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Chapter 366 – Backstabbing

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Hey! Are you done yet? Do you enjoy bullying a lady? If you really have guts, then you should fight me instead!” Qiu Zi felt sickened from overhearing the lover’s quarrel.

Nearly everyone within the village knew that Qiu Zi was LuLu’s superfan. Ever since they’d reached The Trembling World, Qiu Zi had been trying to court LuLu, but he was completely unsuccessful.

LuLu would turn down most of his courting requests. This led Qiu Zi to wonder if LuLu had someone she valued in her heart already. Upon listening to the quarrel between Liu Gan and LuLu, Qiu Zi finally understood why he had been denied all this time; someone else had occupied a precious place in her heart already. Now this person dared to show up uninvited to his village!

If he didn’t vanquish her lover, then how else could he speak with pride after this! Even as a chess piece, he had pride that he couldn’t throw away. He enjoyed the glory given to him by Zhao Nan Shan, but for this incident regarding LuLu, he has to prioritize his pride over Zhao Nan Shan’s order.

To maintain his image in front of others, especially LuLu, Qiu Zi contained his jealousy internally. Up to this point, he hadn’t displayed any signs of aggression. He felt it was more important to uphold the image of a gentleman and show compassion. If he proclaimed to provide justice in the name of LuLu, it would be a righteous reason.

It was very clear that LuLu and her lover weren’t on friendly speaking terms, so there was no need to add in extra triggering words. If the two continued to argue, their relationship would deteriorate. It would reach the point where the relationship could not be amended. That is when Qiu Zi would have a real chance at LuLu’s heart.

In the Trembling World, it was hard to find a beautiful and independent woman like LuLu. Even though LuLu had a heart-breaking relationship, Qiu Zi decided to forgive her. No one could blame her, but it was unfortunate that she didn’t meet him earlier.

“Stop messing around. Even if we continue this argument, it is pointless. It will only lead to other people misunderstanding and it will destroy your image!” Liu Gan was trying to convince LuLu.

“I am a stupid woman! I am a pig! So what can you do about it? You won’t even pay attention to me…” LuLu continued to cry. When a woman suffers painful heart breaking relationship problems, they won’t care about something so trivial like a proud image.

Liu Gan might have berated her by saying she was stupid like a pig, but she can’t seem to muster up the anger to hate him. She even wondered if she had Stockholm syndrome. There were better-quality suitors that loved her, but she only liked this cold, heartless man with a rotten personality.

“Comfort her! No need for such heartless words…”

“Yeah! Fifth Elder treats you right, how can you be so cold to her?”

“Big man ideologies!”

“Men that don’t know how to treasure…”

“Rather than stand there and watch her cry, say something pleasant to comfort her…”

“There is a saying, once a married couple, there will always be feelings…”

“Their son is already four years old. The son is growing up to be very cute. How could he have severed ties with the wife and kid so irresponsibly?”

Even in the village, these women felt as if they could relate to the situation. They all sided with LuLu and gossip started spreading once again. Women’s empathy was a formidable force. The moment they discovered that a loved one suffered an emotional turmoil, they could relate as if they were a victim themselves. They would group up and attack the heartbreaker.

Liu Gan stared blankly at these women… What were these “four-year-old son” and “severing ties with wife and kids” allegations? Did they really think that DongDong was the child of him and LuLu? Could they use their brains? The server for The Trembling World had only been open for two months!

Qiu Zi had to painfully listen to other women start commenting. He couldn’t help but wonder, why did they have to chime in on the argument? They should’ve just kept quiet and watched! Why would they try to pacify the argument? These women weren’t helping his cause, and indirectly backstabbing him!

For the sake of preserving his perfect image, Qiu Zi didn’t vent out his frustrations.

LuLu was shielded by other females, and this gave her courage. Without further explanation, she kept her angry stare on Liu Gan. She had a sad expression that said she had suffered through many injustices in life, but she will still love him regardless.

“Okay, fine then I will admit that it was a mistake to abandon you. You must understand that I was going to take a risk, so I couldn’t bring you with me. Do you remember Jiang JinYuan? I couldn’t even protect him, so he was killed. If I brought you along with me, you would’ve had a much worse fate than him. But, if I left you behind, you would survive. Doesn’t the fact that you became the Fifth Elder prove that it was a better decision to leave you behind?” Liu Gan finally started to reason with LuLu.

If Liu Gan could sweet talk his way into having LuLu hand over DongDong, that would be the best strategy. Otherwise even if this village was dyed in red, he would find DongDong. Liu Gan was never the one to resort to killing innocents as his first choice. Weighing both options, it was better if she would willingly hand over DongDong.

“So that was the reason why you didn’t bring me along? Then… Why didn’t you come find me afterwards?” LuLu asked. LuLu felt a lot better after hearing Liu Gan’s reasoning. A woman that is in love is quite crazy. Once the man gives a reason that they want to hear, her brain will fill up the gaps.

“Afterwards, there was a corpse tide, zombies flying in tornadoes… Even if I wanted to return, I was forced to continue to South NinJing City. It was only these few days that I was able to return to this region by following the shoreline. The moment I realized I was back, I went to the Lucky Garden District to find you. That was when I saw your diary and drawings,” Liu Gan continued his explanation.

“Liu Gan even brought these two items with him to look over when he has time!” Han GuangMing quickly rushed over. Han GuangMing pulled out the diary and drawings and placed them in front of LuLu.

Liu Gan glanced at Han GuangMing. When did Han GuangMing have the habit of collecting stuff?

LuLu received her own diary and drawings back. The moment she saw the diary and manga drawings, she remembered the initial feelings that moved her to draw them. The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Following those days were feelings of anger and longing. Tears started to flow from LuLu’s face.

“Okay, now that you understand what happened. Can you bring DongDong out? I will leave with you both together,” Liu Gan urged LuLu.

LuLu raised her head to look at Liu Gan. She was wondering if Liu Gan came for DongDong or her. She felt rushed to leave. The way Liu Gan had worded his statement came off as insincere.

“LuLu has answered you already. DongDong doesn’t want to see you! She won’t leave with you either! Don’t continue dragging this out! If you continue bothering her, even my kindness has its limit!” Qiu Zi finally walked over to clap his hand on Liu Gan’s shoulder.

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