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Chapter 378 - Evil Dragon Gulf

TL: xdh20, LifeisaJourney

In Ge Rufong’s mind, if Liu Gan became their new leader, his life would be over in this Village. He thought that Liu Gan would be petty and punish him for his earlier actions.

In all honesty, Ge Rufong was thinking too highly of himself. Liu Gan had forgotten most of the incidents earlier that day. He saw too many faces, so it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t recognize anyone. It would be like walking down the street and not remembering how many ants he had stepped on. But, the ant itself would feel that the person was doing it on purpose. In this case, the person simply didn’t notice the ant blocking his path. The ant was just overthinking things, if it could think at all.

“What is the use in getting angry? Could it be that our rebellion will fail?” Xie Dong Cheng shook his head.

“Why won’t we revolt? Third Elder, every one of us in here is just waiting for your your orders! If you say the word, I guarantee that all of our followers will respond to your calling!” Seventh Elder Ge Rufong blurted out. Seventh Elder had discussed their options with Fourth and Ninth Elder previously, and they agreed to bring the topic up with Third Elder.

“Call to arms? You are making it sound too easy. Do you even know what level Second Elder is? Even if Second Elder was no match for Qiu Zi, he must be at least above level 10. In addition there’s the new guy you have to account for, and even Second Elder was wary of him. This new guy must be above level 10, too. So tell me, how do you want to rebel? To die? It must be nice to be you guys, if I call forth a rebellion then I will be put up on a stake.” Xie Dong Cheng shook his head.

“There are certain things that can’t be tackled aggressively, they have to be won over intellectually.” Fourth Elder Qu Han got straight to the point.

“Oh? It would seem like you have some sort of tactic?” Xie Dong Cheng glanced over with an intrigued expression. Outright denying the claims of rebellion was fake. After Qiu Zi died, and Zhan Nan Shan didn't want to take up the responsibility, naturally the next in line would be the Third Elder. However, an outsider was able to cut in front of him. With Third Elder’s troubling personality, he wasn't happy with that news.

Xie Dong Cheng had set Liu Gan up as an enemy target. Before he was confident in taking over, he didn't want to stand out. The first thing was to maintain a low profile for survival.

“Let's think of a way to kill that Liu guy!” Qu Han directly said out loud.

“And here I thought that you had some brilliant plan! Kill him? Hahahaha… Fourth Elder, are you trying to tell a joke to cheer us up?” Xie Dong Cheng asked loudly. If it was just killing Liu Gan, then it wouldn't be so difficult. The question was whether or not they had the ability to kill that person!

“Everyone has a weakness. Even the strongest man will have signs of vulnerability. As long as we can find that weakness, we need to use it to our advantage. Once we lose that chance, then we won't have another opportunity. Second Elder was afraid of going against the intruder alone. If he dies, the village will belong to you, Third Elder. So when that time comes, don't forget us who helped you get there!” Qu Han said with a wicked expression.

“Well, do you know that person’s weakness?” Xie Dong Cheng stopped laughing and asked with a stern look.

“Third Elder, you didn't notice, but when that person arrived, he wasn't looking for Fifth Elder. He was looking for the child under her care. Even though we don't know why the child is important to him, we just know he is important. So DongDong is definitely one of his weaknesses,” Qu Han moved closer to Xie Dong Cheng.

“One? So you mean to say that he has two weaknesses?” Xie Dong Cheng asked nonchalantly. Xie Dong Cheng didn't feel that the little boy was important enough for Liu Gan to submit.

“Well, when he came in, he also had a dog and a woman with him. I carefully monitored their relationship and they are often exchanging looks at each other. When he looks at her, it is different from how he looks at other people. His facial expression is more emotional when he looks at her. When he looks at other people, he always has that stern look on his face. I can testify that this woman is very important to him. Even more important than the little boy,” Qu Han continued.

“Are you positive?” Xie Dong Cheng was starting to get excited.

“I definitely believe that. As you know, my observations are very accurate. Once I confirmed their relationship, I’ve been paying extra attention to them. I watched them exchange looks with each other. The girl had her eyes locked onto the guy nearly all of the time. When the guy speaks or moves around, he would casually glance over at her. From a psychological perspective, it means that she is his mental support. This natural reaction only occurs if she is very important. This point I am absolutely certain of!” Qu Han continued to guarantee that to Xie Dong Cheng.

“So what happens after?”

“We can deduce that the woman and DongDong are his weak points. What we must do now is wait. We need to wait patiently for the moment when they are separated. That is when we strike!” Qu Han continued.

“You want to hold his girl hostage to force him to submit to our wishes?” Xie Dong Cheng frowned.

“Close enough,” Qu Han agreed.

“That doesn’t seem too possible. There are few men who would die for their partner. Are you sure he is one of those types? You might be overthinking it,” Xie Dong Cheng shook his head.

“Third Elder, do you remember Evil Dragon Gulf?” Qu Han suddenly asked.

“Evil Dragon Gulf?”

“The Evil Dragon Gulf that no one ever returns from. Even Elder Leader and Second Elder were afraid of that place… we don’t need to force our hands. After securing his girl and DongDong, we can lie to him that they are trapped at Evil Dragon Gulf. So he will head there to find them…” Qu Han spoke his elaborate plan out.

“This plan… very interesting!” Xie Dong Cheng praised loudly.

Evil Dragon Gulf was located on the coast of the northern shore. When Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan first explored that region, they had a dozen players by their side. They were heavily injured when they escaped. After another month, Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan made a second attempt with over a hundred players. The result was the same, only the two of them were able to escape.

According to their accounts, Evil Dragon Gulf had an extremely powerful-looking creature that looked like an Evil Dragon from western myths. Even with their combined strength, they weren’t able to defeat this creature that dwelled by the ocean. The creature’s nest was in the gulf, and so it was inaccessible. Even if they could reach the nest, getting out alive was another story.

To prevent players in the village from carelessly wandering into the area, Qiu Zi produced a map that marked the region of Evil Dragon Gulf. The map was meant to prohibit anyone from entering that danger zone.

From Qu Han’s perspective, as long as Yin He and DongDong were caught, then they could be used as bait. This way Liu Gan would mistakenly enter the marked-off nest region and definitely get clawed apart by the sea creature.

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