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Chapter 365 - Sudden Realization

TL: xdh20, LifeisaJourney

While Zhao Nan Shan didn’t chime in on the conversation, he stared at Liu Gan with a worrisome look. He didn’t recognize Liu Gan and he wasn’t able to discern Liu Gan’s abilities. It was difficult to figure out the extent of Liu Gan’s strength. However, his sixth sense kept reminding him that Liu Gan standing easily here on the platform was a dangerous foe… a lot more dangerous than the enemies he had fought before.

If this person was just looking for his friend, without any bad intentions, then it would be for the best if everything was resolved peacefully. Zhao Nan Shan had a secret agenda that he had to fulfill. He didn’t want any side issues that would distract him from his mission. It was a mission that he must fulfill without any interruptions.

“Brother Gan, can you stop being like that? Interactions between people shouldn’t be like this. There has to be some emotion!” LuLu said in despair.

“You are so annoying! Hand over DongDong now so I can leave. I will use my methods to find the people I want. DongDong will be found sooner or later. If you force my hand, people in this village will suffer for your actions. Is that what you want to see?” Liu Gan snorted.

“Seems like you aren’t welcome here. We won’t hand over the person you are looking for. Do you want to walk out yourself or would you want to be carried out?” Qiu Zi asked. He felt it was time to intervene now as a way of resolving this problem for LuLu.

“If you give me the person I asked for now, I will leave immediately. If not, I will use force to take him back!” Liu Gan shook his head.

“It is too bad, she has already said that DongDong won’t leave with you. I suggest that you be tactful in your next actions. If you want to make a move, I don’t mind telling you that I am already level 14! You won’t be my opponent. If I beat you down, then don’t complain when you have a bloody nose…” Qiu Zi announced.

As for Qiu Zi’s level 14 bluff, he was only level 11. The audience below the stage couldn’t tell the difference between level 11 or 14.

“Elder Leader is already level 14!”

“No wonder he is so powerful!”

The audience in the crowd started cheering more excitedly. They’ve never heard their leader announce his level. There were rumors going around, but it wasn’t something concrete.

“Level 14? Interesting…” Liu Gan reassessed Qiu Zi. It looked like he could temporarily forget about the issue of looking for DongDong. At this moment, he was more interested in finding a more durable sparring partner.

“I will take into account that you and LuLu were friends, so I won’t penalize you for what you have done so far. I forgive your actions even though you have killed and wounded my brothers. But, if you don’t know what is good for you and refuse to concede defeat, then I won’t show you any kindness!” Qiu Zi warned Liu Gan.

“Elder Leader, Fifth Elder, less trouble is better. I suggest you just hand over DongDong to him. It is hard enough to survive in this world already. Better to have one more friend than an enemy,” the Second Elder, Zhao Nan Shan, finally shouted out.

Hearing Zhao Nan Shan say this, Qiu Zi’s expression grew even worse. They had a prior agreement. In public spaces, Zhao Nan Shan would never speak up. Only behind closed doors would Zhao Nan Shan instruct Qiu Zi. Qiu Zi didn’t expect Zhao Nan Shan to intervene and ask for this issue to be resolved peacefully.

As a chess piece, Qiu Zi knew that he couldn’t beat Zhao Nan Shan in a fight. So rather than picking a fight, he figured that it would be better to have his support behind the scenes. Qiu Zi has never disobeyed Zhao Nan Shan’s orders. That was, until this point. This issue related directly to LuLu and his own face, it was not something that he could hold back.

Why should he give in to this intruder, Liu Gan? He would rather rely on his own ability to beat up this man. That way, he could take the chance to “accidentally” kill him, so he wouldn’t come back to bother LuLu again.

“No, issues like these I will decide! Not you!” said Qiu Zi, after a brief moment of contemplation. After being a quiet follower for so long, it was time that he grew a backbone on issues that he felt strongly about. Maybe Zhao Nan Shan could relate and forgive him this time...

Zhao Nan Shan shook his head in disappointment, and didn’t speak any more on the issue. Now that things had turned to this type of situation, if he spoke out even more, then his cover would be blown. He still had his secret mission to fulfill, and that was more important.

“LuLu, bring DongDong over so I can have a few words with him. Let see if he wants to stay by your side or if he would rather leave with me. Let him decide for himself, so you don’t have to decide for him!” Liu Gan shouted to Lulu as he walked over to the edge of the stage.

“You were the one who abandoned us first! It is too late to pull a stunt like this! I won’t let you see him again! I won’t let you hurt him! I know that you treat him as your tool!” LuLu maintained her cold demeanor, but her eyes betrayed her. She started tearing up the moment she finished her sentence.

From the people closest to the stage to the people watching from afar, including Han GuangMing, Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng, they were all stunned. Fifth Elder was Liu Gan’s ex-boyfriend! How heartless of the husband to abandon the wife and child! Now he only wanted the child back.

Yin He looked curiously at Liu Gan, then back at LuLu. She was very curious as to what had happened between the two and what the stories were.

“You stupid woman! We haven’t even been here for a long time! How stupid like a pig can you get! If you hand over DongDong to me, I won’t let harm come to him! I can promise that once he is in my custody, I will leave immediately. If you don’t agree to my terms, then I don’t have the patience to continue arguing!” Liu Gan started getting impatient.

“Yes, I am stupid! Stupid to the point where I would love you! Even after you heartlessly left me, I kept thinking about you day and night!” LuLu shouted and tears started streaming down her face.

That was when the audience went into an uproar. Before the confession, it was all speculation and rumors, but now everything was clear. Fifth Elder was clearly in an abusive relationship! The feeling when a man abandons a woman, it was a situation many women felt sympathetic to!

“Damn!” Liu Gan smacked his forehead. Originally, he only wanted to be stern to LuLu, but now that she was crying, it didn’t feel right to get more aggressive towards her.

Liu Gan glanced around. He realized everyone was giving him a weird stare, including Yin He. That was when he realized that he had screwed up the situation. His original plan was simple. Rescue her, and then take her back with him. How did things get to this point? Where did things go wrong?

This lady broadcaster was too creative and sentimental. He abandoned her solely because she could become a liability. Even if she proclaimed feelings for him, she didn’t need to be so exaggerated!

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