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Chapter 360 - Unavoidable

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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Liu Gan only wanted to resolve the problem peacefully. Never would he have thought that it would take a massacre to solve his problems. He thought that he could talk with this well-organized village, otherwise he would've resorted to violence the moment he entered the village.

When Liu Gan disobeyed the orders to submit to the Elders in Riot Police gear, they moved in to prepare to suppress Liu Gan to the floor. The Riot Police were meant as a deterrent, they were never meant to open fire unless necessary. This was another rule set by Elder Leader.

Liu Gan’s unwillingness to submit was viewed as resistance. Since Liu Gan didn’t act aggressively in front of Seventh Elder, the Riot Police didn’t open fire. Their next best solution was to take Liu Gan into custody.

“You have to be careful! This person isn’t easy to handle! If you want to make a move on him, you will have to use full force!” the Stick Elder shouted from afar to remind his comrades.

Even with the Stick Elder’s reminder, the Elders who rushed up to suppress Liu Gan, didn’t put too much thought into it. They were above level 5, so the condition of their bodies was far superior to normal humans. They were very confident in their abilities.

Liu Gan looked at the oncoming enemies and the surrounding people. Seems like everyone here is an Elder, who are the level 5 and above players. After reaching level 5, these players have suitable abilities to defend themselves, but they chose to remain in this village under the Elder Leader.

It seemed like this Elder Leader had a remarkable charisma that was nothing to ignore. Otherwise, he couldn’t have gathered so many players by his side. With over one thousand players and more than two thousand survivors, the Elder Leader could nurture their growth... Just like how Liu Gan had nurtured Zhang ShengLi and the others; as a result, their loyalty was very high. 

Liu Gan was correct in his guess, the majority of these players were nurtured by the Elder Leader and his elite squad. When the veteran Elders were still level 4, they were following Elder Leader. Only by remaining at Elder Leader’s side, were they given chances to last-hit Variant Zombies to break through to level 5.

Their combat capabilities and survival experiences would never be as high as those who risked their lives trying to kill a Variant Zombie. They were able to kill the Variants through steadily available chances and in turn a steady rate of  leveling up. By being fed kills instead of through hard work, they were able to survive. That was why they had chosen to remain in the village. 

These several Elders that had rushed over to Liu Gan heard the warnings from Stick Elder, but they still held back. From their point of view, with several Elders surrounding this opponent, it would be enough to dominate the enemy. There was an advantage in their numbers, so if they couldn’t dominate this situation then it would be quite embarrassing. Fully equipped with Riot Police gear against an opponent not so equipped?

From the point of view of other Elders who had encircled the area, they felt that Liu Gan must be crazy. How dare a single person challenge the Elder Committee! Was this person looking to die?

All these Elders, other players, and shop owners chuckled at Liu Gan’s seemingly inevitable defeat. With the Seventh Elder present to take command of the situation, and the entire Elder Committee responding to the call, the bystanders really wanted to watch how a new player fell. At the given signal, the Riot Police closed in on Liu Gan... only to be sent flying backward from kicks and punches thrown out by Liu Gan. They were sent flying like sandbags. 

Liu Gan realized that the more mercy he showed, the more persistent these people became. This time, he increased his strength output to a degree where each punch was going to break bones. So when these Elders flew backward, they were holding onto their injuries. They were all screaming in pain about their broken bones.  

This situation was beyond Seventh Elder’s expectations. Immediately, he called for the Riot Police to aim at Liu Gan. However, before they were able to open fire Liu Gan had rushed over to them already. He was breaking their formation, by kicking them down one by one and confiscating the assault rifles, bending the assault rifles into clumps of useless metal.

“This person is fierce! Every Elder, follow me! Don’t show mercy! This person must be taken down!” shouted the Seventh Elder, as he led the charge toward Liu Gan.

Today was the day Seventh Elder was on duty. If this many people couldn’t even handle one single opponent, they would definitely lose face. If he had to wait for Elder Leader and Second Elder to come back to resolve this issue, then he would no longer have the pride to stand before them. 

With a group of ten players level 5 players and above, they each activated their abilities as they charged in. Their target was Liu Gan. This type of consecutive ability strikes as a combined attack could finish off a group of Variant zombies.

If this wasn’t enough to take down Liu Gan, then the Elder Committee would lose the respect of the regular players.

Liu Gan shook his head. The thought of killing them all crossed his mind, but he didn’t resort to it. He chose the alternative option of evading the attacks. When he was surrounded, he accelerated toward a tree. Borrowing from the momentum, he parkoured up the space between the wall and the tree. Followed by two consecutive leaps, he was able to reach the rooftop of a building. Liu Gan looked down at the crowd from above.

“If you have guts, don’t run!” several players shouted at Liu Gan. Even though these players were above level 5 and had their strength and agility increased, they couldn’t parkour as easily as Liu Gan.

This had nothing to do with their levels. It was all gained from Liu Gan’s training in the real world. Liu Gan was already at a world-class level in this area of expertise. Normal people could only dream of this achievement. So when Liu Gan reached level 10, his physical properties also increased. Naturally, his parkour skills would be several stages higher. 

“This b*tch a$$ player! If you have guts come down! Who are you trying to imitate? The monkey king?” an unknown player started cursing at Liu Gan. This person had tattoos covering his body, and his face was scarred. With his rude tone and manner of speech, he continued with his vulgar language. Even in the real world, he didn’t have good qualities.

Liu Gan frowned. As requested by the tattooed player, he jumped off. However, Liu Gan jumped right on top of that player.

This unknown player had an iron rod with the sharp end pointing at Liu Gan. Liu Gan’s heavy body crushed the tattooed player. That unknown player was dead upon impact, from his head to his ankle, he became mush. As for the iron rod, it was confiscated by Liu Gan.

Witnessing this scene, the surrounding players were shocked. Jumping from a tall building in the middle of combat was a dangerous act. The person on the ground could use different methods to hurt the person jumping. But, the person jumping couldn’t change his course in mid air. 

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