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Chapter 348 - Beginner Village

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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LuLu started singing for LingLing the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Her beautiful voice brought tears to LingLing. She said it was the same lullaby that her mother used to sing.

It didn’t take too long for LingLing to become attached to LuLu. She started following LuLu like a loyal attendant. It didn’t take LuLu to figure out something was different about LingLing. She could easily kill the normal zombies. One day there was a Variant Zombie that tried to attack LuLu, but LingLing was able to overwhelm the Variant Zombie instead. Then, LuLu took the finishing blow and reached level 5.

After reaching level 5 and with LingLing as a companion, LuLu became more courageous. In the diary, she went to the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center, but she wasn’t able to find Liu Gan. She wrote down many questions like “where did he go?” and “would he return?”. There were also many statements like “cold-hearted man”, “heartless man”, “pig-brained man” and many more angry phrases.

That was when her diary abruptly ended. There was no mention of where she lead DongDong.

“There is a picture book, Elder Liu. From the artwork, it looks like you.” Han GuangMing handed over an open art book to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan flipped open the manga book, the first page showing a drawing of a person that resembled himself. Even though it was an exaggeration, Liu Gan had thick lips and was very expressive. The following pages were everything they’d experienced together, from Liu Gan rescuing them when they were stranded on the building rooftop, to when Wang ChangShun was bitten in the grocery store. There were also scenes of Liu Gan carrying LuLu out of the hardware store, Pan Hua’s tragic death, and Liu Gan teaching LuLu how to fight. 

This was unquestionably, LuLu’s handiwork when she had time.

In particular with the scene of Liu Gan teaching LuLu how to fight, Liu Gan’s head resembled that of a pig. In the manga, he spoke the words “Are you a pig?”. Seems like LuLu held quite the grudge when she was scolded by Liu Gan during training. The resentment ran quite deep for her to remember it for this long.

Liu Gan couldn’t help but chuckle. Seems like this female broadcaster had multiple talents. She was good at singing, and she could even draw.

After that were manga pages regarding LingLing, DongDong, Cheng Qi and Yao Yi, they were living with LuLu harmoniously. Liu Gan would never have thought that the same LingLing who killed Zhang ShengNan would escape to here. On top of that, she was taken in as an assistant to LuLu. 

The manga and the diary both ended abruptly. There were no more signs of where LuLu might have taken DongDong. The plan to use DongDong to gain that ticket had to be put on standby. The most important task now was to rescue the older sister, this way the water caltrop sisters could be reunited.

By now, night had started setting in. On top of rushing for the whole day, everyone was tired. They ate provisions brought in by Liu Gan from gathering in the forest. Their temporary camp for the night was in one of the houses in the Lucky Garden District. 


The next morning after everyone freshened up, they packed everything and left Lucky Garden District heading toward the outer city.

The jungle to the sea was west of the Northern Region. Liu Gan was heading north, but from the eastern direction. From his brief glimpse of the PDA, the northeast region was huge. It consisted of twenty small villages or towns. There was even a college established there, NinJing City’s College of Agriculture.

NinJing City’s College of Agriculture was at the foot of the largest mountain in the valley of mountains. With Lee DingXiang guiding the group, Liu Gan and his group walked a day and a half before they arrived at the entrance of the college.

From Mr. Sheng’s simplistic hand drawn map, the Spatial Transfer Gate should be in one of the mountains behind this College of Agriculture. 

It was just as Lee DingXiang had said, there were a lot of people in this college, and they were the group who had captured her sister. Just peeking into the College through the metal gates, they could see people playing sports - track & field, basketball, and soccer. It was very lively and quite shocking. It was as if this scene was no different than from a college in the real world. 

The wall by the entrance of the College had the words “Beginner Village” written in. There were even receptionists standing by the entrance. Both of the receptionists stood up when they saw Liu Gan’s group head towards the gate.

Lee DingXiang felt scared as she hurried behind Liu Gan. In a whisper, she said this was where Lee DingXin was dragged to.

“Are you transferred players?” the two receptionists smiled as they greeted Liu Gan. From first looks, they didn’t seem like harsh and terrible delinquents.

“Yes, what is this ‘Beginner Village’?” Liu Gan decided to figure out the situation within the enemy camp first.

These people seemed reasonable, so it was better to resolve matters through diplomatic means. If things couldn’t be resolved by discussion, then alternative persuasive means could also be used. 

“We are all players. As you might have known, two months ago we were thrown into this world, trapped into playing this game. That was when I met my current Elder Leader. He established this “Beginner Village” so we can gather as many surviving players and take them back here.

“I was also one of those lucky people rescued by our Elder Leader. After that, there was a specialized group of people to teach us how to kill zombies. They leveled us up to level 3. By level 3, we will arrange different types of jobs. Through labor, you can earn your meal. Accomplishing certain missions will earn you points. This point system can be used to exchange for items you desire.”

“Every player here is treated equally. Depending on your ability, you will be arranged to do tasks within your limits. No one will force you to do their bidding. If you are injured, someone will defend and treat you. In our society, we have social order within these walls”

“So would you like to join us? If you decide to join us, you won’t regret it!” the two receptionist warmly welcomed Liu Gan’s group. 

“How many people are in the “Beginner Village”?” Liu Gan continued to ask.

“Our leader has gathered up to a thousand players. Everyday, he is bringing in players like you into our camp. Surviving alone in this apocalyptic age is very difficult. With our leader’s guidance, we can work together with one another to prosper. If you are willing to join us, I can be your referrer!” the two receptionists continued to warmly push their agenda.

“What if they aren’t players, can they join you?” Liu Gan asked the two. With that many people in their society, it would be quite difficult to find a person amongst so many. Lucky Garden District was relatively close by, so it wouldn’t be difficult to create a small society within the walls. There was a high possibility that LuLu and DongDong had been captured here. 

I got shivers from reading about LingLing. 

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