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Chapter 88: Borrowing some electricity

“That is something I can discharge in an emergency situation. I can release up to thousands and even tens of thousands of high voltage charges to strike down the opponent. If I do that, it will quickly empty out my remaining electric plasma.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan.

“Before we find a reliable supply of electricity, you mustn’t ever do that.” Liu Gan commanded Yin He.

“I agree with you, too.” Yin He nodded with a hint of a captivating smile.

Liu Gan suddenly remembered something… Yes! Luckily, Yin He prioritized her longevity. Otherwise, when they were fighting earlier in the underground chamber, she could’ve released the Thousand Volt Discharge on him. He would have been burnt alive even with the mist armor equipped.

How dangerous!

“Besides the plasma, do you have any other method of charging?” Liu Gan asked Yin He. This was because charging the plasma was too troublesome. If there was a better alternative, it would be a lot easier.

“My bodily functions consume a large amount of energy, so only if we can find something more advanced than nanomites. For instance, something that can move my nanomites or completely exchange the nanomites for an alternative. That way, I don’t need to charge so frequently.” Yin He answered Liu Gan.

“Where will we find something like nuclear powered energy that can move your nanomites? Liu Gan asked casually.

“ I don’t know. The database only mentioned this option, but it didn’t clarify any further.” Yin He shook her head.

Liu Gan also felt gloomy and shook his head as he sighed without saying another word. It seemed like this new pet wasn’t that easy to take care of. Not only was good food hard to find, but it was harder to keep her full. If he wasn’t careful, she might faint from hunger.

The next morning.

After waking up, Liu Gab and Yin He started sweeping the building floor by floor.

[TL: this is a hundred story building remember?]

Before starting the sweep, Liu Gan did a deep probing scan of the location, so his PDA displayed the locations of the zombies.

When the deep probing scan reached the 50th floors, suddenly, three green dots appeared on one of the floors. Liu Gan raised his eyebrow… These three dots represented players. He wasn’t aware that this building had three more players. When did they come in? Also, how did they get up there? How long have they stayed there?

There were no zombies above the 50th floor for 20 floors. It wasn’t until the 80th floor that zombies appeared. After seeing this, Liu Gan seemed to grasp the situation. According to his theory, these three players or possibly more had been sent into the game starting at the 70th floor.

They could only kill their way downwards in that situation. In that process, they discovered that killing zombies would raise their level, so they cleared out every floor. Within these two days, they cleared up to twenty floors of zombies and finally reached the 50th floor.

He didn’t know what they were doing yesterday during the hour when the communication broadcast occurred due to the backup supply of electricity. Either the elevators were broken or they weren’t willing to take the elevator downwards, so they were still stuck on the 50th floor.

If they ever met up, it would be wise to see who they were. If they were honest, friendly, and normal players, then exchanging helpful advice would be acceptable. However, if they were the aggressive and rude type of players, then they would have to die. He would then loot their bodies for hidden treasures.

The PDA screen indicated that by the time they nearly reached the 90th floor, they had to becareful. Liu Gan found a deep dark red dot. This was a surprise for Liu Gan. The scarlet red dot meant a variant zombie. Even if he killed regular zombies, there wasn’t any meaning. Only by killing variant zombies would he gain experience for leveling.

Just when Liu Gan was opening up a map on the PDA to figure out which floor the variant zombie was on, the PDA suddenly popped up an ‘out of energy’ notification. He was unable to turn it on afterwards.

“It ran out of energy now? No way!” Liu Gan’s eyes were wide open looking at the dark monitor.

It wasn’t strange that the PDA ran out of energy. Yesterday, Jiang JinYuan used it to power the locks on the door. Then, it was used to power the control panel on the crystal cabinet. It consumed most of the remaining battery available. Finally, he used the probing scanner device to drain the rest of the battery.

“How does the solar panel attachment work?” Liu Gan recalled that Jiang JinYuan showed it to him once. Pressing a certain button released the solar panel on the PDA as he walked to the side of the window.

[email protected]#$% this sun!” Liu Gan cursed as he noticed the cloudy sky. Ever since he entered this Trembling World, the sky had never been sunny.

Not only this, everything in The Trembling World, even during the day, was dark and gloomy. Under these conditions, it was impossible to gather enough sunlight for the solar panel to generate electricity.

It seemed like this object could only use the solar panel as a method of recharging. It didn’t even have a charging device or adapter. Before Jiang JinYuan entered the game, the game developers gave him the PDA because they assumed that the apocalyptic world would have a hard time generating regular electricity. Therefore, they never set up a battery charger and just relied on the solar panel.

The problem was they never once considered this unnatural and peculiar weather system here to be a factor.

“Is it possible to borrow electricity from your body?” Liu Gan walked over to ask Yin He.

“No way, my current output isn’t a normal voltage. The lowest current I can produce is at least five thousand volts.” Yin He said as she looked at the PDA.

“Then nevermind, you would toast this thing… Is there a way you can think of that will restore its energy?” Liu Gan asked Yin He

“This is solar powered only, so it only needs the sunlight for a little while.” Yin He concluded after investigating the PDA.

“Come on sun…” Liu Gan really had no choice.

“Perhaps the sky will clear up soon?” Yin He tried her best to console Liu Gan.

“I wish.” Liu Gan placed the PDA and probing device back into his bag. Until there was a better way of supplying electricity or when sunlight broke through was when the PDA would be usable again.

This whole building had approximately over 100 stories, and every set of floors was a designated region. Thirty floors and below housed all manual laborers and intelligence researchers. Part of them were in charge of the emotion, social interaction, and learning programming.

Biochemical material research was from the 30th to the 50th floor, and above that region would house the biochemical circulatory region and research. When Liu Gan entered the laboratory he had no idea what materials were valuable and what weren’t without Jiang JinYuan’s guidance. In these situations, Yin He can only be relied on for help.

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