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Chapter 322 - Remodel

TL: xDh20, Lifeisajourney

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“Cut the crap! I ask the questions, you answer them! Otherwise, you won’t enjoy what I will do to you!” Liu Gan pulled out iron pliers and plucked away one of Peng Xuetao’s teeth.

Peng Xuetao cried out in pain. This time the pain woke him up even more. Now he realized the situation he was in. With the disappearance of his protection, he was vulnerable. He knew that these people wouldn’t let him off the hook easily, especially after what he had done to them. So before reinforcements arrived, meaningless threats wouldn’t work. As Liu Gan moved to pluck another tooth, Peng Xuetao surrendered.

“Reassign the rights of the ring to me.” Liu Gan showed the ring on his hand. Liu Gan believed there was something useful hidden within the ring.

“The rights can't be transferred over unless I die… No, unless…” Peng Xuetao slipped up, but couldn't think of another excuse.

“Oh? Then forget it. I don't want to kill you. How about this. Cancel the order for the dog to attack. Then transfer the rights for the dog to her! I might reconsider letting you go for what you have done,” Liu Gan ordered.

It looked like ownership of the ring was similar to ownership of the dagger. Only after the previous owner died would it become the property of the new owner. So even if it was in Liu Gan's hand, it wouldn’t work. At present the most urgent thing to do was resolve the problem with the attacking dog.

“I can only command the dog to stop attacking. As for the transfer of rights, I can't do that!” Peng Xuetao admitted with a cry.

“So you want to play the game of buying time? I will count to ten. If you don't do it , then every ten seconds I will remove one of your teeth. I will pull out a tooth every ten seconds until you have nothing left!” Liu Gan held up the iron pliers to scare Peng Xuetao.

It was too bad that Peng Xuetao didn’t comply, which resulted in two more teeth being pulled. In the end, Peng Xuetao only called for the robotic dog to stop attacking. Seeing that tears were flowing and snot rolling down Peng Xuetao’s face, Liu Gan didn’t think it was possible to transfer ownership.

“If there was a PDA, I could make it work with his and hers help. I am only temporarily hacking into the mothership peripheral network and rewriting the procedures to the robotic dog. I can change the ownership from him to her,” Su Nina mumbled into Liu Gan’s ear from the side. The ‘him’ she was referring to Peng Xuetao and the ‘her’ she was referring to Yin He.

“PDA? Are you referring to the Spatial Transfer Gate key, that PDA?” Liu Gan confirmed with Su Nina.

“Yes, originally, I had one, but the microchip… melted.” Su Nina nodded with a depressed look.

“Then… that type of PDA, I also have one, too. It requires solar panel recharging. The problem is that the weather here is always cloudy. There’s not enough electricity to even start it up, so I don’t even know if it works?” Liu Gan had now heard something very interesting from Su Nina. Since it involved giving ownership of the robot dog to Yin He, Liu Gan voluntarily gave up the PDA.

If Su Nina dared to pull a stunt in front of him, he won’t mind killing her on the spot. The history of this woman was questionable. Her psychological ability was very strong, it could be considered a huge threat to Liu Gan. So it was hard to confirm if she was trustworthy. The easiest solution would be to kill her.

“Ah? You want me to try?” Su Nina shocked.

“Without electricity, how will you do it?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina.

“It is not that simple? I can try to change the electric circuits. Maybe it would accept the electricity from our laboratory,” Su Nina answered nonchalantly, as if this was a simple procedure.

“The electrical circuits are installed in a unique method. Are you sure you won’t damage it?” Liu Gan recalled Han Guangming’s warning, as he was still suspicious of Su Nina.

Within the prison compound, there were a few electrical specialists, and even they were helpless when it came to the PDA. It is not that easy to rewire the electrical circuits, it was easier to destroy the microchip inside.

“You are correct, the circuits are installed in a very strange way. It is encrypted. I know the principles behind this type of installation so it wouldn’t be too big of a problem for me.” Su Nina called for equipment to be gathered. She took apart the PDA and carefully removed the solar panel and circuit pathways.

Located right behind the solar panel were electrical circuits and the most important part - the microchip. This microchip has its own set of electrical circuits and data processing ability, so the moment the PDA was burned everything would be unsalvageable. There were more than 100 pins around the circuits, so when Jiang Jinyuan was charging the PDA with an external energy source, at least a dozen of those pins were in contact charging the PDA. It was Liu Gan’s fault for not noticing the importance of the pins.

The encapsulated electrical circuits each had different voltages that required fine tuning. If a single electric circuit was running on the wrong voltage, it would lead to the microchip burning. So when Su Nina took a look at the PDA, she seemed very familiar with the layout. Su Nina understood that only a dozen pins out of the hundred were actually useful. She carefully located the pins on the circuit board and started remodeling them to fit the laboratory’s energy output. She fine-tuned every wire in the laboratory to the right voltage. After ensuring that there weren’t any mistakes, she connected the wire to the PDA.

The moment the electricity started supplying the PDA, it turned on.

When Liu Gan saw this scene, he let out a sigh of relief. It all looked llike simple handiwork as an outsider, but if he had to do it himself it would end in failure. Not only did Su Nina not break it, she was successful in recharging it. Now Liu Gan was interested in Su Nina’s identity. Who was this girl and what was her background? How could she understand this complex system? Could she be similar to Jiang Jinyuan, a member of San Xing Corporation?

There was another issue, it was how Liu Gan had been impersonating a San Xing Corporation worker. Up to now, he had no idea what position the mothership held within San Xing Corporation. Even Yin He wasn’t able to find any information regarding that in the database. If Su Nina was able to hack into the mothership’s network, does that mean she wasn’t part of San Xing Corporation? Or could she be like what Peng Xuetao had said earlier, a traitor?

So before uncovering Su Nina’s real identity, Liu Gan won’t easily believe anything she says. If he did, his death might be worst than Peng Xuetao’s.

“Since you are working on it now, completely change the energy supply for the PDA so that I can use alternative outputs to recharge it.” Liu Gan said to Su Nina.

“Okay, I can do that and rearrange the energy supply to your liking. That way you can recharge it with any electric power source,” Su Nina giggled as she answered Liu Gan.

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