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Chapter 326 - Journey

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Sleep a little, you will know when you wake up,” Su Nina teased Liu Gan.

“Sleeping by your side, within the Nightmare Jellyfish’s stomach… I don’t have any feeling of safety…” Liu Gan shook his head.

“I did so much for you already, you still don’t trust me? Not even a little?” Su Nina sounded hurt.

“Well, how long is this trip going to take?” Liu Gan asked her.

“Since it is injured, it will take a longer amount of time. At least seven or eight more hours?” Su Nina replied.

“Where are you preparing to bring me?” he asked.

“To another laboratory! We can revive your friend Jiang there!”

“Another laboratory? Deep sea? You won’t be taking us  near the Central City, right?” Liu Gan’s feelings were conflicted. On one hand, he really wanted to go to Central City on the main island, but he was worried about his crew on Serenity.

“Deep sea? There are too many advanced monsters there, even those of General rank. If you want to head to the deep sea, you are asking to die… I have only been in the shallow sea area around here. We are heading towards Northern Ninjing City. There should still be a functional laboratory there. We are still quite far from our destination, but it is the closest laboratory,” Su Nina explained to Liu Gan, then she pulled up the map on the PDA.

With a map, it became a lot easier to visualize. The destination was the sea by Northern Ninjing City. It was more than a dozen kilometers away from shore. They had only traversed a tenth of the way.

This trip to the Northern Ninjing City was something Liu Gan had on his agenda all along. One of the main reasons was to reach the Spatial Transfer Gate that was on Mr. Sheng’s map. The biggest problem that he had was that he didn't know how to reach the base. Now that Su Nina was going there anyway, Liu Gan would just enjoy the ride on this guided tour.

 “Relax, once we receive your friend Jiang, I will send you all safely on shore. As for what happens after that, that will be up to you. If you want to continue exploring the deep sea or another island, all you need to do is call for me by the shore,” Su Nina told him.

“I was planning to head there anyway, but just take us ashore when we are finished. I am very tired right now, I want to sleep. If there is any update, just tell me…” Liu Gan closed his eyes as he fell asleep inside of the slimy Jellyfish.

A transport airship filled with a dozen Armored Warriors was flying right above the sea patrolling for evidence. It had received direct orders from the mothership in space. The transport airship arrived at the scene and circled the premises. Soon it discovered a colossal jellyfish swimming away.

Upon discovering the massive jellyfish, a new order was issued by the controller. The new order was to track and not to engage the jellyfish. The goal was to follow it back to its nest, then capture the jellyfish and destroy the nest.

So the transport airship adjusted its speed to follow the Colossal Jellyfish closely. Evidently, the jellyfish was heading toward the northern shore of the island.

An eventful night didn’t allow Liu Gan to rest at all. After closing his eyes, he fell asleep quite quickly. Soon he felt someone touching his face. When he woke up, Yin He, Han GuangMing, and the others were all missing. Inside of the Jellyfish was only him and Su Nina.

So the person touching his face was Su Nina.

“You timed it well,” Liu Gan sat up. He knew that he was in the dreamland that Su Nina created.

“Don’t you want to know who I am?” Su Nina laughed at Liu Gan.

“If you want to tell me, you would’ve told me already. If you don’t want to say it, even if I asked, it wouldn’t matter.” Liu Gan touched his face and sat upright to chat.

“You don’t recognize me, but you should remember my cousin Su Sou, right?” Su Nina dropped a hint.

Listening to her say that, Liu Gan suddenly remembered a charity banquet he had attended two years ago. There he met a woman called Su Sou. It was a cliche meeting… Su Sou was holding a cup of wine that got knocked over as spun around quickly. She spilled her wine all over Liu Gan’s clothes. As a way to apologize, she led Liu Gan to the bathroom try to remove the wine stains off his clothes.

Even though both of them had just met, they exchanged stories about each other and were quite compatible. After exchanging numbers, they chatted on the phone a few times before agreeing to meet up. Su Sou asked Liu Gan out on both occasions.

Liu Gan treated Su Sou like he would a normal friend. Liu Gan had only recently moved into the city, so he spent most of time exploring alone in the wilderness. In general, the areas he had explored were areas that didn’t have any reception, so he was hard to reach. After many failed attempts of reaching Liu Gan, many of his friends gave up and Liu Gan forgot about them, too.

It was only a year ago that Liu Gan had returned home. Su’s family was planning on forming an alliance with Liu’s family through an arranged marriage. Su’s family was offering Su Sou’s hand in marriage. Liu Gan’s father asked for Liu Gan’s opinion, but Liu Gan was distracted by his expedition to Mt. Everest, so he didn’t care too much about it.

Liu Gan’s father knew his son’s personality, so he didn’t agree to terms with Su’s family. As for the marriage, he postponed it until Liu Gan came back after his expedition. A month later, Liu Gan’s accident on Mt. Everest occurred. When Liu Gan was carried back home, he had lost both his arms and legs. Afterwards, Su’s family didn’t bother mentioning the marriage. When Liu Gan’s father brought up the matter again, Su’s family tactfully retracted their marriage proposal.

Whether it was Su’s family proposing the marriage or rejecting the marriage, Liu Gan didn’t take it into his heart. He had forgotten about Su Sou completely, so it was a surprise to hear Su Nina mention it.  

“You are Su Sou’s cousin?” Liu Gan pretended he didn’t remember. When Su Sou met up with Liu Gan on both occasions, she had a younger girl with her. What her name was, Liu Gan still couldn’t remember, but he knew that she was around six or seven years old. She was acting quite weird, and she wore glasses. Her one distinguishing feature was that she looked completely different from Su Nina.

However, this proclaimed Su Nina looked at least twenty years old. She was very beautiful and sexually appealing, she looked completely different than before.

“Even though it was your date, I kept interrupting and disrupting it. I’ve said many memorable things, but you don’t seem to remember me…” Su Nina said in disappointment.

“You were that girl by Su Sou’s side, who wore glasses? That is impossible. Even plastic surgery can’t have this much of a difference, right?” Liu Gan was unconvinced.

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