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Chapter 314 - Unrecognizable

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Wei Liang assigned the women over to accompany Liu Gan and others, so Liu Gan suspected that he had a secret agenda. At the time, Liu Gan suspected that it was an attempt to try and win his favor. That way they could bargain for more sponsorship and benefits, but the situation didn't seem as simple as it looked anymore.

“Ah…” Su Nina looked at Liu Gan’s back and released a sigh. When she said ‘that day’, it meant it wasn't today. Clearly, he didn't pay attention to the details of her statement.

“I already know that you don't accept it, but as I've already said, I really like you. I love your cold and independent personality, you are unwilling to submit to the flow. You are my type of male idol,” Su Nina continued.

“Are you still reading into my memory?” Liu Gan suddenly turned around. A dagger appeared into his hand, which he pressed onto Su Nina’s neck.

“No, I don't have such ability,” Su Nina calmly replied. She wasn't afraid of the dagger was pressed on her neck. She continued to warmly stare back at Liu Gan.

“Why don't you directly tell me what you hope to obtain from me? Perhaps, I could give you what you want. That way we don't have to do things this way.” Liu Gan pulled his dagger back.

“I am in love with you, whether you believe it or not. Although I am interested as to what the mothership is really like? I also want to know why they decided to send a member like you? I know you won't be willing to speak, but that is just my personal curiosity.” Su Nina continued to stare at Liu Gan.

“Do you know me from somewhere before?” Liu Gan started to figure something was weird as the conversation continued.

“No…we don't know one another,” Su Nina thought for a long while before answering. Obviously, she didn't want him to know her identity right now.

“On the mothership, there were internal conflicts, resulting in battles and fights. It was a mess, so I don't want to tell you too much no matter how much you ask,” Liu Gan casually answered her as he stared suspiciously back at Su Nina.

Liu Gan believed that he didn't know her. In his memory, there was no person like her. So there was a problem with her attitude, she was acting like the both of them had met before and she recognized him.

“Where are you from? From another far away planet, or a parallel universe? I know that the mothership utilizes very advanced technology. It has the power to pass through space and time, is that how you got here?” Su Nina inquired, testing Liu Gan.

“Our technology is similar to humans looking down at ants. Do you know how I feel now? Don't ask me these questions, I can't answer them for you,” Liu Gan coldly stated.

“You are so cold…I see that you are from another alien planet. That would explain it…” Su Nina ridiculed Liu Gan.

“Okay! My turn to ask you,” Liu Gan angrily replied.

“Ask away,” Su Nina responded obediently.

“In those glass cabinets, there were people with the wrist watch, how did you get them? They aren't the ones supplied by general headquarters!” Liu Gan asked promptly.

“You are correct, they aren't the type of specimens that were normally supplied to us. Those people have an astonishing background story. Suddenly, they appeared within our laboratory. It was also the same day we were running low on specimens so we decided to round them up and treat them like expendables,” Su Nina replied calmly.

“How many of them were there?” Liu Gan continued to ask.

“There were around forty people? Even as we were running our individual projects, we couldn't find out how they were transferred over. The common point was that they were all wearing this wrist watch, it is a very advanced item. There was nothing we could do to isolate it. We tried chopping the arm off, then it would appear back at another body part. Unless they die, the wrist watch won't disappear. It changes state from solid into a gas and dissipates as a black mist into the environment,” Su Nina anxiously explained.

Liu Gan didn't continue asking. He sympathized with those forty players as their luck was the worst. Only moments after being transferred into the game, they fell victim to becoming lab rats.

Compared to these players, Liu Gan felt relatively luckier since he was transferred over to the plaza. But, these forty players were possibly quite dumb. With forty players, they could have easily suppressed the minority group of researchers.

On thinking that, Liu Gan realized something.

“Pull up your sleeves!” Liu Gan ordered.

“Oh?” Su Nina blushed with embarrassment when she heard the command. She slowly unbuttoned her pajama button.

“Pull up your sleeve, not take off your pajamas! If you do anything foolish like that again, do you think that I won't kill you?” Liu Gan threatened Su Nina with his dagger again.

Su Nina laughed, embarrassed, then pulled up her shirt sleeve. There wasn't any wrist watch, she wasn't a player like Liu Gan had suddenly suspected.

According to Liu Gan’s adjusted suspicions, this laboratory might only have 18 researchers left due to the arrival of the players. The players wouldn't have submitted to being captured so they must have put up a fight. The remnants of the researchers were the survivors and the victors of the fight.

Regardless of the presence of the wrist watch, Liu Gan was still wary of Su Nina’s true identity. He still thought she could be a player who had met him before in the real world. It sounded more reasonable in that context.

Su Nina didn't have any wrist watch, so the possibility of being a player was low. They were currently still within the dreamland, so there was still a chance of it being hidden away. If Liu Gan woke up from dreamscape, he would reexamine her identity.

“So, you were saying that we are in a dreamscape?” Su Nina changed the topic.

“What do you think? How could you explain the disappearance of the other people? And we are the only ones here. It seems like this isn't your first time experiencing it! Don't act innocent with me.” Liu Gan walked over to the Spatial Transfer Gate to inspect it and the rest of the room.

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