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Chapter 374 - Not Mammals

TL: xdh20, Lifeisajourney

Since the rowdy players didn't charge onto the stage, Han GuangMing, Jin JiangYuan, and Zhao Meng rushed onto it instead. With their weapons ready, they were prepared to defend with their lives. Yin He and NaNa followed suite and jumped onto the stage. Liu Gan stood in between the two. They were prepared to fight against any anomaly.

Liu Gan wasn’t nervous at all. He was monitoring Zhao Nan Shan for his intentions. As for what the side players did, they didn’t faze Liu Gan.

This Second Elder was the true mastermind behind the creation of Beginner Village. Since Second Elder was even higher level than Qiu Zi, Liu Gan wasn’t confident that he couldn’t win. If there was truly a life threatening moment, all Liu Gan had to do was let Yin He do the fighting and NaNa to do the biting. Even with a hundred more Zhao Nan Shan, they wouldn’t be a match for Yin He and NaNa.

So even if it was a numbers game, as long as the quality was low it wouldn’t be a threat. Like a flock of sheep, even if there were several tens of thousands of them bleating at a lion, once the lion roared, the frightened sheep would scatter.

“Brother Liu, thank you,” LuLu whispered to Liu Gan as she stood up. She had given up on living, but his words lifted her spirit. His words was able to move her heart. Did this man want to make an enemy out of everyone? Right when the the players in the crowd were readying their pitchforks to kill the sacrifice, Liu Gan’s group banded together to fight alongside her, as if they were willing to defend her at all costs.

LuLu was overthinking it at this point. When Liu Gan declared that he wasn’t afraid of “making an enemy of everyone in the world”, he was merely showing his dominance over Third Elder. In fact, there wasn’t much of a connection to LuLu.

“Where is DongDong? You should bring me to him. That way he won’t become a hostage in this situation,” Liu Gan reminded LuLu. Currently, his major concern was whether he could obtain the Brave aircraft.

“I will leave DongDong in your custody. Then you can do whatever you want, I never thought about stopping you. The problem is… How do we get out of this situation?” LuLu glanced around. They were surrounded by angry mobs of players.

“You don’t think it is easy getting out of here? I just don’t want to turn this place into a bloodbath!” Liu Gan continued to shout. Originally, Liu Gan didn’t want to put up his fighting stance, but it didn’t seem like it was possible now.


“Second Elder, how should we handle this situation?”

As Liu Gan and his group were discussing what to do, Third Elder and Fourth Elder were running back to the Second Elder to take the next responsive measure.

From an outsider’s point of view on Liu Gan’s fight against Qiu Zi, there was only a slight level difference, which was why it was hard to determine a winner. As for anyone who wasn't within the level range, they couldn't even fathom going against Liu Gan. There was only one person left, and that was Second Elder.

“How should we handle this? He far surpasses Elder Leader, so I can't even do anything to go against the intruder. So what do you suggest?” Second Elder bounced the question back to the group of players around him. If only Qiu Zi had listened and allowed the intruder to leave with the people he wanted, then Qiu Zi would still be alive. This disastrous outcome had foiled his secret plan.

“WHAT?” Third and Fourth Elder shouted in shock. They felt that Zhao Nan Shan was higher level than Qiu Zi, so they were in shock when they heard him say “the intruder far surpasses Qiu Zi”.

Qiu Zi looked like he had dominated the entire fight, but he lost due to poison. If only LuLu hadn't resorted to poison, then the intruder wouldn't be a problem. At least this was the common thought in the village players’ heads.

“Ah… you guys are naive. The intruder would have finished the fight a lot earlier if he wanted to. I don't know why he stalled the fight for this long. Well… A fight between high levels isn't something that can be understood by everyone.” Zhao Nan Shan shook his head in frustration.

“So, Second Elder, you mean that his level is really that much higher than Qiu Zi?” The nearby players were frightened.

“His level might not be higher than Qiu Zi, but his combined combat power is much higher than Qiu Zi. Otherwise, why do you think Qiu Zi was forced to use his weapon? Use your brain!” Shan Nan Shan shouted.

Third, Fourth, and the other Elders stared blankly at each other, looking for another explanation. When they combined all the evidence, they realized Second Elder was correct! Qiu Zi must have been in a desperate situation for him to have used a weapon when both parties had agreed on fighting without weapons. As for why they didn't think about it on a deeper level during the fight, they didn't even know themselves.

“So when he says he won't allow you to kill Fifth Elder, then don't bother. Otherwise, you are just seeking death. He wasn't joking when he said he could turn this place upside down.” Zhao Nan Shan wiped the sweat rolling off his face. There were two other people that he had to be wary of, on top of Liu Gan. It was the mysterious woman and the dog, both standing next to Liu Gan.

Zhao Nan Shan had a psychological ability, he was able to sense that the mysterious woman and dog weren't of the mammalian species. With such powerful companions following the intruder, they were a force to be reckoned with, as long as people recognized the enemy’s combat power. Zhao Nan Shan wasn't able to measure the depth of Liu Gan’s ability.

The most important point was that Zhao Nan Shan had no intentions of taking this risk. In fact, he was the only one who wanted a peaceful solution. It was Qiu Zi’s stupidity that lead to his downfall. As for Zhao Nan Shan, he still had his own agenda he needed to fulfill and he didn’t want to get sidetracked by anyone else’s blunders.

As for the will of the people, it was fragmented in a few ways, but there was nothing that could be done at this point. There would be a group of people that were definitely disappointed in this Second Elder. As long as the group didn’t leave the Beginner Village, then it was still the optimal outcome for Second Elder.

“Then Second Elder, your intentions are?” asked some players.

“Hand over the person he wants, as long as his requests aren’t outrageous we should comply. What else can we do? Do you want him to wreck our village that we worked so hard on?” Zhao Nan Shan shrugged.

After Qiu Zi had died, Zhao Nan Shan was thinking of raising a new chess piece to the leadership position. As for his pool of current followers, none of them had the appropriate characteristics of a leader.

“So we just let them go? If we really did that, then majority of the villagers will feel bitter disappointment!” Third and Fourth Elder shouted their frustrations. They definitely wouldn’t let this opportunity to show off slide past them.

“There is another option,” Zhao Nan Shan snapped his fingers, as if he realized something.

“What is it?” Third and Fourth Elder quickly asked.

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