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Chapter 364 - Unhappy

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“Kill him! Kill him! He is the world’s most evil person! Kill that evil person!” the young girl, LingLing started jumping excitedly while pointing at Liu Gan. It is now very clear that LingLing didn’t like Liu Gan.

“LingLing don’t act out.” LuLu was distraught by anxiety already, she knuckled down onto LingLing’s skull. Instantly LingLing quieted down. She still maintained her glare at Liu Gan. Standing not too far off was Yin He, right next to the plaza center platform. 

Yin He recognized LingLing, but before she received the order from Liu Gan, she wouldn’t move.

“If that is so, do you want me to teach him a lesson on your behalf?” Qiu Zi asked LuLu. Qiu Zi felt more at ease when he realized that LingLing was quite biased against Liu Gan.  

“LuLu, if you don’t want to come along with me, I don’t mind. Just hand over DongDong to me” Liu Gan sensed the tension in the air. Liu Gan didn’t want to drag on this melodramatic play so he simplified his conditions.

“So you aren’t here for me?” LuLu was shocked when she heard Liu Gan’s terms. LuLu was so shocked, she froze in place. 

Originally, when she saw Liu Gan on the platform, she thought that he was there for her. He created this huge commotion to find her, and deep down, she felt moved. She was under the impression that Liu Gan returned for her.

She was mistaken. 

In the Lucky Garden District, after Liu Gan had left, LuLu was depressed. She couldn’t stop thinking about the man who had left her. Even though they weren’t together for a long period of time, he deeply influenced her. Her memories of their time together were even drawn out in DongDong’s drawing book. 

Then Yao Yi and Cheng Qi, the mother-daughter pair, arrived at the Lucky Garden District. They explained their situation to LuLu and how Liu Gan had rescued them. They explained that Liu Gan pointed out this safe haven to them. LuLu mistook that as sign of Liu Gan returning back to her. She could only daydream her fantasy of him returning to her after he finished his business.

Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned into months. She felt that he would eventually return for her. Even the most hopeful would start to lose hope. She started to wonder if she had fallen in love with Liu Gan. There were internal conflicts as to how it was possible for someone as cute as herself could’ve fallen in love with a thick-headed man like him. In this hellish world, there was nothing else for her to think about in her free time. When she was working, she would lose those thoughts, but the moment she stopped working, they returned. This cycle of frustration made her temper even worse.

Then there was one morning, when a wounded young girl arrived at the Lucky Garden District. Her name was LingLing. She was on the verge of dying from her severe wounds. LuLu nurtured her back to good health and sutured the wounds. Even when LingLing wanted to hear ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, LuLu sang it for her. Even when LuLu casually sang the song, it came out really well, which was why LingLing decided to remain by LuLu’s side.

There was one time when they were out hunting when they came upon a Variant Zombie. LingLing used her strong jaws to bit the Variant Zombie close to death, and LuLu got the kill. That was how LuLu reached level 5, and she received the ability [Bewitch], it was a psychic type ability. 

Then a little over a month ago, Qiu Zi was wandering the nearby the Lucky Garden District, when he noticed LuLu. It was a shocking discovery to find out that LuLu was his favorite internet broadcaster.

LuLu also recognized Qiu Zi’s name when he spoke up about it. It turned out that he was one of those zealous fans. He had given her lavish amounts of money as donations. Even Qiu Zi’s close aides were fans of LuLu. They immediately recognized her from just one look.

At their invitation, LuLu decided to join arms with them to build the Beginner Village. With Qiu Zi and his aides giving free kills to LuLu, she was able to reach level 8 very quickly. She easily became the Fifth Elder with her newfound acceptance. After joining the village, LuLu was well recognized. She picked up the responsibility of being the public speaker to help with spreading publicity. As work got busier, she set aside her feelings and memories of Liu Gan.

So LuLu never thought that she would have the chance to meet with Liu Gan today. At the point she saw him, she was shocked. She thought that he was there to find her and that thought dug up her sealed memories. She felt very happy and it was very sweet. She realized that he was her first love, even if it was only unrequited love. 

In the real world, LuLu and her veteran father had a huge argument. She ran away from home and found a job. She wanted to become famous so she could earn enough money to buy a house for her father as an apology. So her lovelife was nonexistent while she was focused on work.

It was only after arriving at the Trembling World that she was moved by Liu Gan. He was the only one that was able to make her feel so emotional. When she heard that he was back, she felt excited, but she wasn’t the one that he was looking for. He was looking for DongDong. This emotional roller coaster made LuLu very sad and angry.

“You came here only for DongDong?!” LuLu angrily shouted back at him.

“He is an NPC with a mission, I need to bring him back with me,” Liu Gan replied, concealing his true purpose.

“You came back to look for me, just for that?” LuLu asked with a sad expression.

“Did you feel that there was any other reason?” Liu Gan looked suspiciously at LuLu.

Yin He’s eyes were bouncing left and right as she looked from LuLu back to Liu Gan. She realized that LuLu looked at Liu Gan with the same expression as Su Nina. Was it possible that they had some sort of unspeakable relationship? Brother Gan was exceptional, nearly every girl would fall in love with him!

“DongDong won’t leave with you” LuLu said with a cold expression. 

“LuLu, I’m warning you. If it is something I want, no one can stop me! If you don’t want this place to become dyed with people’s blood, then don’t make it difficult!” Liu Gan angrily threatened. 

“Wow such a big bluff!”

“This person must be daydreaming!” 

“He beats a few Elders and thinks he can challenge our Elder Leader?” 

“He must be looking to die!”

As the crowd started to get rowdy, people were shouting out their thoughts. Qiu Zi didn’t have any intention of interrupting. He heard LuLu and Liu Gan exchange words and wanted them to continue arguing. In fact, he wanted LuLu to completely lose interest in Liu Gan.

As for what Liu Gan had declared, it made others angry. This way he could use this chance to punish Liu Gan as a lesson. He could remove a love rival and appease the crowd. It was a good strategy that could knock out two birds with one stone. If he succeeded, he would be even more appreciated. 

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