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Chapter 321 - Burning

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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There was also the urgency of finishing off Peng Xuetao before reinforcements arrived from the mothership. The longer the fight dragged out, the more disadvantageous it was for Liu Gan and Yin He.

Su Nina’s eyes were still pitch-black. She didn’t respond. She was really concentrating all her focus on maintaining her ability. Since it used most of her focus, she couldn’t reply back to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan couldn’t just stand idly anymore. So just like how it was in his dreamland, he kicked down the red cabin door and borrowed a underwater flashlight from Wei Liang. Then, with one hand he carried Su Nina on his shoulder. On the other hand, he carried Peng Xuetao by the waist and rushed over to the Spatial Transfer Gate area.

With his enhanced strength, Liu Gan could easily carry the two bodies and still move with ease.

Behind the red cabin door, there were multiple glass cabinets. Except this time, the contents of the cabinets were missing. In fact, most of the cabinets were empty. Liu Gan wasn’t concerned about looking into it more. He only wanted to quickly head deeper into the chamber, before Peng Xuetao woke up. Liu Gan’s plan was to borrow the destructive power of cracks from the Spatial Transfer Gate to destroy the Spatial Protection armor. This was the only viable way of ensuring victory.

This was exactly how Yin He had described it. A war of attrition. Yin He’s energy reserves were definitely not as well supplied as the enemy.

Kicking open the black cabin door, there was the round chamber. Leading to the center of the room was an underpass filled with water. The water level was higher than in his dream. When Liu Gan entered the freezing cold water, his body became rigid. It was a lot colder than he had experienced in the dream. Right now, Liu Gan relied solely on his willpower. He carried two people across the underpass until he reached the other side of the round room.

With the underwater flashlight, Liu Gan saw that there were Spatial Cracks that were revolving around the round room. They were revolving faster than expected. Liu Gan placed Su Nina in a safe location before using Peng Xuetao’s body as a shield, while making his way to the Spatial Cracks.

It was a given that the Spatial Cracks were more effective in damaging the Spatial Armors then he would be. Even Liu Gan’s strikes were unable to put a dent in the armor. The dimensional cracks formed infinitely sharp disruptions that produced very fine blue rays as they contacted the Spatial Armor. The Spatial Cracks were revolving around the Spatial Transfer Gate as their center. Using Peng Xuetao as a shield, he confirmed that the Spatial Armor could obstruct the path of the Spatial Cracks, and they would ultimately melt down part of the armor.

Knowing that the Spatial Cracks could wreck havoc on the armor, Liu Gan used the flashlight to find the path to the center of the room. Carefully, he navigated to the Spatial Transfer Gate. Earlier in the night, when Liu Gan was struck by Su Nina’s [Nightmare Assault], she was nowhere close to his side. From that Liu Gan could estimate the approximate effective distance of the ability. So Liu Gan placed her by the side of the cabin door away from danger. To deal with Peng Xuetao, he also had to dodge the Spatial Cracks, so he didn’t want to divert his focus on protecting her as well.

The Spatial Cracks closer to the center of the room revolved more quickly, at least several times faster than they did in dreamland. It was still within the speed that Liu Gan could react to. Most of the Spatial Cracks were revolving in an anticlockwise rotation, and Liu Gan was using Peng Xuetao as a human barrier, so he wasn’t too worried about getting hurt.

Walking closer to the damaged Spatial Transfer Gate, it was rather calm. Like the eye of the storm, it had only a few disturbances, and only a slow piece of Spatial Crack revolving slowly close to it. Liu Gan timed it carefully to put Peng Xuetao in front of the Spatial Crack. At the same time, Liu Gan placed the lower half of Peng Xuetao into the damaged Spatial Transfer Gate.

The damaged Spatial Transfer Gate was the largest Spatial Crack by far. By connecting the two Spatial Cracks, it maximized the damaged done to the Spatial Protection Armor. Sparks of blinding blue rays were produced. It was like looking at a small sun. Liu Gan couldn’t watch directly.

After ten minutes later, Liu Gan heard a loud bang as something exploded. The shiny blue rays disappeared. Liu Gan quickly pulled Peng Xuetao back out. The damaged Spatial Transfer Gate was now a lot smaller than earlier, and Peng Xuetao’s protective armor was shattered!

Without the special destructive properties of the Spatial Transfer Gate, Liu Gan estimated that he might not be able to break through the Spatial Protection if he used his fist for a year straight. Luckily, this underwater base had it. If Liu Gan didn’t find this out in his dreamland, he might not have thought about it to use it against this fatty.

Earlier when Peng Xuetao had his protection on, Liu Gan wasn’t able to hold onto his clothes, nor could he search him. Now Liu Gan could do both! Without any hesitation, Liu Gan stripped Peng Xuetao down as he pillaged. First, Liu Gan took the ring on his finger, but there wasn’t anything else useful on Peng Xuetao.

Liu Gan had his suspicion that the ring functioned as a Dimensional Storage Space. Peng Xuetao seemed to have stored items in it, but Liu Gan was unable to open it up.

After searching thoroughly and still unable to find anything useful on the naked Peng Xuetao, Liu Gan pulled out his dagger and cut off Peng Xuetao’s manhood. That part was forever gone, once Liu Gan tossed into the Spatial Transfer Gate. With a lighter, the dagger was heated to cauterized the wound. To prevent his blood from spilling all over the place, as Liu Gan dragged Peng Xuetao’s out from the chamber.

The pain of losing his manhood and the cauterized wound was enough of a shock to wake Peng Xuetao up. When he discovered that he had lost his prized possession and was nude, while on someone’s shoulder, he was stunned. Not to mention, he had lost his protective armor.

The worst part for Peng Xuetao was the burning sensation in his groin area… Peng Xuetao repeatedly cried out loudly, so much that Liu Gan had to shove a stinky boxer in his mouth.

“Finished?” Su Nina realized that she had lost control of Peng Xuetao in the dream. She looked exhausted as she recovered from her focused state.

“Finished, now we just need to finish taking care of the robotic dog and the airship. Otherwise, we will still be dead!” Liu Gan didn’t want to delay any further. The mothership reinforcements could arrive anytime. He had to figure a way out of this underwater laboratory fast!

Although Liu Gan’s was very quick, walking through the ice cold water was enough to knock out Peng Xuetao. Peng Xuetao was dropped onto the reception hall, where Wei Liang injected him with medicine. After the injection, Peng Xuetao was slapped on the face to quickly wake him up.

Watching Peng Xuetao’s wretched face in this state, especially without his manhood, caused every person there to start cheering for Liu Gan. The female scientists were crying for joy. To punish evildoers, evil must be used. Peng Xuetao messed with the wrong person this time, that lead to his downfall.

“You… lowly animals… How are you! Do you know who I am? You dared to go against me?” Peng Xuetao screamed out loudly.

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