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Chapter 327 - Reconstruct

TL: xDh20, Lifeisajourney

“Yes, I’m not as pretty as my cousin, but I knew that my cousin didn’t really have any true feelings towards you so I purposely tagged along to mess up the date…” Su Nina blushed from embarrassment.

“No, you aren’t her, there can’t be that big of a change.” Liu Gan shook his head. Even though his impression of the young girl wasn’t that deep, but it was definitely not within the margin of change for a young girl.

“When I was in middle school, I recognized you. You came to compete in my school’s soccer tournament. I was one of the volunteers there, I handed you a drink and towel. You were so handsome! It was from that moment that I fell in love with you. Every day, I only hoped that I could grow older so I could be prettier. In the meantime, I was hoping that you hadn’t found true love, and that you didn’t marry yet, so you could wait for me to become your girlfriend and I could marry you…”

“Through my network of friends, I was able to gather some information on you. I know that you are very independent, you like to do outdoor adventures alone. You enjoy thrilling challenges and many different physical activities. You were like a superhero to me, there was nothing you couldn’t do. When you were attending college, I would take a longer route just to stop by your university. I would be able to catch a glimpse of you when you were on your way there… There were days when you would turn and look in my direction and I would be so happy on those days…”

“I didn’t think my cousin Su Sou would be the first to make a move on you. When you were on your date, I felt pain in my heart. I knew that she wasn’t meant to be your true love. She was a woman that schemed a lot. She would be willing to sacrifice anything to accomplish her goals…”

“Later on, when I found out that something happened to you, my cousin Su Sou… she started messing around with your brother… I went to your family several times afterwards. I wanted to see you, but you rejected me every visit. I was very hurt, but I was also very worried about you. I would cry myself to sleep every night…” Su Nina couldn’t continue as tears started flowing from her cheeks.

During that period of time, Liu Gan couldn’t even remember if Su Nina visited. No matter who came, he would straight out refuse so he didn’t inquire who it was. Later on, he would relocate to the mountain villa and live his life isolated from the world.

“My body and body sizes were all average, but I’m very smart. My IQ is close to 200. My academic grades are superb. Every year I am the valedictorian of my grade. I competed in our nation’s Mathematical Olympiad and come out as the number 1 winner. That qualified me to join China’s national team to win against the American team on the international stage…

“Various other studies, I would also compete and win awards…

“So I entered this game earlier than you have imagined. As you know, my family owns Emperor Technologies, we have cooperated with San Xing Corporation for sometime now. So when The Trembling World was still in closed beta for the development of this game, I already had access. The only thing different from closed beta and game release was that I didn’t transfer into the game. I was still using headgear and mouse to play the game.

“There were other beta testers. It gives us an advantage over other regular players. After the transfer occurred, I discovered that I had kept my level from closed beta. If you look at my level, I’m already at level 12.” Su Nina showed off her wrist watch. On the level indicator, it had the number 12.

In the earlier dreamland, her wrist watch didn’t show anything. She must have used some sort of method to block Liu Gan from seeing it.

“This type of game also has closed beta testers!” Liu Gan was shocked. He knew that he was at a high level even amongst regular players, but with the beta players, there were people at level 12!

“When the beta players first began, they also aggregated in city centers. My ability, [Puppet Avatar], allows me to maximize my ability for the sea. There was one time when I was fighting a battle in the deep sea, that nearly took my life. I escaped to the shallow part of the sea here and found the underwater base.

“I quickly took control of the underwater laboratory. I used all my accumulated knowledge and experience, along with their existing advanced technology and progressive theories to conduct experiments. We captured many players and the lucky survivors to do experiments that wouldn't have been allowed in the real world. The Nightmare Jellyfish was one of the research finished results…

“When I reached level 10, I was able to wake up another ability [Soul Takeover]. With this ability, I could transfer part of my spirit into a new body. I could also manipulate several of those bodies with my spirit. This way allows me more than one chance to survive. That was also when I started to reshape my physical appearance…

“Currently, you are looking at one of my experimental bodies. I found a beautiful looking and sexy shaped female, she was a good specimen to begin with. Through genetic modification, I made her perfect. She doesn’t have any shortcomings. Using her as base template, I cloned a dozen of this body as backup. I’m using one of those bodies now.

“Right in front of you is only one of those bodies, so if this body dies, I can transfer my spirit into a backup. Unless all my cloned bodies are destroyed at once, no one can kill me.

“Aside from that, this Nightmare Jellyfish is also one of the many bodies that I am host of. I hid the backups in various places, like inside the internal cavity of the Jellyfish, or in other Nightmare Jellyfish spread out in various parts of the sea. Wei Liang and these scientists aren’t the original scientists. They are part of my puppet creation. Their memories aren’t their own. From the original set of scientist’s brains, I extracted the information out and copied it over into the brain of my puppets.

“By reviving your friend Jiang, I will use the same technology. As long as the database is complete, I can duplicate him as if he was an original. I can even make him even better than the original if you want,” Su Nina was getting excited as she talked.

“You are crazy!” Liu Gan stunned by what he had heard. This is similar to one of the movie plots he had watched revolving around a crazy scientist. In front of Liu Gan was one of those people that had reached the state of madness.

“Everything I’ve done is for you. For you, I reconstructed myself. Then, I’ve been searching for the Spatial Transfer Gate. This way I can bring the technology here back to the real world and reconstruct your limbs so you can be able to be yourself again!

“Aside from that, with the new beautiful me, I should have the right qualifications to be by your side…

“I would never had thought that I would be able to meet with you. On top of that, you even have your limbs again. You became even more powerful than in the real world. You don’t seem to need my help at all…” Su Nina anxiously said to Liu Gan.

“So even the SOS signal I received was a fake. It was a ploy for you to lure me here, am I right?” Liu Gan realized the situation he was in.

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