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Chapter 87: Adjusting the Plans

“Do you need to eat anything?” Liu Gan asked Yin He as he sat on the sofa outside of the lounge. Then, he pulled food and water out from his backpack.

“No need.” Yin He shook her head.

“Then where does your body get its energy from?” Liu Gan curiously asked Yin He.

“My energy is provided by High Voltage Plasma,” Yin He answered Liu Gan.

“High Voltage Plasma? What is that?” Liu Gan had never heard of this material before.

“When we were underground, did you notice those gigantic magnetic rings? Those are a set of refined magnetic generating installations, which create electrical plasma through compression,” Yin He answered Liu Gan in a few words.

“I see.” Liu Gan nodded.

“Inside my body, every nanomite is a small version of the stored electrical plasma.” Yin He held up her hand in front of Liu Gan’s PDA and had her nanomites composition model exported out on the PDA monitor.

The subject in question was sphere-shaped, and it was similar to the structure of the magnetic energy array that he had seen underground in the basement. However, its dimensions were significantly smaller. The center had a very bright, radiating light.

“This here is a high concentration of electrical plasma, the illumination intensity is several dozen times brighter than the sun,” Yin He continued to tell Liu Gan.

“How large can nanomites be in general? Do they have a grade differentiation? And how much of the electrical plasma can one of them carry?” Liu Gan was still trying to wrap his head around how amazing this was with his countenance revealing his enthusiasm.

“Every nanomite has a small storage of electrical plasma, but since there are so many of them, up to the trillions of billions and more, then the overall quantity becomes quite significant. These nanomites can use the electrical plasma as an energy source in order to move around, and at the same time, they provide my body with energy as metabolism. From the building’s one lightning rod on the rooftop, the attracted lightning transforms into energy, which passes through the large-scale magnetic energy array and becomes compressed. After being compressed, it is safe to transfer into the nanomites with the miniature magnetic array,” Yin He explained to Liu Gan in detail.

“This is too fascinating!” Liu Gan still wondered.

“I have simply downloaded part of the laboratory system’s database. These facts are all from the database, even though I don’t quite understand them myself,” Yin He added.

“The nanomites within your body can generate reserve energy, so how long can they generate for?” Liu Gan asked Yin He directly. All other technological aspects didn’t really concern him, but this question expressed his main concern.

“Before you guys woke me up, my body’s nanomites had around 71% charged electric plasma. If I can conserve my electric use and not go on electrical discharge strike, then it should last three days,” Yin He told Liu Gan, as she inspected herself.

“Only three days? That amount of time seems a little bit short. If your body’s nanomites are all used up, what happens then?” Liu Gan asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I would pass out, until the nanomites would be charged up with energy again.”

“This building’s rooftop has such a long lightning rod. Is that for the sole reason to supply your body with electricity? How long did it take to charge up to 71%?” Liu Gan inquired more from Yin He.

“According to my database record, I was created two months ago. To charge up to 71%, the nanomites took roughly around a month?” Yin He gave an estimate to Liu Gan.

“One month is a lot of energy to be able to fill it up to that capacity? But, it can only last you three days?” Liu Gan said as he kept shaking his head.

“The transfer rate from the magnetic energy array to the electrical plasma is really low. The chances of turning attracted lightning into electrical plasma has a probability in the decimals. Plus, there isn’t a thunderstorm every night,” Yin He answered Liu Gan as she accessed her database.

“So having said that, in case you run out of energy, I must carry you back here and bring you back underground to the magnetic energy array in order to recharge. Is that right?” Liu Gan had just realized how troublesome that would be.

“I’ve just checked, the underground magnetic energy array has been damaged by someone, so it can no longer charge the nanomites within me.” Yin He shook her head.

“Then are you unable to fully charge up?” Liu Gan said with a depressed look.

“Not necessarily, I just need to find the right spare parts. I can create a small scale electrical plasma compression device. So then, when it thunderstorms, we must find a place with a lightning rod. Once I successfully attach this small-scale electrical plasma compression device to the lightning rod, I can recharge my nanomites,” Yin He said, then pulled out a small metallic box from her backpack.

The metallic box had several components scattered through it, none of which Liu Gan recognized. Even though it hadn’t been assembled yet, this was clearly Yin He’s future lunchbox.

“Where should we go look for your missing components?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“According to the system’s database indications, the building at the top has spare parts that I require. I just need to search around this building. That should be sufficient for me to recreate the small scale recharging installation,” Yin He replied.

“Oh?” Liu Gan started to ponder. Perhaps, he would need to readjust his original plan. Comparing the level of importance between having to reach the aircraft at Green Pao Bay and having to search for this large building, to him, solving Yin He’s lunchbox problem was more important.

Reaching the main city’s laboratory district could be done at anytime, but the moment Yin He fainted, he would have no chance of waking her up without Jiang JinYuan’s guidance.

“The small-scale electrical plasma compression device has an even lower transformation efficiency. The rate at which it works is 0.015% while the underground large-scale magnetic energy array can compress and transfer at a rate of 0.43%,” Yin He added.

“That is rather low… how about normal electricity outlets? Would those be enough to recharge you?” Liu Gan asked Yin He. Even though it was the apocalyptic world, there were still alternatives that could generate electricity, like gasoline.

“Those produce too low a voltage, and they aren’t capable of generating plasma. It has to be at least 100 million Watts.” Yin He shook her head.

“Oh, so it’s like that? Then let’s change our plans. Tomorrow, we won’t go to Green Pao Bay. Let’s spend a whole day to search this building so we can work on building up your plasma compressor,” Liu Gan said after thinking for a bit.

“Okay, thank you master,” Yin He said to Liu Gan as their intimacy slightly increased.

“Okay, you said something about an electrical discharge strike?” Liu Gan had just remembered that Yin He had mentioned it a while ago.

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