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Chapter 362 - Elder Leader

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

This went without saying. If the Elder Leader knew how to be tactful, he would’ve handed over the person Liu Gan was looking for. That way things wouldn’t escalate out of hand. If they didn’t want to hand over the person, then they will get beaten up again. They didn’t want to hand over Lee DingXin, so they got beaten up. Liu Gan didn’t mind beating them up once more, just to force them to hand over the people he was looking for. 

Today his purpose was to look for those people, no matter what he had to do to find them. Especially DongDong, he really needed to find him. Once he found DongDong, then the Brave model airship would be his for the taking.

Liu Gan was already level 10. He didn’t mind if there were higher level players that would like to participate in a PK. It would be a good practice match. Liu Gan was highly confident in his alloy limbs, and his abilities of [Mist Armor], [Psychic Shock], and [Crescent Blade]. He should be able to challenge players a few levels higher.

Aside from that, the beta players had a unfair advantage over other players. If strong players like Liu Gan couldn’t even win with that much of an advantage, he could always use Yin He or NaNa. It was highly doubtful that there are more than a few players who were capable of handling their combined attack. Unless it was necessary, he wouldn’t call for their help. This was a good chance for him to test out his own capabilities. It was the itch for a enjoyable battle that had been driving him crazy. 

With the Seventh Elder’s order, his lackeys started to spread out to gather everyone in the village. No matter if they were an adult or child, survivor or player, they were gathered in the central plaza. Taking advantage of the fact that Liu Gan couldn’t see behind the scenes, Seventh Elder ordered his lackeys to stall for time by moving slowly. The people gathering in the plaza center were moving very slowly, which let them buy time for Elder Leader and his elite group to return.

The lackeys instinctively understood the meaning behind stalling for time. As the plaza center started to fill up with people. Kong Mu and his class also joined the plaza center. Sun Cheng and the others also gathered there. They looked up to discover that Liu Gan and Seventh Elder standing next to each other and smiling like friends. To Kong Mu, it was a strange sight.

It led him to question whether these newcomers were new players. How could they have connected with someone as powerful as the Seventh Elder? Kong Mu was on the outskirts of the plaza center, so he didn’t know what had occurred between the two. It was above his pay grade, he was only ordered to assemble at the plaza center, and he obeyed.

“Your work efficiency is very low! Can they move faster? Even if you want to stall until your Elder Leader comes back to meet me, there is no need to order them to do it so half-heartedly, right?” Liu Gan urged the Seventh Elder. 

“Ah… No way, I haven’t? Right here, we don’t have any cellphones, so calling for people isn’t that easy. There might some people that are still asleep. There are others that live quite far away. So it would take them a bit longer to arrive..” Seventh Elder was blushing red as he tried to explain to Liu Gan.

“You really need to try so hard to stall? Even if you drag this out until your leader comes back, you will still need to return to me the person I am looking for. The problem still hasn’t been resolved. I advise you to hurry up and find out if the person I am looking for is here. That way I won’t need to bother you any longer. Do you want your leader to suffer this embarrassment? You will feel that your decision you made wasn’t very smart...” Liu Gan started chuckling

“Okay, Okay! I will do my best!” The Seventh Elder didn’t dare to talk back to Liu Gan. The only thing he could do now is put up an act and rush his lackeys.

By this time, the far end of the plaza center seemed to have gathered a crowd of people, creating a disturbance. The group was walking toward the platform. There were people started shouting loudly.

“Elder Leader and Second Elder have returned!”

“Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder are back!”

“Someone will suffer now!”

“Let’s see how Elder Leader uses his face to wipe the floor!”

Seventh Elder quickly looked at the far end of the plaza center. It was definitely the outline of Elder Leader, Second Elder, Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder returning from their hunt. Seventh Elder rushed off the platform, like he had met his idol.

The Elder Leader was called Qiu Zi Tao. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. He was very handsome. With his pretty looks, he could definitely be an idol.  Regardless of his age, he would be considered fresh meat with that pretty face.

Qiu Zi had reached level 11. He was definitely a beta player. However, he wasn’t considered the highest level, that would be the Second Elder. That person had a well-defined body. He was already level 13. The Second Elder’s name was Zhao Nan Shan. Qiu Zi was the Elder Leader, but he was just a puppet. He was a chess piece groomed by Zhao Nan Shan. 

From the society rules to arranging the tasks, it was all Zhao Nan Shan working behind the scenes. Qiu Zi was the puppet to execute his bidding. Although Qiu Zi agreed to follow Zhao Nan Shan’s bidding, this matter was highly confidential and only the two of them knew. In the village, not even Third or Fourth Elder knew.

In other people’s hearts, they knew that their leader and Second Elder were above level 10. Since Second Elder had been worshipping Qiu Zi as the leader, they thought that Qiu Zi was higher level than Zhao Nan Shan. 

Zhao Nan Shan had a reason to hide his true strength. As for why he was willing to submit to the position of Second Elder, instead of taking the leadership for himself, even Qiu Zi had no idea. There was only one thing Qiu Zi cared about, it was the feeling of being worshipped by others.

“What happened in the village? Why did you all leave your positions? Why is everyone gathered in the center plaza? Qiu Zi started shouting at them. His voice was loud enough for most of the people gathered in the plaza to hear.

“Reporting to Elder Leader! Someone from the outside is here to provoke a fight! He injured many of our players! Please, Elder Leader, help us!” Seventh Elder started reporting to Qiu Zi.

“Oh? I only leave for half a day, and something this big takes place? Who would have such balls to do that? To injure my men?” Qiu Zi looked around and saw Liu Gan standing on the platform with his arms crossed.

Alongside Qiu Zi was the Fifth Elder. With Liu Gan’s improved eyesight, he could easily recognize the Fifth Elder as someone familiar. It was someone who he had been searching for - it was LuLu! However, DongDong wasn’t by her side anymore. There was a younger girl following her instead.

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