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Chapter 349 - Personal Property

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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At that point, Liu Gan decided to infiltrate this society first. That way, he could find the person he wanted and he would be able to understand the situation inside better.

“Of course! Even if you aren’t a player, if you are a local survivor we will happily accept you. The problem was that the local survivors have been treating us with hostility. So if a local survivor wanted to join us, they would have to be referred to by a player to join our Beginner Village”

“That way, the player would be the local survivor’s voucher. If you decide to take a local survivor into here, then you will be held accountable for their actions. If they do something wrong or break any of the rules, you will suffer the punishment,” the two receptionists hesitated for a short while before answering Liu Gan.

“That means… each player could bring one local survivor here?” Liu Gan showed his wrist watch to the two receptionists.

“Yes,” the receptionists nodded.

“Can we bring dogs in?” Liu Gan pointed at NaNa by Yin He’s side.

“With such a lovely dog, there should be no problems” said one of the receptionists as they tried to approach NaNa to pet it on the head, but NaNa barked in refusal.

“These dogs suffered through the apocalypse, so even if they haven’t become monsters, they are very wary of people. It was best that you don’t touch them. If you get bitten, I don’t want to be held liable,” Liu Gan reminded the receptionists.

“Yes, that is quite understandable” agreed the embarrassed receptionist. 

“We have five players, these two here are local survivors. So if we vouch for them, then they can come in with us?” Liu Gan pointed at Yin He and Lee DingXiang.

“Yes, those two will be your personal property. Inside they will be protected by us,” the two receptionists nodded.

“Personal property?” Liu Gan raised his eyebrows at that answer.

“Ah, since we are a player created camp, we reserve the rights to protect the interest of the players first. As a player, you should understand our reasons for doing that, right? Of course, whoever you bring in will be your personal property. Even though they don’t have a player’s status or position, they won’t be bullied by other people. If someone bullies them, then it would be like they bullied you. That is a major violation of our rules,” the receptionist explained. 

“Okay, tell me what your rules are,” Liu Gan continued to pry.

“If you decide to join us. I will take you into our Beginner’s building. Inside that building is where you will learn all our rules.” The receptionist clearly had something that can be revealed only to insiders. 

“Then… what happens if I saw these rules, but I feel like I can’t follow them. If I don’t want to stay anymore, is there any restriction on leaving?” Liu Gan asked.

“No restrictions, you can leave anytime. As long as your personal property hasn't been exchanged with others, you can also take them along. We advocate freedom and equality. Our Elder Leader is a role model leader. He is above level 10, bullets and swords won't harm him. His abilities are deep and immeasurable. He wants to create an ideal society in this terrible world. Within these walls, the players can enjoy hospitable treatment and safety,” the receptionists continued to sell the benefits of the settlement.

“Above level 10? How high is his level?” Liu Gan displayed shock, but it was just for show. If this leader wasn't bluffing, then he must be a beta player. He was still unsure if this beta player had snuck over from the Main Island.

“This Elder Leader started at the same time as we did, how could he can level up so fast and surpass level 10? This leader must be a genius. He must have been sent by heaven to us. As long as we follow our leader, we can find the rumored Spatial Transfer Gate. Then we can leave this terrible World!” the receptionist continued to praise his Elder Leader.

Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng glanced at each other… Those words sound very familiar. It sounded like something Zhang ShengLi would've said to the team members.

“This Elder Leader of yours sounds like a godsend! On top of that… I want to know, with one thousand people, how do you resolve the issues with feeding them? Aren't you afraid of causing a famine from food shortages?” Liu Gan asked his final question.

“In the back of the mountain, a location known only by the Elder Leader. This place has a huge store of food and daily necessities. There are canned goods, flour, rice, noodles all stored away. On top of that, this is an agricultural college, there are several facilities that seemed to have stashed away seeds.

“Among our group of players, there are some who specialize in agriculture. We have started to plow new land for farming, some have started sowing the seeds. Do you see that cloud canal? It is our Elder Leader’s fist that opened up the clouds for sunlight to shine through. Our farmland is able to prosper due to the sunlight that shines in this area…” the receptionists started to speak without thinking.

Liu Gan stroked his forehead. He was starting to feel sorry for those that believed this story. If this cloud canal hadn’t appeared in the Northern NinJing City, but in the Southern NinJing City, then it would be Zhang ShengLi saying these words. Would Zhang ShengLi also make up a story like this, that Elder Liu broke through the clouds with his fist?

With Zhang ShengLi’s temperament, it was a high possibility. 

“Our leader is our god. As long as we follow him, we won’t starve. As long as he exists, we will have hope. Everyone here is alive because of him. We are lucky to live because of him. Every member here is grateful to him,” the receptionist continued to show his passion toward his leader. It sounded like words coming from a pious believer talking about his god.

“Okay, I have nothing more to ask. Take us in to look around.” Liu Gan was very interested in this Beginner Village, but also it seemed like he could test out his abilities again.

After reaching level 10 with his new abilities, Liu Gan really wanted to find someone comparable in strength to spar with. He’d thought that on this outlying island with NinJing City, it would be hard to find an appropriate candidate. Never would he have thought that this candidate would be so close by. 

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