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Chapter 90: Having no clue

“It wasn’t any effort at all.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi politely.

“It might have been as easy as lifting a finger to you, but it means life or death to us… Yes, this woman here is my sister Zhang ShengNan, and this is her boyfriend, Hu Rong.” Zhang ShengLi said as he introduced the other two players to Liu Gan.

[TL: The sister’s name ‘Sheng’ means victorious, ‘Nan’ means guy. The boyfriend’s name ‘Rong’ means harmony.]

“A full family being transferred together isn’t all that bad.” Liu Gan said as he nodded towards the male and female players. This was his way of greeting them.

“I was forced here by these two to play this game! Who would’ve thought that I would be trapped in this game! It’s all their fault!” Zhang ShengNan complained to Liu Gan.

“Indeed.” Liu Gan laughed at Zhang ShengNan.

“Brother Liu, I recognized you. Do you recognize me?” Zhang ShengNan giggled at Liu Gan.

“Ah…” Liu Gan’s expression was quite embarrassed. He really had no impression of her.

“You are famous in school for being handsome and rich. I have a few female friends who have a huge crush on you!” Zhang ShengNan added since she could tell that Liu Gan didn’t have any clue of who she was.

[TL: Technically, it is ‘FuErDai’ as in second generation from rich families.]

“You don’t though, right?” Hu Rong immediately said jokingly to Zhang ShengNan.


“And what if I do? What can you do?” Zhang ShengNan replied to her boyfriend. It seemed like her personality was the type to ramble on in an aggressive manner.

“I am Ru Hong. Thank you for rescuing us.” Zhang ShengNan’s boyfriend said to Liu Gan as he expressed his gratitude by extending out his hand.

“Oh, it wasn’t a big deal.” Liu Gan said as he shook hands. These three players seemed courteous and modest. Liu Gan’s impression toward them was quite positive.

Zhang ShengNan’s brother, Zhang ShengLi, and her boyfriend, Ru Hong, were both zombie enthusiasts. When the game server started, they begged Zhang ShengNan to participate with them. They really didn’t expect this kind of outcome after joining, but it was too late now to regret.

Zhang ShengNan’s boyfriend Ru Hong was an armed policeman, and her brother, Zhang ShengLi, and his friends opened a gym. His occupation was as a fitness trainer. Zhang ShengNan’s major in college was specialized in physical education. So physique of these three was considered rather well developed. The moment they entered into the game, they were able to overcome their initial panic and started to consider how to survive in this world.

The three started on a floor that didn’t have too many zombies. This gave them enough time to adjust to the surroundings, and by killing these scattered zombies, they were able to level up. By leveling up, they improved their body strength, speed, and dexterity, which allowed them to move more smoothly and naturally.

From yesterday to today, the three of them had cleared around twenty floors of zombies. Amongst the three players, Zhang ShengNan had already reached level 4. The two male players were level 3. This wasn’t because Zhang ShengNan’s combat ability or innate skill was higher than the two male players. The reason was because the two males left the last hit all to her. Therefore, she was able to level up a lot faster, and this way the combat ability in the team would be more balanced.

“That person is…” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan as he referred to the person behind him.

“We met in game, and her surname is He. Her personality is the antisocial type, so she doesn’t like to talk with other people.” Liu Gan decided not to reveal the in depth details about Yin He.

“Brother Liu, do you know what is going on with this game? Why are we trapped here unable to return?” Zhang ShengNan decided to ask Liu Gan. They had been trapped within this building, so their knowledge was very limited, especially with all the things that had been happening outside.

Liu Gan gave a brief summary of the situation to them. Then, he added that San Xing Corporation and the government definitely wouldn’t abandoned them, so they would think of ways to rescue them. The additional explanation was Liu Gan’s way of consoling them.

Zhang ShengNan was of two minds about this. However, the two male players by her side tried to comfort her, so she wouldn’t be too affected by this situation. Zhang ShengNan’s only option was to not dwell on this topic.

“Well, you guys can continue killing zombies and leveling up. I won’t bother you guys.” Liu Gan said as he prepared to leave.

“Brother Liu, where are you preparing to go?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan. He could tell Liu Gan was really strong. Also, he had the thought of asking him to join the party, but judging from the other party, Liu Gan didn’t share that idea.

“I am preparing to head upwards and search this building floor by floor to see if I can find anything useful.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi.

“Ah? You still want to go up? We came from above and are heading downward. We have already cleared the several floors above us, and there are only instruments attached to the facility. We have found very little food and nothing useful.” Zhang ShengLi said to Liu Gan.

“You guys are still heading downwards?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi.

“Yes, we have been stuck here for more than two days. Since we haven’t found anything to eat, we are going to starve. Once we are closer to the bottom, we can increase our tempo going downstairs. When we feel like we are ready for self-defense, we can go on the street to try our luck.” Zhang ShengLi laid out his plan for Liu Gan.

“I have some food here. You can split it amongst yourselves.” Liu Gan opened his bag and gave them three packs of cookies.

“Oh… that’s so kind of you, Thank you. We were really about to starve to death!” Zhang ShengNan and Ru Hong said after receiving the cookies. They gave their thanks.

“We found some drinks upstairs, and what’s left are two cans of beer. We have finished the food, so do you want these?” Zhang ShengLi quickly opened his backpack and lifted it in front of Liu Gan’s face.

“No need, I have enough drinking water.” Liu Gan shook his head.

“I feel really embarrassed to be eating away your food supply, but finding food in game is really hard. You should take the beer!” Zhang ShengLi felt very regretful, so he forced the two beer cans to Liu Gan.

“No need to be so polite. You need to eat to have strength to head down, right? Then, I shouldn’t take up your time and chat too long.” Liu Gan said as he prepared to leave. As they were once high school classmates, he could only this, which was within his ability. If they wanted to continue surviving in this world, they would have to rely mainly on themselves.

“Brother Liu, we should just group up and leave together. There’s safety in numbers.” Zhang ShengNan finally suggested to Liu Gan.

“I am heading upstairs, and you guys are heading downstairs. We aren’t going the same way.” Liu Gan now had Yin He as a companion, so he didn’t need to group with other people.

“That doesn’t matter. We can come with you upstairs, since we aren’t in a rush to go anywhere. We want to level up our combat ability before heading downstairs anyway. I’ve observed the situation below. There was a corpse tide that had occurred earlier, so without any real strength, going downstairs will be dangerous.” Zhang ShengLi said to Liu Gan after thinking for a little bit.


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