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Chapter 376 - Storm Brewing

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Elder Liu, I feel that there is a conspiracy going on” Han GuangMing whispered into Liu Gan’s ear. There must be a reason behind Zhan Nan Shan’s proposal. It didn’t sit right with Han GuangMing.

“Don’t worry, I know very well what to expect,” Liu Gan replied to Han GuangMing. From their brief talk with Zhan Nan Shan, Liu Gan felt like the secret agenda would be discussed in the private meeting. Truth be told, Liu Gan was really curious to know.

Liu Gan could decide if he wanted to continue working together later on. Since Liu Gan wasn’t in a rush to head back to the southern district, he could stay for awhile longer. He could use this chance to trick the rescuers from Brave airship once he alerted them about DongDong.

If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t have had any confidence to remain in the village. It was a complicated mood; the enemy had just lost their leader, so their hatred was strong. It would be hard for any other player to try to control the village, but Liu Gan wasn’t bothered.

Even if it was complicated or difficult, Liu Gan would use his fist to resolve it. There was nothing he couldn’t control with that ideology.

“Please listen to our new Lord as he speaks!” Second Elder announced, as he welcomed Liu Gan onto the front of the stage.

“I am not familiar with you guys, so I don’t have anything remarkable to say. Once I take over, I want the day to day operations to remain the same as before. This is one of those critical moments that I want all the Elders to pay attention to. If there is anyone spreading false rumors or insinuating riots behind my back, I will catch you and kill you. I have no mercy for those players!” Liu Gan made his first speech quite simple.

“Our Lord Liu has passed through the all of NinJing City. He controls the entire southern district. He has traveled from the seabed to the northern district. There was nothing he hasn’t seen yet! It would be in your best interest to serve Lord Liu. Otherwise, you won’t have a good end!” Han GuangMing continued with Liu Gan’s speech. Han GuangMing changed his catchphrase from Elder to Lord, since it sounded more prestigious in public.

As the Third, Fourth, and other high ranking Elders stared at Han GuangMing, they were infuriated. After Qiu Zi’s death, they thought they had a chance to raise up in the ranks. Perhaps one of them would be chosen to become the new leader! Watching a stranger become the new leader, they hated it, even more when Liu Gan’s lackey was speaking louder than they were. They felt the lackey was looking down on them. This tension building up created a stronger hatred.

Evidently, the majority of the people had strong negative feelings about Second Elder’s decision. There were things ordinary people couldn’t resist when it was something above their pay grade, especially when it was the executive officer making the decision. Ordinary people could only hold in their anger.

As for those who could resist the executive order, they would plot in secrecy. They would discuss and judge the events of today. Issues like these would have to be resolved by Zhao Nan Shan, Liu Gan didn’t want to be bothered with disciplinary acts if he didn’t have to. Liu Gan’s major concern was to find the Brave airship and then talk with Zhao Nan Shan about the more important matters. What benefits could this job as leader come with?


LingLing had several feelings toward Liu Gan and Yin He, and they were mostly fear and hatred. However, she remained in place under LuLu’s order. She didn’t display any acts of aggression, she had suffered getting beat up once before. If Yin He didn’t have the 800-meter distance limiter, LingLing would’ve died.

As the crowd started to disperse, LuLu lead Liu Gan to her residence. As the Fifth Elder, LuLu received special treatment. Her residence was the villa standing behind the College of Agriculture building. Her villa stood right next to Qiu Zi’s villa. In between the two villas was a wooden fence.

DongDong, Cheng Qi, and Yao Yi were living in LuLu’s villa. LingLing returned to the villa and joined DongDong in playtime. During her playtime, LingLing had part of her human side return.

“Lifesaver! Is that you?” Yao Yi and Cheng Qi greeted Liu Gan. They rushed over to him, bowing and thanking him.

“No need to be so polite. To be honest, the ones who saved you is him… He is the man I was with when I rescued you. It was just that his facial features have changed, and his body shape is better now. He lost his memory, but his name is Jiang JinYuan. Do you remember that?” Liu Gan quickly threw Jiang JinYuan over to the mother and daughter.

“You are… the mother and daughter I met earlier?” Jiang JinYuan asked. He only heard of the story from Liu Gan. The kind act of saving the mother and daughter was strange, since he forgot the reason why he stepped in. Through his feelings, he realized that the mother and daughter reminded him of his own wife and kid.

Even though the mother and daughter really wanted to repay Liu Gan, they felt that he didn’t really want to talk so they didn’t push too hard. So they updated Jiang JinYuan with everything that had happened. They thanked Jiang JinYuan on Liu Gan’s behalf.

“Now can you tell me what you need DongDong for?” LuLu asked Liu Gan, while they watched LingLing and DongDong play.

“Do you have a communications installation here?” Liu Gan asked LuLu.

“I think we do have one. It is barely functional. Inside the communications team, there is a log to keep track of the information it has gathered. I am rarely interested in what it had to report,” LuLu shook her head.

“Then it would seem like you have not received the news!” Liu Gan replied to LuLu.

“What news?”

“DongDong’s grandpa is Brave airship’s captain. Through public channels it was broadcasting out names of important relatives, and DongDong was included on the list. They said if we found DongDong or the other family members, we can step aboard the Brave airship,” Liu Gan revealed the truth to LuLu.

“You want to join him on the Brave airship?” LuLu confirmed her suspicions.

“Yes,” Liu Gan nodded.

“Okay, since it is DongDong’s grandpa that wants to reunite with him, then I can’t object to that. I want to ask for your objective in boarding the airship,” LuLu asked Liu Gan.

“This… You don’t need to know the details.” Liu Gan shook his head.

“The San Xing Corporation worker that came with you… His name was Jiang JinYuan? He died and was revived? Could it be that you want to steal the airship and ride it to the Spatial Transfer Gate in the Central City?”

“Close enough” Liu Gan said in a depressed tone.

“Who is she?” LuLu looked afar at the nonspeaking girl, Yin He. LuLu wanted to ask the question a lot earlier.

“My girlfriend!” Liu Gan loudly answered LuLu.

“Ah? Your girlfriend?” LuLu shocked.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Gan stared at LuLu.

“She… is very pretty… When did you meet?” LuLu’s expression had hints of sadness.

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