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Chapter 350 - Training

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“That is what I want to hear! Thank you very much! Every member that I invite to our village, earns me ten points in our point reward system. So with five players here, us receptionists can split it into twenty five points between us two. We are very grateful towards you! From now on, you are my friends!

“My name is Sun Cheng, his name is Jiang Cong Ming. We both welcome you. Please follow us in, we will describe to you the purpose of our facilities. That way, no matter what trouble you encounter, you can find the appropriate lifestyle adviser or you can come find us.

“As long as we haven’t left the village, you can always reach out to us. It also benefits us in the village, as long as we are helping the beginners, we get points,” Sun Cheng happily said as he led the group into the College grounds. Jiang Cong Ming was left behind by the front gates to continue his duties. Today both of them were on duty, so no matter who did the primary introduction, the reward points were split in half.

“Let’s enter,” Liu Gan was the first one in. They didn’t walk too far until they saw another sign that says “Newcomers”. 

“You can leave your baggage and weapons here. Everything you deposit here will have your name and an assigned ID number written on it. There will someone watching it, so nothing will go missing.”

“Your bags will be arranged to be brought to your temporary residence. As for the weapons, those can only be taken out if you leave the village grounds. We don’t allow weapons into the village for the safety of others. I hope you can understand the reason behind it,” Sun Cheng continued explaining the rules.

“That’s no problem” Liu Gan still had his hidden dagger. They were carrying wooden lances, nothing significant, no heavyweight weapons. These were the lances created from trees so there was no harm in letting them be taken. 

The staff members in the Newcomers area had to verify the authenticity of the alloy wrist watch. Then, they questioned their levels. Under Liu Gan’s instructions, they all reported their levels to be level 2 or 3. Their collective story was that they recently arrived these last few days.

Hearing that they were only level 2 or 3, the staff didn’t further investigate the wrist watches. Only level 5 and above would receive special treatment. As for the level 3 and under, they were still considered new people. If Liu Gan said that he was level 5, these staff would definitely press for further investigation.

Liu Gan and everyone else received an ID number. These ID numbers were also attached onto the baggage and wooden lances that were placed into a nearby room beside the Newcomers area.   

“Several poor filthy people, they don’t even have any goods to bring in. Their weapon is made out of wood! I want to toss it out like trash…” whispered one of the staff working there.

“Their levels are so low, it must have been hard for them to survive. They must have been lucky to have survived to reach us…” another staff member muttered back.

“But, have you seen the female they are with? She is so pretty. She is comparable to our Fifth Elder. I wonder where they found her. What dogshit luck, how come I didn’t meet her first?”

“What? Do you want to steal? Planning to steal someone else’s property?  Be careful you might get caught by the Elders!” 

“I was only kidding…”

Liu Gan was able to hear these staff members gossip, but he didn’t care what they were saying.

Once the Newcomers area received their baggage and weapons, Sun Cheng lead Liu Gan’s group to another building to report for registration. After filling out a form, Liu Gan was brought to a nearby lecture hall. 

“I will take you to your assigned class. You will be apart of Grade One, Class 3Three. Every class has around twenty people. Class Three has thirteen new members, with you seven, it will be exactly twenty people. Perfect fit!” Sun Cheng told them.

“Even though your property are in your class, they can’t accompany you into the same classroom. They will be in the nearby classroom to learn the rules for being property. There will be an instructor to teach them what ought to be done and what should never be done. Of course, these classes are optional for them. If you don’t want them to be in the class, you can have them be on standby outside your classroom, just as long as they don’t wander off.”

“Like I have said before, their actions are your responsibility. I suggest that they receive lessons from our lecturer so they know the rules. In our village, there are around two thousand local survivors. If they received our teachings, then they can better adapt to their new life within the village. This will avoid them bringing you unnecessary trouble,” Sun Cheng went on. 

“No need, I will just have them wait outside of the classroom. I will make sure to restrict their actions,” Liu Gan waved his hands. Never would he have thought that with over a thousand players here, there were over two thousand more local survivors. There were close to four thousand people in this village! 

“Okay, then I will do as you have requested. I will lead you to your classroom so you can meet your lecturer and classmates. In our Beginner Village, as long as the newcomers haven’t reached level 5 or above, they will all be placed into Grade One to go through training.” 

“If you are in the village for more than three days and your record is clean, then by the time you reach level 3, you can advance to Grade Two. After that will be Grade Three, then Grade Four. After Grade Four, you can graduate. You can also apply to be a lecturer,” Sun Cheng continued on, introducing the grade system.

“Is there a chance to reach level 5?” Han GuangMing tactfully interrupted.

“Once you reach level 5, you can enter into the Elder Grade. That is when you become a part of our respected Elders. We have over a hundred Elders. Only the Elders are eligible to vote. The higher level, you are the more votes you have at your disposal. So even amongst Elders there are different ranks. In our small society, before we make an important decision, we have to vote on it first. This protects the interest of the majority,” Sun Cheng replied. Little did he know, he had just revealed the main strength of the village.

“Can I skip the training and get a tour around the area first?” Liu Gan asked.

“That wouldn’t be too convenient. I hope you can understand. The training is very simple, it won’t take too much of your time. If you never went through the training, you won’t know our village rules or how it functions. If you don’t know the rules, you will probably break them without knowing. So if you want to get a tour of the area, you have to be in training for at least half an hour. Then, you can finish off your remainder of your training whenever it is convenient for you!” Sun Cheng replied to Liu Gan. 

“Okay, I will do as you suggested” Liu Gan was quite interested in how regulated this Beginner Village was. Even the management seemed very orderly. He planned to learn from this experience to use it in the future. 

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