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Chapter 352 - Community Bedroom

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“There is, but it is part of the Elders Committee. If you want to find someone, tell me the name and I will submit it in my report along with a request. At most it will take two days before results come back,” Kong Mu replied.

“It takes that long?” Han GuangMing guessed that Liu Gan didn't want to remain there that long.

“There are a lot of people and the archives area is still being established. It won’t be easy to find someone. You can also head to the center of the village plaza… It is the college's outdoor movie theater. Perhaps putting up a missing persons notice would be effective in that area,” Kong Mu said sympathetically.

“Okay, that's okay” Han GuangMing didn’t make things difficult, since it was out of his pay grade.

“Right, this is your point reward. Every newcomer will receive ten free points. These ten points will be enough for you to eat two meals. If you want more points as reward, then you can do more community services such as gathering food outside of the village or recruiting more newcomers.” Kong Mu took out a printed piece of paper and handed it over to Liu Gan’s group.

Five players received fifty reward points, enough for them to eat lunch. 

On these primitive ticket, there were points printed on them: 1 point, 2 point, 5 point, 10 point. The tickets were signed by the Elder Committee. This was the currency used in this village. In the short term, there aren’t any worries of someone forging them. The amount of people with access to the printer were few in number, full control still resided with the Elder Committee.

“The kitchen offers two types of lunch meals - the ones that cost three points or five points. If you chose the lunch option that takes three point, then you can have three meals. If you chose the option for five points, then you can only eat two meals,” Kong Mu continued to explain.

At the same time, walking alongside them and also heading towards the canteen were other people. There were some people who looked very nervous as they looked left and right over their shoulders, these were definitely newcomers as well.

According to Kong Mu, in the village there were more than ten cantinas. The Elders had a specialized cafeteria that supplied better tasting food. As for how much better it tasted, no one in the lower grades knew for sure. They believed that through hard work, they would be able to achieve the Elder grade eventually.

Without a doubt, this Elder Leader had great managing ability. In the real world, he could be an experienced manager or CEO. It wasn’t easy to run a four thousand personnel campground and manage it in such an orderly manner. This proved that the Elder Leader wasn’t someone simple. If they relied solely on strength, they would not have gotten this far.

On top of that, Liu Gan believed that this Elder Leader had another purpose for constructing a camp this large. According to what Sun Cheng said before, a receptionist by the front gates would be rewarded ten points for each newcomer. However, if they ventured further out to find new players, then it would be a hundred points instead. This meant that the Elder Leader was prioritizing expanding the size of his staff.

This location was an attractive location for wandering newcomers. The rules in the camp favored the newcomers. The Trembling World didn’t have any Beginner Village, where players were transferred in. So the players weren’t too well adapted to the environment when they arrived. These scattered newcomer players were searching for the feeling of belonging,  especially when they felt like they had been dumped into an unknown world. In addition, these proactive recruiters were searching around for more players. This would explain the fast expansion of this village. This was, without a doubt, one of the major influences in NinJing City.

As for the Elder Leader’s personal agenda, it definitely wasn’t as simple as establishing a Beginner Village. From recruiting newcomers to discipline, it was a streamlined process to get the players to follow rules and regulations. At least one thing could be certain, the longer these players lived here, the more they would become attached. If this Beginner Village were to clash with other influential groups for competition over food or land, then these four thousand people would become a force to be reckoned with. 

The lunch meal was rather simplistic, as Liu Gan started munching on it… He tasted something familiar… it had the same consistency as the seafood he ate in the underwater laboratory. This was bizarre. From the map left by Mr. Sheng, there was still some distance before reaching the sea. It wouldn’t even make sense to go fishing for deep sea creature meat. So how did they get access to this?

Kong Mu doesn’t know the origins of this seafood, he only said this was the meat that belonged to a huge creature that was killed by the elite squad led by the Elder Leader. The newcomers could receive very small portions of it, while majority of the meat was served to members of the Elder Committee.

Liu Gan had strong feelings that there was more to this than met the eye. This Elder Leader definitely had some hidden secrets.

After lunch was over, Kong Mu led his group of students toward their bedrooms. It was a community bedroom that had a dozen bunk beds. Every newcomer was entitled a free bedspot for a limited time.

As for their property, people such as Lee DingXiang and other survivors wouldn’t be in the same bedroom. They had their own separate location, and their living conditions were a lot worse. If they wanted to improve their living condition, then their owner had to earn more reward points. 

If the owner had enough reward points, they could rent a room that can fit a three-tier bunk bed, where six people could live comfortably. A better alternative would be getting a teaching job and living in the teacher’s dormitory, which came with the benefit of having a solo room. With complete autonomy in the room, they can place as many extra beds as they wanted. 

Yin He and Lee DingXiang didn’t head to the designated area for survivors, they remained with Liu Gan’s group, in the community bedroom. 

After showing his class to the community bedroom, Kong Mu departed after giving them a brief message. This was their afternoon break. An hour later, he would come get them again to learn how to fight in the training ground.

Newcomers had three days of fitting in. After three days, if they didn’t have enough reward points to pay for dormitory fees, then they could only sleep on a straw mat in common areas like the gym or library. That was a lot worse than sleeping in a community bedroom.

Needless to say, with more contribution the better your living situation would become. With the least amount of contribution, you will be at the lowest living standards.

This big community bedroom were all newcomers of Grade One, Class Three. The other newcomers had arrived only a few days ago, with the longest newcomer coming in no more than three days ago.

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