhang ShengLi on his achievement. Previously, when they were a group of three before Liu Gan had arrived, Hu Rong was able to reach level four before Zhang ShengLi. Now, everyone was level 4.

“Ah… I can sense danger ahead…” Yin He said as she retreated back to let the group know and prevent further noise. Then she quickly disappeared into the darkness.

After arriving at level 4, killing these normal zombies had no meaning to the three players. So once Yin He and Liu Gan encountered the regular zombies, they no longer had a reason to hold back. Therefore, their scouting speed was a lot faster than before.

Finally, Yin He stood in front of a laboratory entrance and signaled to Liu Gan the pre-set hand signal for danger. Liu Gan and the other three reached the door quietly and stood by the wall. Once they noticed Liu Gan and Yin He’s serious facial expressions, the three players couldn’t control their nerves.

If it was only Yin He and Liu Gan, then Liu Gan wouldn’t have had such a hard time. A single variant zombie wasn’t much of a threat to him anymore. Now, he had three players following behind him whom he was grooming, and he didn’t want to lose them. So it was wise to be more cautious.

“Is there someone outside? Save me…” Right when Yin He pushed open the door to enter, a small, young child’s voice suddenly came from within the room.

Amidst the darkness, everyone would have hairs standing up hearing a sound traveling through the room. This included Liu Gan, and he felt that something was not right.

Is this another special type of variant zombie? How could it imitate the voice and sound of a child?

“I beg of you, can you save me, please?” The child started crying loudly from within. This loud crying echoed within the large building, making it extra clear and sending chills down the spines of those who heard it.

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