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Chapter 89: Give up

Yin He could offer all the information in the database and explain all the technicalities to Liu Gan only for him to never understand it. She could continue to explain to Liu Gan until he started feeling drowsy, but he still wouldn’t be able to comprehend the main points.

After realizing that knowing these scientific terms and learning scientific gadgets had no particular use to him even after listening, Liu Gan didn’t tell Yin He to continue reading. His only option was for her to carefully search through it herself to find the spare parts. She struggled to fight against time to create her own lunch box.

However, it became clear that Yin He had more interests than just her lunchbox. She most resembled a worker ant, and soon she gathered a pile of strange and weird combination of spare parts. She gathered so much that she couldn’t move freely.

“Your lunch box… Does the recharging device need such complicated parts?” Liu Gan hopelessly asked.

“No, these parts are to recreate nanomite installations. Simply put, it is used for manufacturing the mechanism to inject nanomites, so if there is a surplus of materials I would like to have my nanomites undergo renovation.” Yin He tried to explained her plans.

“So do these materials require energy to move?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“Of course.” Yin He nodded.

“Then you should create a temporary recharging device because without energy, then no matter what you do these won’t work.” Liu Gan had to stop Yin He. Otherwise, if she kept collecting these, it would only add stress to her workload.

Yin He widened her eyes looking at Liu Gan. She worked so hard to collect these materials, and she didn’t want to part with any of it.

“In life, there are a lot of materials that people feel like they can’t let go, but it serves no actual purpose. So, no matter how unwilling you are, you won’t be able to move forward because of this load. Not only is it dangerous to be too attached, but you will lose out on better opportunities. So you must let it go for a taste of something better, understand?” Liu Gan could only think of a philosophical answer to reply to Yin He.

“Okay, I will hide away the other items, and then at a later time, I can come and put it to good use.” Yin He had a hard time searching for these small spare parts. Her final decision was to pick out parts that could be used to create a simple recharging device. Then, what would remain were non-bulky objects that wouldn’t take up too much space with other spare parts. So after she finished all of that, then she would leave with Liu Gan.

In one of the biochemical material research offices, Liu Gan found a coiled rope. This rope was roughly two to three millimeters thick, and after rolling it up, he figured the distance based on the fine print of nominal alongside it dictating that it was several hundred meters long. The surprise was when Liu Gan picked up the rope, it felt as light as a feather.

“Oh, I know this material.” Yin He said as she walked over after seeing the rope.

“What is this material made out of?” Liu Gan tried to tug on the rope to separate the strands, only to find that it was extraordinarily tightly bound.

“That is a type of biochemically created material, and it is very similar to the material used to create my skin. With incomparable durability, this is similar to materials that won’t snap when tugged on. It can hold up to 2 tons at its limit.” Yin He recalled from her database and gave Liu Gan her answer.

“Seriously?” Liu Gan laid out the rope onto the floor and used his fire axe to hack at it. The result was the floor cracking under pressure from the fire axe, but the rope was unscathed.

“This is very good material for climbing and for holding objects. It isn’t too heavy to carry around.” Liu Gan said as he placed the coiled rope back into his backpack.

Around noon, they almost reached the building’s 50th floor. Liu Gan heard killing sounds, so it was highly possible that it was those three players detected earlier. Liu Gan walked over stealthily to investigate. He discovered that there were two males and a female player, killing zombies in the hallway.

Their weapon of choice was the fire axe that they found throughout this building. They also felt that the beginner’s weapon wasn’t a good choice, so they threw it out and used the fire axe. These three players showed quite capable teamwork with their slaughtering. Based on their performance and physical attributes such as strength, speed, and dexterity, they should all be level 3 and above.

Without a doubt, they were players that had been trapped here since the beginning. Except, they had been sent to this building. Within these three days, they had been killing normal zombies floor by floor, so they must have gained plenty of combat experience to level up.

The probing device was able to detect a variant zombie around the 80th floor, but they hadn’t encountered it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the attacks of the variant zombie at their current level.

These three players didn’t seem like the extremely terrible and brutal type. Liu Gan was also able to recognize one of the three player’s faces. The leader of their group, one of the male players, was his high school classmate. What was his name? His surname should be Zhang, but the rest of his name was a blur to Liu Gan.

Classmate Zhang’s personality was rather passionate and straightforward. However, Liu Gan had been quite low-profile, so they both had different groups of friends. Therefore, these two people were more like acquaintances.

Since there wasn’t a friendship bond between them, there was no need to greet them.

Just as Liu Gan was prepared to give up investigating this floor and move to a higher floor, bypassing them, the three players made a mistake.

Originally, they were only killing two zombies, but in a nearby room three zombies suddenly ran out. The five zombies surrounded them, and they couldn’t prevent it. Their formation was ruined by the surprise ambush. From the looks on their faces, they seemed to be in danger.

Based on their level, three people against five zombies should have been more than enough. However, it seemed like they hadn’t found anything to eat within these few days in this building, so they were famished to the point where they couldn’t draw out their strength. At the same time, when facing off against five zombies at the same time, they seemed to have lost hope.

After all, it was a high school classmate…

Liu Gan rushed over, wielding the fire axe with a wave of his hand. In one fluid motion, he was easily able to kill all the zombies, coming to the aid of these three players.

The moment Liu Gan rushed over, all three players became scared. It wasn’t until after they realized that he was there to help them kill zombies that they relaxed. Classmate Zhang looked at Liu Gan and was able to immediately recognize him.

“Are you? Liu… Gan?” Classmate Zhang was able to remember Liu Gan’s name. After recognizing Liu Gan, he felt extremely happy because in The Trembling World, even being able to meet up with familiar people was not a likely situation.

Classmate Zhang’s full name was Zhang ShengLi. Even if he remembered Liu Gan’s name, Liu Gan wasn’t able to reciprocate and reply with his name. The moment Zhang ShengLi called out Liu Gan’s name, the female by his side also took notice of Liu Gan and seemed as if she recognized him too. However, to Liu Gan, he had no impression of her.

[TL: His name ‘sheng li’ means winning.]

“You also play this game?” Liu Gan tried to find a good time to chime in.

“It’s been several years since we met, classmate. Who would’ve thought that we would meet up in here! It was seriously dangerous just now, so it was lucky to have you stick your neck out for us. Otherwise, we would have been in trouble.” Zhang ShengLi passionately thanked Liu Gan.

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