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Chapter 361 - Meeting

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

As a result, this tattooed player didn’t even hurt Liu Gan. Liu Gan killed him on impact. That player was already at level 6!

“I’ve given you people plenty of chances, but you keep pushing your boundaries. Don’t blame me if I start a massacre!” Liu Gan declared to everyone around as he cracked his neck.

“Kill him!” Seventh Elder shouted after getting kicked back by Liu Gan. The Seventh Elder’s [Mist Armor] hadn’t been penetrated, so he didn’t think that Liu Gan could be that dangerous. Once again, he ordered all the Elders to attack. 

With so many Elders, they attempted to surround Liu Gan once again. The players that didn’t activate their abilities last time did so now, firing at Liu Gan. Liu Gan wasn’t so lenient this time. However, he didn’t use [Crescent Blade]. Liu Gan used his iron rod to smack down any players that came up to challenge him. If one came, he would get smacked down. If two came, both would be knocked down. In no time, more than ten Elders were laying on the floor.

These Elders had more severe injuries than broken bones. Their bodies were in a much worse condition. They lay on the floor, just crying in pain without moving. 

Seventh Elder didn’t rush in this time, but he was also shocked by what he saw. The newly fallen Elders were a major fighting force of the village. Who would’ve thought that this newcomer could keep up with their challenge!  The Seventh Elder had reached level 7 already, but he didn’t have the capability to unleash and take down so many Elders at once. 

Perhaps this person was higher than level 7. Realizing this, if Seventh Elder decided to face off against the enemy, he might die from the struggle. Unless the Elder Leader or the Second Elder were present to help stabilize the situation, this was a losing scenario. 

As for how high the Elder Leader’s level was, no one knew. Aside from the Elder Leader himself, there was another person who knew, and that would be the Second Elder. Only when the Elder Leader had reached level 10 was he able to establish the village and overwhelm any signs of a power struggle within the village. 

Liu Gan took down another ten Elders, and meanwhile, he stepped closer to the Seventh Elder. 

“This brother… Let’s talk it over. There are some things we can resolve peacefully. Didn’t you say that you want to release your friend? We can release her now. Continuing to fight or kill each other isn’t a good solution!” Seventh Elder started backing up as he pleaded for his safety.

Now that the tables had turned, pride did not matter. A man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. The Seventh Elder knew that he couldn’t handle the situation, especially not against this person. It was best if it was handled by appropriate players, like Elder Leader and Second Elder. If he continued to act tough, he would have the same ending as his predecessors and their broken bones. 

In The Trembling World, broken bones could still be treated by the doctors, depending on the degree of bone fracturing. If the fracture was too severe, not even the doctors could use [Treatment] to fix it. It could lead to permanent disability. If the Elder remained bedridden for too long, then they might lose their position, so it was an unnecessary risk.

“I didn’t want to fight, either! If you had agreed to my terms earlier, we wouldn’t have had to reach this stage, right?” Liu Gan dropped his weapon.

“Yes! Yes! It was definitely their fault. Hey you store owner, go open the cage for this brother’s friend” Seventh Elder started smiling to Liu Gan, and then turned to shout orders at the shop owner. 

“Seventh Elder, that person had been released already. She is standing right there.” the shop owner quickly pointed at the young girl standing next to Yin He.

The store owner was shaking in fear. He knew that he had made a mistake and brought disaster to the village. He caused Seventh Elder to be in this terrible fix. It would be very unlikely that the Seventh Elder would forget this grudge. He would be the target of Seventh Elder’s frustration. What bad luck that the Stick Elder had consigned the young girl to his store!

Earlier, the shop owner knew that Liu Gan looked fierce and quite capable, but no one could’ve expected that he was this capable! Dozens of Elders went up to challenge him, but none were his opponent!

“If you really wanted to resolve problems, I have another issue that I need help with. As long as you are sincerely helping me, I won’t make a move.” Liu Gan placed his hand on Seventh Elder’s shoulder. From afar, people could mistake them as the best of friends or brothers. 

“Hey… Hey… What bothers you? Let’s talk it over peacefully! Let’s talk it over!” Seventh Elder started to shout out of concern for his own safety. Seventh Elder started to feel the aura around Liu Gan when he drew closer. 

This type of aura was on a spiritual level. Only those with spiritual power surpassing the other person can give off such a feeling. Liu Gan let off this aura to reveal his strength. In terms of strength it was relatively similar to Elder Leader and Second Elder’s aura. Now that the Seventh Elder is held down, no one could dare say no to Liu Gan. 

“I also have a friend, she is a female player. She has a four-year-old male child. It is possible that she is in this village. I need to know their whereabouts. You have a roster for everyone and their personal properties. I need you to gather them all here. Bring the roster over. Let me see if my friend is here or not. I won’t bring you trouble for no reason. Once I find my friend, I will leave.” Liu Gan answered Seventh Elder in a friendly tone. 

“Okay, okay! No problem! We have so many people in the village, the marketplace wouldn’t be able to accommodate them all. How about this, I will gather everyone to the plaza center and you can look around to find your friend. It would be much easier that way,” Seventh Elder started promising Liu Gan.

Right now, the Seventh Elder was using stalling tactics. With something this huge happening in the village, someone would definitely have left to contact the Elder Leader and Second Elder. All that was left was to buy time for them and the elite squad to return. The tactic was to lead Liu Gan to the plaza center and have him waste time searching for people. This way Liu Gan will be stalled and their leader would have time to return.

As long as Elder Leader and the Second Elder returned, then the Seventh Elder didn’t have to bear the responsibility. Naturally, it would be the Elder Leader handling this person. 

Liu Gan figured Seventh Elder’s intentions out easily. However, there was no need to reveal the fact. Now that things had advanced to this stage, it seemed like meeting with this Elder Leader was inevitable.

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