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Chapter 359 - Lively Attraction

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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 After the players and shop owners witnessed the defeat of a level 5 Elder, they scattered in different directions to report the incident for points. Shortly after, the emergency sirens went off. The type was used to alert everyone to the presence of intruders. Following up on the siren was verbal information that the intruder was located at the largest marketplace. 

The Elders that were still within the Village, whether they were on duty or on break, had to respond to the emergency. The moment the Elders heard the information, they all headed toward the marketplace from all directions.

Ever since the Beginner Village was established, the emergency siren had never been sounded. No one could’ve expected that today was going to be the day it was triggered! What type of person would dare cause trouble at the marketplace? It was certainly unimaginable.

Even though the Beginner Village was expansive, the scattered Elders responded very quickly. Within ten minutes, they had reached the marketplace. Each Elder had their own lackeys to do their bidding. These lackeys also followed their Elders and surrounded the marketplace. 

Aside from the Elders, the riot police had also been alerted. They were fully geared from head to toe with equipment, and had assault rifles as they marched toward the marketplace. To prevent the intruder from escaping, the exit routes were all sealed off. No one was allowed to exit, only allowed in. 

However, Liu Gan had no intentions of escaping. He told Yin He to head to a nearby shop to find dry clean clothes for Lee DingXin to switch into. If she kept her wet clothes on in this cold day, she would get sick.


“What happened?” Han GuangMing asked Kong Mu. They were still at the training ground when they heard the emergency sirens.

“We seem to have an intruder, and they seem to be at the marketplace. You don’t have to worry about it at all. The Elders are already there taking care of it,” Kong Mu attempted to pacify his group. 

Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng looked at each other… It couldn’t have been their Elder Liu Gan, right? Liu Gan wasn’t someone they could simply tie down by sheer numbers.

“We should go take a look, too!” the newcomers cheered excitedly.

“We can go take a look at the commotion, but don’t get too close. We don’t want to get killed as collateral damage from the fight. Bystanders that get injured can only blame their bad luck!” Kong Mu agreed to the newcomer’s request.

Kong Mu carefully led his class toward the marketplace. He chose a rather safe spot to view the lively action from afar. 


“What happened here?” A robust Elder walked up, his presence gives off the feeling that he was a lot stronger than the other Elders. He acted like he was capable of giving orders out to other Elders. 

“Seventh Elder, how are you! The situation is like this: They came to the marketplace to stir up trouble, then he assaulted both of us. Stick Elder tried to negotiate peace, but he was also beaten up,” the two security guards and shop owners started reporting in. The Stick Elder also had a surname of Liu. 

“Is that him?” the Seventh Elder pointed at Liu Gan. It was strange to see an intruder standing there so leisurely, without any intention of escaping.

“Yes! That is him!” the group pointed at Liu Gan.

“Is what they have said true? I will give you one chance to explain yourself to me!” the Seventh Elder walked over to Liu Gan. 

According to the preset rules of Elder Leader, if the conflict involved an Elder clashing with others, then the opposition deserved a chance to explain themselves. Being able to beat the Stick Elder to the ground meant that this person was more than capable of joining the Elder Committee, too. When the Seventh Elder arrived, he didn’t see any fighting going on. To reach a correct judgement, he had to understand the situation.

This was just in case this was one of those situations where the Elders were bullying the new players. Situations like those were the ones Elder Leader tried to avoid. As for handling this type of matter, they were taught to side with the new player’s point of view.

“I’ve recently arrived at this village, I found that one of my friends was taken against her will by an Elder here. Then, they imprisoned her in this cage. I wanted to rescue my friend, so I tried to negotiate with the shop owner. The shop owner said he didn’t have the authority to make the decision, so I told him to find the Elder that caught her. He promised me, but instead he went to the marketplace management to report me instead.

“I was talking to the security guards about it, but they didn’t care about who was right or wrong. They only cared about taking me in for punishment. That type of meaningless talk was leading to nowhere. So I just tossed them aside. Then this Stick Elder also disregarded what was right or wrong, and attempted to kill me. To survive, I had to defend myself.

“I came here for two reasons. My first reason was to find a friend. My second reason is to find another person. I didn’t have any intentions of creating trouble. All this is very simple. You were in the wrong to catch my friend, so it was your fault first. You can release my friend and all this will be resolved. I will be the bigger person and not hold you accountable. However, if you insist on not letting them go, I can only forcibly take them with me.” Liu Gan tried to reason with the Seventh Elder. 

“According to you, that means we made a mistake?” Seventh Elder disputed after hearing both sides of the story. According to the rules here, anyone who made the first aggressive move was wrong. After hearing both sides, it would seem that the newcomer was the one to make the first move.

“Of course it is your fault. If you haven’t arrested my friend then I wouldn’t have had to come searching for her. Now that I have found her, it is a given that I want to rescue her. Things that happen afterward, you can’t blame me. I am not forcing you people to apologize to me, but you dared to attack me. If your leader understands what is right from wrong, then this matter would’ve been resolved ages ago!” Liu Gan crossed his arms.

“Okay, seems like you are the type of person to be unreasonable! Several of you, go arrest him!” Seventh Elder started ordering the riot police and his lower ranking Elder lackey. 

By now, the number of Elders that had gathered totaled over thirty people. In addition, most of these Elders had on riot gear. With this much power in front of him, Seventh Elder felt like there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish. As long as he followed the rules, then even the Elder Leader wouldn’t nitpick the issues. 

“Hands on your head! Get down!” The riot police pointed at Liu Gan with their assault rifles.

“You people act so recklessly!” Liu Gan shook his head.

With just these people’s assault rifles, even concentrated fire shooting at the same location for several hours wouldn’t be able to penetrate his [Mist Armor]. With one [Crescent Blade], all of these people would perish. Aside from the Elder Leader, Liu Gan couldn’t imagine anyone would withstand his [Crescent Blade] attack. 

(Ed. Note: They’re in a different world/video game, and someone doing PK in a slave market is unimaginable? Some people have no imagination…)

(Ed. Note: Everyone knows, and the NRA insists, that there is no such thing as assault rifles. So, this is definitely not real, all you players!)

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