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Chapter 325 - Flatten

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The dimensional storage wasn’t that spacious. It took the shape of an inflated balloon. At max, it might reach twenty cubic centimeters. This was where Peng Xuetao stored his ultra-high voltage electric baton. Aside from the electric baton, there were five vials of polymerized photon nanites.

Without a doubt, this was a personal inventory space. The problem was that this storage space was too small. It could only fit small objects. Anything big like food or bulky weapons couldn’t be stored within.

Nevertheless, this was a great beginning. This mean that there were many more rings available out there. Liu Gan had only found one of those rings. He might not find a ring that provided more space, but he could find another way to expand the space within his ring.

Especially valuable were the five vials of polymerized photon nanomites, they came at the right time to resupply. Under normal conditions with minimal fighting, Yin He would’ve been able to last for five months. After her strenuous fight with the dog, she needed the vials to replenish her lost power.

Peng Xuetao had arrived in an airship, similar to the small transport aircraft they saw earlier. This type of aircraft could fly in the air and also submerge into the deep sea. It was connected at the dock.

“I am unable to stop it from self destructing. The controller has locked me out of every possible port. Even if we take the risk now to breach the hull, it would be useless. It might only trigger the self-destruct faster,” Su Nina explained to Liu Gan.

“This airship, how deadly is the force from the explosion?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina.

“Ask her, she should understand this better than I do,” Su Nina pointed at Yin He.

“The force from the explosion is equivalent to ten nuclear warheads. Everything here will be flattened to the ground.”

“The order for the self-destruct came directly from the mothership. It could be possible that the mothership realized that one of its members was attacked, and it opted for sacrificing him. It chose the most simple solution and that was to blow everything up with the airship,” Su Nina added.

“How long until it detonates?” Liu Gan asked the most important question.

“We don’t have more than five minutes,” Yin He and Su Nina answered in sync.

“Not even five minutes?” Liu Gan was feeling down. Now that he knew of the location of a Spatial Transfer Gate, they could take the risk to use that route. The problem was that the Spatial Transfer Gate was broken. From Su Nina’s earlier theory, it would require absorbing a ton of energy before it could function. By that time, he wouldn’t even have a body left.

Five minutes, that was just enough time to reach the Spatial Transfer Gate.

“Do you have any way to fix the Spatial Transfer Gate?” Liu Gan was unwilling to give up.

“Forget the Spatial Transfer Gate, we will all become ashes before we reach there. If you want to live, follow me!” Su Nina handed the PDA back to Liu Gan as she ran toward another isolation chamber.

Looking out of the closest window, there was a monster that spanned at least a thousand meters long with a body illuminated by fluorescent light, that drifted over from the deep sea. It was a Colossal Jellyfish. It had its body wrapped around the outer door of the isolation chamber.

Su Nina forcefully opened up the isolation chamber door from within, a small amount of sea water flooded into the laboratory. As the pressure equalized, the water didn’t leak in, they could see an opening  into the Colossal Jellyfish’s internal cavity.

“Follow me! It will take us to a safe place!” Su Nina screamed at Liu Gan. All the other research scientists didn’t look surprised, they all held memory sticks as they ran into the isolation chamber and into the internal cavity of the Colossal Jellyfish.

“Elder Liu! What do we do?” Han GuangMing stood by, asking Liu Gan.

“Go in with them! We don’t have any other choice!” Liu Gan hesitated for a split second before also charging into the Jellyfish.

As Liu Gan’s group was the last to enter, the Colossal Jellyfish quickly closed up its cavity opening. It released its grip on the isolation chamber and spread its tentacles wide apart like wings as it darted away from the scene, leaving the now-flooding base to its fate.

The Jellyfish had a colossal body that allowed it to survive the intense underwater pressure. Every time it would spread its tentacles, it would dart forward a kilometer or two. After a few minutes, they were already a dozen kilometers away, they finally heard an echo of the explosion. The Colossal Jellyfish tensed up as it prepared for the shockwave. If Liu Gan hadn’t listened to Su Nina, they would’ve been blown into pieces.

The explosion created a shockwave that spawned a surge of waves at least a hundred meters high. This worried Liu Gan; if his men were still aboard the Serenity, then by the time the waves reached them… sigh…

The Colossal Jellyfish retracted most of its body, but it still absorbed most of the damage from the shockwave. Its travel speed also slowed down. The stormy tides might have died down, but that didn’t mean the Jellyfish could withstand it.

“It must have been the Spatial Transfer Gate that absorbed most of the explosive energy. Otherwise, the destructive force would’ve been a lot worst. This isn’t as powerful as it could’ve been. At our current distance, we wouldn’t have survived a full-on blast,” Su Nina explained.

“That Spatial Transfer Gate. No one knows where it would actually lead you…” Liu Gan said to Su Nina. “Judging from the explosion, the Transfer Gate should have received more than enough energy, but do you think it is repaired?”

“There will be a chance for you to return, but there is no supporting data. You won’t even know where it will send you to. I don’t suggest you try,” Su Nina replied to Liu Gan.

“Now that the laboratory is destroyed, my friend Jiang won’t have a chance to revive?” Liu Gan had something else in mind when he said it.

“Relax, there are plenty of underwater laboratories! I will take us to another laboratory once things calm down. By that time, I will revive your friend,” Su Nina said in a confident tone.

“Who are you?” Liu Gan looked carefully at Su Nina. There was still no impression of her in his memory.

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