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Chapter 379 - Calculated

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Once Liu Gan died, Second Elder won't have any reason to blame anyone. Then the duty would once again fall back into the cycle of the select few in the village.

It was a given that with a name like “Evil Dragon Gulf”, it was termed by Qiu Zi. Such a horrifying name would put Liu Gan on guard. To avoid the situation where Liu Gan was on guard, they decide to rename the gulf to “Moonlight Gulf”. Then they would hand Liu Gan a specially modified map with the new name.

Naturally they would claim that Yin He and DongDong were locked up in the nest of the Evil Dragon. The moment Liu Gan got close enough to the nest, he would become minced meat by the dragon’s pointy claws. There was no way for Liu Gan to survive the Evil Dragon.

“Once he knows that we have captured his girl and DongDong, he will be infuriated. We must survive his attacks and threaten to kill the hostages if he hurts us. We must have our statements match up. We will tell him that if he doesn’t reach the nest in one day, the hostage will die. That way he won’t have time to waste with us. He can only rush to the nest and die,” Qu Han continued his future predictions.

“Ah, your plan doesn't sound too shabby. Now we just need to wait for him to separate from his girl. From what I've seen so far, this intruder is quite arrogant. He looks down on us, so he won't prepare any countermeasures. There will be plenty of these opportunities,” Xie Dong Cheng was very satisfied with the work Qu Han had put in.

“I will arrange for someone to monitor their actions. When they are separated from each other for long periods of time is when we will execute the plan,” Qu Han continued.

“Monitor? Don't make it too obvious. They might become cautious, and that will backfire on our plan,” Xie Dong Cheng interrupted.

“Hey, relax. Scattered throughout this village are people who report to me. They are all my trusted sources. I won't have people tail them, but no matter where they go, someone will see them!” Qu Han smirked.

“If the plan succeeds, no matter which of us becomes the new leader, we should take care of each other,” Xie Dong Cheng smiled.

“Third Elder, you really know how to speak! When that intruder named Liu dies, then it is obvious the leader position will be you! So when that time comes, Third Elder… No, I will have to change and call you our new Elder Leader when the time comes!” Qu Han quickly added.

“You are giving me too much credit! Let’s wish this outcome will be as planned!” Qu Han laughed loudly.


“It is almost night already, would you like to stay at my place for dinner?” LuLu suddenly suggested. Now that LuLu knew that Liu Gan has a girlfriend, she didn’t have any ulterior motives. As long as she accepted him as a friend, she will be happy.

“That sounds great!” Liu Gan took her up on her offer.

“Before I came here, I told sister Cheng Qi to prepare dinner. By the time we get back to the apartment, it should be time to eat.” LuLu was happy to hear that she will have guests staying over. She had slight worries that Liu Gan might be overly cautious of her poisoning him

“You don’t put in poison in the food, right?” Liu Gan suddenly brought up the topic and asked LuLu.

“Why would I?” LuLu became depressed. She thought that he wouldn’t be suspicious of her, but she was dreaming.

“LingLing’s toxin is too powerful. It can even kill a player above level 10 like it was nothing!” Liu Gan remembered the scene where Qiu Zi just fell to the ground. There was no such thing as being overly careful.

Of course, with NaNa by his side, Liu Gan wasn’t worried that LuLu might poison him. NaNa’s sense of smell was very advanced, it could detect any sort of poison or toxin in this world.

“I did that… because of you… If you don’t feel safe, I will eat try all the food before you eat it!” LuLu felt wronged.

“No, that won’t be necessary” Liu Gan still believed that NaNa’s senses were more reliable. So if he tried anything dangerous, NaNa would be the first to alert him. From now on, no matter what he eats, he would let NaNa take a sniff first. There might be a day, if he wasn’t too careful, where he could be the next victim of poisoning.

“That San Xing Corporation worker… how did Jiang JinYuan die?” LuLu asked, trying to change the topic.

“When I was with him in the building searching through stuff, in the dark a tentacle monster was lurking around. It caught us off guard and killed Jiang JinYuan by stabbing him through the abdomen,” Liu Gan answered.

“Don’t you have a very strong scanning device? How did you get ambushed with it working?” LuLu was curious.

“He was working on something else, we thought that it was safe in the basement. It was totally unexpected,” Liu Gan shook his head.

“So how did you revive him? Did you find the key to revive dead players?” LuLu looked at Liu Gan with an interested expression. She still felt that she owed Pan Hua her life. If possible, she wanted to revive Pan Hua to repay her life debt.

“Jiang JinYuan is very special. He is San Xing Corporation’s worker, so the PDA had his personal backup data. I was able to meet a friend who can use the data to recreate a new body. This way he was able to come back. It isn’t like your fantasy of reviving a dead person!” Liu Gan shook his head.

“A person can have his personal data backed up?” To LuLu, this was unthinkable, as she had never witnessed it.

“Who knows? This could be like a game where every player has their own unique string of data…” Liu Gan wasn’t too sure himself. So he wasn’t able to explain to LuLu the concept behind it.

“Well, your friend… who used the backup data to create his new body, what kind of person is he? Is he part of San Xing Corporation, too?” LuLu continued to ask.

“No, she was one of my real life friends. She is a science nerd. It is best if you don’t meet her, otherwise it could mean trouble.” The person Liu Gan was talking about was Su Nina.

“Oh, she isn’t with us right now?” LuLu was upset that she wasn’t able to meet her.

“I lost contact with her. I don’t know how she is doing right now” Liu Gan shook his head. Su Nina said she had multiple bodies, but that didn’t stop him from worrying about her safety. In the end, she was still his friend.

“So your purpose of coming here, is for matters regarding the Brave airship?” LuLu changed the topic once again.


“To be honest… I want to help you reach the Central City on the Main Island,” LuLu admitted to Liu Gan.

“What? Why?” Liu Gan looked strangely at LuLu.

“Qiu Zi told me that he was from the Central City. Even though I didn’t like him, he would voluntarily tell me a lot of things about what had happened in that place,” LuLu continued to speak while monitoring Liu Gan’s response. She had a feeling that he would be quite interested in this topic.

“Oh? He would tell you things?” Liu Gan was definitely hooked on her bait.

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