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Chapter 377 - Secret Meeting

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“After leaving Lucky Garden District, I met her. We’ve been together ever since,” Liu Gan replied to LuLu’s question.

“She is definitely not weak like me. She won’t become your baggage, is that why you have her by your side at all times?” LuLu continued to pry.

“Yes,” Liu Gan nodded.

“I see… Seems like I really don’t have a chance. My confession today, I hope it won’t cause any problems for the both of you.” LuLu started glowing red from embarrassment. 

“No, our relationship is through unwavering trust. We rely on each other to cover each other’s back. There is nothing that can cause any disruption between our love,” Liu Gan said indifferently.

“That is good...” LuLu glanced one more time at Yin He. Yin He had maintained a calm expression this whole time. Yin He didn’t speak much, didn’t move around much. She just stood there and stared at Liu Gan. Her attention never shifted off of Liu Gan. This is when LuLu got curious… So, Liu Gan liked this type of woman?

If there was a chance, LuLu wanted to find out what Yin He’s personality was like.

“So you said your communication installations aren’t reliable?” Liu Gan asked LuLu. Now that DongDong was found, it was time to communicate with the Brave airship.

“Yes, that is correct,” LuLu nodded.

“I want to bring several of my friends in to see if they can repair the communications device. Can you bring us there? I want to convey the news to Brave airship as soon as possible,” Liu Gan rushed LuLu.

Jiang JinYuan and Young Gao were experts in repairing communication devices. With their combined knowledge there was nothing that they couldn't fix. Then it would be a waiting game for the Brave airship to arrive. Once Liu Gan boarded the vessel, it would only be a matter of time before there was a hostile takeover by changing the captains. Then Brave’s destiny would be under Liu Gan’s control.

“”Okay,” LuLu said resentfully. She still assisted Liu Gan with whatever he needed done.

Liu Gan ordered Yin He to watch over DongDong in the house. Liu Gan left with Jiang JinYuan and others for the communications room. Along the way, they could feel lingering eyes watching them from afar. Most of them were whispering to one another. There were some people who voluntarily walked over to greet Liu Gan and Yin He.

This was a period of replacing the old leadership with the new. Everyone had their own thoughts and attitudes towards it. Some people were against the new leadership. Others welcomed the new leader, knowing it meant a chance of rising up in rank. Every opportunity not taken was an opportunity lost.

However, Liu Gan wasn’t in the mood to care for them or what they were planning. At this point, he really wanted to finish up what he needed to do, then accept Zhan Nan Shan’s invitation. Even the decision to temporarily be the leader was just so he could move around in the village without limitations. There was also the secret that Zhan Nan Shan hadn’t revealed yet.

In one of the school buildings for studying physics, there were classroom laboratories. At the top of the building, there was a satellite dish. The control room had been equipped with communications devices that worked with the satellite dish. However, the receiver could only pick up fragmented messages. It was hard to make out complete sentences, so it was pretty much unreliable.

Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan didn’t like these devices, so they only left one person in charge of the communications room. This person would find spare parts to try and repair the damaged machines. After successfully repairing the device, he would report back to Qiu Zi and collect his reward. Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan would then use the device for one whole night, and the device would have several important components burn out by the next morning.

After hearing this person narrate the timeline of his duties, Liu Gan suspected that Zhan Nan Shan didn’t want the village to have any contact with the outside world. Yet, they have to keep up the facade of having a communications room. All of that was an act just so they could have a communications room, but limit the functions of the devices.

Throughout history, when rulers wanted to dupe commoners, they would burn the books and bury the scholars. This was all to limit the range of communications and knowledge shared between others. To better defend his land, Zhan Nan Shan used the same tactic.

This made Liu Gan even more interested in Zhan Nan Shan. From what he had learned so far about Zhan Nan Shan, he only knew that Zhan Nan Shan wanted to create a huge campground, and the unknown reason was bound to be something complicated.

Jiang JinYuan paced back and forth checking on the equipment. He was able to find the parts that burned out. These components had to be replaced before the device could function. Since the broken components couldn’t be replaced in the village, they would have to take a trip down to the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center to find the spare parts.

Han GuangMing mustered up his courage to volunteer as tribute to find the pieces, but it was getting late in the day already. Liu Gan told him to search for them tomorrow. In addition, he had Zhan Nan Shan find a van for Han GuangMing, Jiang JinYuan and several others to look for the spare parts at the Research Center.


In a classroom in a particular building, a secret meeting was taking place. There was smoke filling up the room since there was no ventilation. Several men were grouped up as they smoked.

Tobacco was a rare and scarce commodity. It was a luxury good. To be able to enjoy such goods, they must be quite high in ranking in the village.

“Third Elder, what do you think of this situation?” Fourth Elder asked. Accompanying Fourth Elder were the Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Elders. The secret meeting had begun.

Fourth Elder’s name was Qu Han, he was three years younger than Third Elder. Fourth Elder hadn’t known Qiu Zi as long as Third Elder had, even though both were level 9. So Qu Han still felt lower in status in the presence of Third Elder.

Third Elder’s name was Xie Dong Cheng. In the real world, his occupation was the supervisor of several nightclubs. The type of nightclub was owned by the mafia and ignored by the corrupt police. Xie Dong Cheng was a vicious and merciless person. He was always scheming something behind the backs of others. Since Xie Dong Cheng was quite capable, he was one of Qiu Zi’s most trusted players. When Qiu Zi was alive, many of the tasks that required enforcement were done by Xie Dong Cheng.

“What can we do? Second Elder has publicly declared the decision. What else can we do?” Third Elder Xie Dong Cheng shook his head. He was infuriated.

“When we decided to kill the Fifth Elder, we were interrupted. Seems like Fifth Elder and the new guy are a band. If that new guy, Liu Gan, becomes our leader, we won’t have any good days!” Fourth Elder Qu Han frowned.

“You seem like… you have a solution already?” Xie Dong Cheng looked at Qu Han.

“I don’t have any solution, it was just that all my lackeys feel the same way I do. We don’t like the arrangements Second Elder has decided for us. It feels pointless to stay here,” Qu Han replied.

“My lackeys feel the same way. We’ve followed Qiu Zi from the beginning. However, Second Elder just decided to let an outsider take over. Even if this outsider is strong, we don’t feel satisfied with that as a qualification!” Seventh Elder Ge Rufeng chimed in. Ge Rufeng was the first Elder to confront Liu Gan on the plaza, and where he got beaten up. In his heart, he refused to yield to Liu Gan.

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