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Chapter 358 - Double Insurance 

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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As a level 10 player, killing a level 5 player was as easy as killing an ant. Liu Gan acknowledged that he didn’t have any hatred with this Stick Elder. This fool was merely doing his duty to maintain order. Liu Gan held back on his attack, so he wouldn’t severely wound the player.

“How dare you attack me?” the Stick Elder started blaming Liu Gan. While still sitting on the floor, his complexion looked like he suffered some internal injury from Liu Gan’s attack.

It only took one attack for the Stick Elder to know that Liu Gan was hiding his true abilities. He was certain that Liu Gan wasn’t a newcomer. If Liu Gan had reached level 5, it would explain why he was able to dodge the attack and then counterattack.

Stick Elder didn’t think that Liu Gan could be on a higher level. He felt that he had only underestimated the enemy, and this opened up an opportunity for the enemy to strike.

“If you wanted to kill me, did you think I would just sit there and let you? This time I won’t take it to heart. If you continue with this meaningless struggle, I won’t be so kind next time!” Liu Gan coldly replied. 

The audience crowding around were startled. Could this newcomer be level 5? Otherwise, how else could he dodge the Elder’s attack? Instead, the Elder was the one on the floor?  Today was certainly lively! Seemed like this incident had to be resolved by the top ten Elders from the Elder Committee! 

In this Beginner Village, aside from the Elder Leader, there were nine more Elders in the elite squad. The level range of these Elders ranged from seven to nine. The Second Elder was a few levels above level 10; as for the exact number, no one knew. These top ten players were the Elders that had the most influence in the Elder Committee. Regular players would treat these top players with respect and call them Second Elder through Tenth Elder. 

Stick Elder finally mustered the strength to stand up. He stood outside of the three-meter radius around Liu Gan. By now, he thought he had the initial assessment of Liu Gan’s real strength as a level 5 player. 

A level 5 player that hid their strength to blend in with the crowd, it was an obvious attempt at derailing this society! As for this type of sabotage or disruption of the community, it was against the rules. As a result, the intruders were worth at least two thousand reward points, for anyone who could kill them. 

After confirming that Liu Gan was here to sabotage them, the Stick Elder decided it was justified if he used his ability to injure the intruder. Then, the heavily injured intruder could be presented to the Elder Committee as an achievement. Slowly, Stick Elder walked up to within three meters of Liu Gan to trigger his ability.

While every player at level 5 was able to awaken an ability, Stick Elder gained the ability [Quick Strike]. If the player threw any sharp weapon, like a machete or axe, then within the three meters range it would strike the target. The target wouldn’t be able to evade the attack. This ability was similar to Han GuangMing’s [Meteor Cannon], but the skill activation range was much closer. 

“You said you are a new player?” Stick Elder played it casual. This was to guarantee that the first strike of his ability would be a one-hit kill. Firstly, Liu Gan had to be distracted, that way the result would be better.

Level 5 players didn’t have [Mist Armor], so in fights between level 5 players, it was the one who could land the first ability successfully who would have the greater advantage. It could be a one-hit kill, which was exactly what the Stick Elder was banking on happening. He had to calmly talk to Liu Gan, then activate his ability without him knowing.

“Yes” Liu Gan also replied. In Liu Gan’s mind, he didn’t have to worry about these cheap tactics and weak abilities. They could no longer can harm him. 

“What class are you from? Who is your lecturer?” the Stick Elder slowly walked closer. Step by step, he was calculating the distance. Once the distance was good for activation, he triggered his ability. He threw the fire axe in his hand at Liu Gan, then pulled his machete off his back. With the fire axe flying at Liu Gan, he charged forward with his machete in his other hand. Only the afterimage of the weapon could be seen by the crowd, they couldn’t keep up with the weapon itself.

This was double insurance; even if they avoided the attack, they would be heavily injured by the follow-up attack!

“The Elder is activating his ability!” the crowd started cheering. These abilities were a myth to players below level 5. They had never seen a killing ability activate, so they didn’t know the conditions for activation. 

Now that they finally got to see one with their own eyes, it was a satisfying feeling. They couldn’t suppress their smirks at the fate of the newcomer. They all thought that this newcomer would die to the Elder’s ability. 

The moment the Elder threw the axe, Liu Gan realized that it was definitely an activated ability. Regardless, that didn’t change his views. With one hand, Liu Gan caught the shaft of the fire axe before it landed. 

When the Stick Elder witnessed his own weapon being caught, he was completely shocked. The fire axe was a sturdy weapon, more so than the other weapons. His original plan was to have the fire axe cut off a limb. Never would he have thought that someone could react that fast. A normal person wouldn’t have such a fast reaction time!

A normal level 5 player would’ve thought of ways to avoid the attack. They wouldn’t have done anything fancy like stick their hands out to grab the axe! 

The surrounding audience grew and was filled with players and shop owners, all cheering the Elder on. The Elder followed up with attack by the machete on the same hand that caught the fire axe.

There was a lag time before the audience realized what had happened. They weren’t able to keep up with the fight. They weren’t able to perceive Liu Gan catching the fire axe, nor were they able to see the follow-up attack by the Elder. 

What they saw was the Elder getting kicked backward after he disappeared from his original spot. This time the Stick Elder was sent all the way to the back wall of a nearby shop. With his bones shattered this time, he wasn’t able to stand up even after numerous tries. 

Evidently, this continued act of aggression by the Stick Elder infuriated Liu Gan. So this kick had a lot more force behind it. Still, Liu Gan sincerely didn’t want to stir up trouble at this village, which was why he hadn’t taken the Stick Elder’s life. 

Now the Stick Elder was defeated on the ground, while the victor, Liu Gan, remained standing. In Liu Gan’s hand was the fire axe thrown by the fallen Elder.

That was an ability! Activated ability! How could he use his hand to catch it!? The audience was stupefied. 

“There’s a powerful enemy here! Don’t just stand there! Sound the alarm!” the Stick Elder finally understood the danger level of his enemy. With blood oozing out from the corner of his mouth, the Elder couldn’t stand up. Instead, he shouted to the nearby players and shop owners to call for reinforcements.

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