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Chapter 351 - Roster

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Han GuangMing was there to learn it, too. As long as he could grasp the knowledge, then Liu Gan would have one more person who could specialize in management. It would be good for the Prison Compound. 

“Please come this way,” Sun Cheng enthusiastically lead the group to the front of Class Three. There Liu Gan met the classroom lecturer, he looked to be in his mid-twenties.

“I welcome you to Class Three. I am your classroom lecturer, Kong Mu. In the following few days, I will be here to teach you step by step our way of living here. Once you have learned the rules, we can take you out on missions. That way, you can quickly upgrade to Grade Two,” Kong Mu warmly welcomed his students.

“Thank you” Han GuangMing replied back on behalf of everyone else.

“Let’s warmly welcome our new classmates!”

By the time Liu Gan and the other four walked into the classroom, Kong Mu shouted loudly to the other students. These students had been decently trained already. They all stood up and smiled, as they applauded the five newcomers. 

“These are our basic rules. You can pass it around, but return it back to me after class.” Kong Mu handed over a printed piece of paper to Han GuangMing.

“This is printed out? You have electricity to print?” Han GuangMing curiously asked.

“Yes, our Elder’s living quarters all have access to electricity. If you get to level 5, you can once again enjoy the benefits of modern society!” Kong Mu revealed his envious look. 

“That is something to look forward to!” Han GuangMing laughed.

“Yeah, we also long for that day. But first, we would need to reach level 5. That is harder than achieving enlightenment. The Variant Zombies are a tough foe to fight. If you aren’t paying attention, you might lose your life!” Kong Mu replied.

“Couldn’t the Elders take you to kill the Variant Monsters…” Han GuangMing questioned.

“They need to kill several Variants to reach higher levels! Why would they leave any behind for us? If we want someone to take us to kill Variant Zombies, we would need several million reward points. That is such an astronomical figure,” Kong Mu shook his head. 

This started a discussion with other classmates. When they were talking about the amazing abilities of the Variant Zombies, they all displayed exaggerated expressions. Clearly, reaching level 5 was very important to every newcomer. It was definitely not an easy task, but it was their dream. 

“You want to reach level 5? To be a Elder in this glorious Village?” Kong Mu shouted to his students.

“I do!” a dozen students replied at the same time to Kong Mu. 

“As long as you do your duties and follow the rules, contributing to our village will speed up the day you get your chance! Someone will lead us to kill the Variant Zombies, so you can reach level 5, too!” Kong Mu enthusiastically shouted. 

“We will do our best!” a dozen students shouted back to Kong Mu. Their eyes showed signs of a crazy person. 

Zhao Meng felt very lucky that he had chosen to follow Elder Liu. He hadn’t waited too long before the opportunity to reach level 5. If there were a thousand players in the Beginner Village, it would be a long waitlist. 

To survive in The Trembling World, reaching level 5 was only the beginning stage. Only after breaking through the level 5 barrier would they be able to protect themselves. Reaching level 5 in this village would earn them the right to vote and special privileges. It was an upward social mobility. 

As for those newcomers who couldn’t vote, they were worth almost nothing. 

Five people in Liu Gan’s group sat down. They looked through the handbook; it was mainly for Han GuangMing to figure out. Everything was quite detailed within the handbook. There were several parts that were divided up in the handbook, such as the rules of village life, item exchange rules, mission system rules, and rules for battles outside of the village.

From the first look of the handbook, it looked quite perfect. Looking deeper into its context, the rules were quite fair. Especially the rule that emphasizes that Elders can’t bully players of a lower Grade. There will be severe punishment if they were found violating the rule, and even the Elder Leader was not above the rules. 

The rules of the handbook were quite favorable for the newcomers. It was created to help the newcomers adapt. If the newcomers submitted any complaints, then there was an Elders Committee to investigate the charges and punish appropriately. 

There was even an example in the handbook. There was one instance when the Third Elder bullied a newcomer’s girlfriend to the point of sexual harassment with kisses and grouping, but not to the point of rape. The newcomer submitted a complaint to the Elder Committee about the Third Elder. The punishment to the Third Elder was to apologize to the public and do a full day of handyman work. When the Third Elder held a grudge, he didn’t accept his punishment and killed the newcomer instead.

The Elder Leader opened a plenary meeting for all to attend. Even though most of the Elders pled on behalf of the Third Elder, the majority favored punishment. As a result, the Third Elder was personally killed by the Elder Leader. This was to show everyone that no one was above the village rule; no one was an untouchable.

This was shocking news to everyone in the village. If the Third Elder could be killed, even being a part of the Elders Committee wouldn’t matter. From that point forward, no one dared to bully the newcomers. 

The primary way of punishing would be deducting points. Reward points were the village’s system of currency. The more severe punishments deducted more points. If the person’s points were negative after accounting for the punishment, then manual labor was required until they found food or new players to replenish the amount of points owed.

Today’s lesson was about going over the rules and examples to back them up. Then there would be a quiz to let the newcomers figure out which was right and which was wrong, as well as figuring the appropriate punishment associated with the fault. 

This type of rule management was quite beneficial. Han GuangMing could learn from this experience and use it to help manage the prison compound. As for Liu Gan, he liked to travel solo. It wasn’t a bad idea to let people he trusted manage his base. In fact, it was good to leave a back-up strategy. 

Liu Gan’s group arrived around noon, and after half an hour of lesson it was close to the lunch break. Kong Mu led his students away from the classroom and toward the cantina. 

“Does this village have a roster? I have a few friends that were transferred into the game, too. Since the village has this many people, I was hoping I could find them here. I wouldn’t know where to start searching,” Han GuangMing asked after rushing up to Kong Mu’s side. 

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