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Chapter 320 - Pitch-Black

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Peng Xuetao started to tremble with fear when he witnessed Yin He suddenly transform into an Armored Warrior. The corner of his eyes revealed how dreadful the situation had just become. Warily, Peng Xuetao looked back at Liu Gan. Unable to push back against Liu Gan, Peng Xuetao was pinned down.

“Stop hitting me! Who are you guys?” Peng Xuetao demanded of Liu Gan. Peng Xuetao touched the ring on his finger. An ultra-high voltage electric baton appeared, and Peng Xuetao swung it at Liu Gan.

The electric baton brushed against Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] and electric sparks appeared, but they didn’t harm Liu Gan, although the voltage stiffened him rigid with shock. Peng Xuetao took this chance to sneak an attack at Liu Gan’s chest. It sent Liu Gan flying backward into the wall, making a dent.

Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] indicator turned red. Just now, Peng Xuetao’s two consecutive attacks had severely injured Liu Gan.

“I thought that you were quite capable! Seems like you can’t even take a hit! Yet you wanted to pick a fight against me!” Peng Xuetao stood up as he angrily looked at Liu Gan.

Liu Gan also stood up from the floor, as he walked closer to Peng Xuetao.

“You have shielding material to hide your body’s signal! Ah! I figured it out! You are traitors that escaped! I will tell general headquarters to come and capture you!” Peng Xuetao brought up his virtual screen as he tried scanning Yin He’s serial number on the armor.

“You know too much!” Liu Gan charged forward with a punch at Peng Xuetao.

“You really want to fight it out! You must have a death wish!” Peng Xuetao showed a toxic expression, he raised his electric baton at Liu Gan again.

“DIE!” When Liu Gan got close to Peng Xuetao, Liu Gan activated [Psychic Shock]. Peng Xuetao’s brain felt a sharp pain. Liu Gan landed a punch on Peng Xuetao’s head.

Peng Xuetao’s Spatial Protection was able to withstand another attack from Liu Gan, but the force behind the attack caused a rebound that still affected Peng Xuetao. With the punch to the head, on top of the effects from [Psychic Shock] from earlier, it was enough to knock Peng Xuetao out and down to the floor, and he dropped his electric baton.

Liu Gan took the opportunity to pick up the electric baton. He pressed the button on the baton to release the ultra-high voltage electricity onto Peng Xuetao’s body. This baton weapon was a regular type of weapon, it didn’t require any personal verification. Liu Gan was able to use it after picking it up off the ground.

Peng Xuetao was already halfway recovered from the [Psychic Shock]. That was when Su Nina walked up behind Liu Gan. Both her eyes turned pitch-black. Unexpectedly, she cast [Nightmare Assault]!

Peng Xuetao was on the edge of recovering his state of mind, but with the second psychological attack to his psyche, he became absent-minded once again.

Everything was hazy and indistinguishable.

Then, Peng Xuetao felt himself able to stand up. He felt brave as he threw multiple punches at Liu Gan. This time the robotic dog was able to hack off Liu Gan’s arms and legs. Afterwards, he forced Su Nina and Yin He to strip dance in front of him. What an overwhelming victory! Peng Xuetao smiled sinisterly at his feat.

However, everything he witnessed was just fabrications of his own dreamland. In reality, his eyeballs were rapidly moving as he slept on the floor motionless. Peng Xuetao was unable to resist as Liu Gan used the electric baton on his Spatial Protection.

Liu Gan was shocked to find Peng Xuetao in this abnormal state. He turned around to see Su Nina’s eyes, all pitch-black. Then he considered Peng Xuetao’s comatose state, connected the two dots, and understood what had happened.

Liu Gan used the electric baton to continuously attack Peng Xuetao. Every 15 minutes, he would activate [Psychic Shock] to weaken his mental state and damage his psyche. That way he could fall deeper into dreamland, unable to wake back up.

Yin He was still wrestling with the robotic dog, she held onto the front legs of the dog since the dog had its jaw locked onto her arm. The two were intertwined in battle, it was hard to tell who had the upper hand.

After twenty minutes later, the energy supplying the electric baton, was empty. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to damage Peng Xuetao’s Spatial Protection. Peng Xuetao’s physical body was still unharmed. Liu Gan tried a different method to harm Peng Xuetao. He picked up Peng Xuetao’s body and aimed his head at the ground.

The moment the Spatial Protection sensed any abnormal conditions, it would automatically increase its output. Surrounding Peng Xuetao was a few centimeters of buffer zone. Thus, Liu Gan was unsuccessful with this method.

Liu Gan took some time to think of another method. He threw Peng Xuetao into a tub filled with water. This time, Liu Gan wanted to drown Peng Xuetao. Small bubbles promptly started coming out from his mouth. It seemed the Spatial Protection armor provided the wearer a special type of alternative breathing, making it impossible to drown him.

Liu Gan pulled Peng Xuetao out from the tub. Out of frustration, Liu Gan kept punching at Peng Xuetao. The rate of punches thrown out was staggering. Normal people couldn’t even follow the movements anymore. When it was time, Liu Gan unleashed another [Psychic Shock] to weaken Peng Xuetao’s psyche. The regular interval of [Psychic Shock] was to keep Peng Xuetao trapped within Su Nina’s nightmare ability. This way, Liu Gan could freely experiment with different methods of penetrating the armor. Since the energy supplying the armor wasn’t replenished, it would stop functioning eventually.

All of the staff were simply watching the fight on the sidelines, anxious about the results. They grouped up to think of a countermeasure for the worst case scenario. It was evident that the outcome of the battle carried the weight of their lives. If it was Liu Gan who won, they would be safe since he was much more reasonable. However, if Peng Xuetao won, then they would be in a much worse condition. Peng Xuetao’s personality was too evil, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill everyone out of anger.

After another ten minutes, Yin He was still wrestling with the dog in a power struggle. Liu Gan’s fists hadn’t stopped beating down on the armor. Liu Gan’s frequency of punching hadn’t slowed down even when he started sweating profusely and veins appeared on his forehead.

Su Nina continuously had her ability active. By using [Nightmare Assault], she guaranteed that Peng Xuetao wouldn’t wake up. Liu Gan knew that it was a race against time. He must penetrate the Spatial Protection while Su Nina still has the ability to control Peng Xuetao in the dream. If Peng Xuetao woke up now, he might pull out some stronger hidden weapon that could turn the tide of battle.

“Miss Su, that cracked Spatial Transfer Gate, does it really exist?” Liu Gan quickly asked Su Nina, as he recalled his own recent dream. He remembered that when the Armored Warrior passed through the Spatial Transfer Gate, shiny blue rays would be produced as the spatial cracks reacted against the armor. It seemed like those shiny blue rays were a phenomenon when the Spatial Protection was damaged.

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