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Chapter 375 - Appointing

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“With Qiu Zi dead, we can let this powerful player take his place as leader of the village. He can be our new leader to manage the day-to-day operations within the village!” Zhao Nan Shan looked across the stage at Liu Gan.

Zhao Nan Shan needed a functional society. As long as the society of the village returned back to normal, then it didn’t matter who was leading the village, even if the leader was this player named Liu Gan. His conduct and speech were within reason. His qualities were suitable for a leader, with overwhelming aggression, but controlled emotions.

If this person was willing to remain in the Beginner Village as the leader, then Zhao Nan Shan would have an easier search. The alternative would take a lot longer, since it would involve retraining a new leader.

“You want to let him take over the leader’s position?”

Third, Fourth, and other high ranking Elders were shocked. They were thinking that their Second Elder must have hit his head, so he wasn’t thinking straight. From suggesting to letting the enemy go, to fulfilling enemy wishes, and now this new proposal to appoint him as their leader! That was the tipping point! Who in the right mind would ask the enemy to be their leader? What was he thinking?

With their leader Qiu Zi dead, every player in the village thought that their Second Elder would take up the challenge to go against the intruder. Since Second Elder refused to stand up to avenge Qiu Zi, no one else could overturn Second Elder’s decision to appoint the intruder.

Based on their actions toward this intruder, they feared repercussions once the intruder became the new leader. It wasn’t too long ago that they were still threatening to kill the intruder, and now, there was an abrupt offer to appoint the intruder as the new leader.

“Ah. If it’s like that, then I will head up to greet the player as the new leader! If you want to follow along, then come. I won’t force you to do something against your wishes.” Zhao Nan Shan easily hopped onto the stage. Smiling, he walked right up to Liu Gan.

The discussion between Second, Third, and Fourth Elder were done in private. So no one in the audience knew what to expect when they saw Zhan Nan Shan walk up to confront the intruder. All of a sudden the plaza quieted down as they watch the confrontation and expected a fight.

“Second Elder!” LuLu quickly stood up to greet Zhao Nan Shan.

The true strength of Second Elder was still unknown. Second Elder had always been a mystery to others, since he was rarely seen speaking in public. However, in the situations where Second Elder did speak, even Qiu Zi had to be respectful. So when LuLu saw Zhao Nan Shan, she felt an indescribable episode of shock.

“May I ask for this gentleman’s name?” Zhao Nan Shan ignored LuLu as he greeted Liu Gan respectfully.

“Second Elder, right? You are giving me too much respect. My surname is Liu. As I’ve said countless times before, I am here to save a few friends. As for the tragic events that followed, I didn’t plan for them. Since everything has already happened, I can only express my regret, although I will still need to take my friends with me. So if Second Elder can step aside and make it more convenient for me,” Liu Gan smiled. With kindness and respect shown to him, Liu Gan reciprocated the same attitude. Liu Gan didn’t want to provoke Zhan Nan Shan with any malicious intent.

“Lord Liu has a noble character and gentleman’s integrity. You acted upright and it was our Elders acting rash. I, Zhan Nan Shan, will apologize to Lord Liu! Please forgive us for our offenses!” Zhan Nan Shan starting to speak more formally and modestly.

“Second Elder, that is too much of a praise for me to accept!” Liu Gan waved his hand. Liu Gan had his suspicions that Zhan Nan Shan was plotting something, but his current attitude made it less likely that would happen.

“Lord Liu has such great reflexes! We would be put to shame if we compared ourselves with you! Now that the current leader is dead, our village security will be compromised if we don’t have a new leader. Would you become our lord and take over this village? I would be the first willing follower to obey your commands!” Zhao Nan Shan shouted to Liu Gan for everyone else in the area to hear.

First formality, then business. As for the polite words Zhan Nan Shan started off with, the conversation took a serious turn when Liu Gan was asked to take control of the village. This was surprising news to everyone.

Not only did Second Elder not kill LuLu and the intruder to avenge Qiu Zi, but he invited the intruder to become the new leader?

“Ah. Is Second Elder trying to appoint me to a leadership position?” Liu Gan looked at Zhan Nan Shan. Now Liu Gan had justified reasons for his suspicion of Zhan Nan Shan.

“That is correct. This village needs a strong leader to hold down the fort. I know that I don’t have the aptitude for it. Since there is no one who qualifies for that around me, I was hoping that Lord Liu would step up to the occasion. I can tell that Lord Liu is fierce and courageous, like an experienced leader. Your actions show that you are qualified to be an excellent leader. So please forgive my straightforward nature and honest opinion!” Zhan Nan Shan bowed with his hands together.

“You really know how to sweet talk! Were you a diplomat?” Liu Gan replied back.

“Elder Liu, you know how to jest! In the real world, I was an entrepreneur!” Zhan Nan Shan smiled as he replied.

“Alright, well if you want to hire me, then as a leader, what are the benefits?” Liu Gan teased Zhao Nan Shan. Earlier, Liu Gan had sensed that this Second Elder had an unspeakable secret. What this secret was, it was too early to tell. However it was a very questionable proposition to invite him over to take over the village.

Even the crowd was stunned by the exchange of words that had taken place. Their very own Second Elder wanted the intruder to take control of the whole village? This idea was unfathomable. To give out benefits like this to a stranger?! Did he really think that highly of the intruder? Even if the intruder was a little talented, the leadership position was too much to give away!

“Ah. Benefits. Qiu Zi’s axe and remains were given away to Lord Liu. As for the other benefits, we can discuss this in private. I don’t want to pressure Lord Liu to choose at this moment,” Zhao Nan Shan suggested.

“Oh? This is quite interesting. If i continued to decline, then I wouldn’t be giving Second Elder any face. Okay, let’s find a more suitable location to discuss the details. As of right now, I will agree to temporarily be the interim leader,” Liu Gan glanced at Zhao Nan Shan.

This trap sounded like it was a freebie; this Beginner Village with a population of over four thousand strong might come with a few strings attached! Liu Gan wasn’t Qiu Zi Tao, so no matter how Zhao Nan Shan planned to control Liu Gan, it wouldn’t work.

“You have heard it! From now on, Lord Liu will be the new leader! I, Zhao Nan Shan, will swear to follow Lord Liu til the day I die! From now on, everyone has to obey Lord Liu’s wishes! Going against Lord Liu’s commands is equivalent to not paying respect to me!” Zhao Nan Shan announced on the stage for everyone to hear.

With absolute silence during the announcement, no one in the crowd knew the secret agreement between both parties. Everything that occurred today was outside of their expectations. From a normal day with their former Elder Leader Qiu Zi organizing the village properly to a sudden change in leadership? Especially, when the new leader was an outsider! A lot of changes would take place, so they would have to adapt to quickly.

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