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Chapter 313 - Key

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Spatial crack! Your laboratory was able to find a way to crack space!? Did you report this to the headquarters?” Liu Gan stared at the severed rod with a dismayed look.

“A handful of the higher executives should know about this. Perhaps they didn’t disclose that detail to you?” Su Nina calmly replied to Liu Gan.

At this moment, within the gigantic cabin appeared several Armored Warriors. Clearly, they were the same as the researchers, fragments of memory, a mere virtual shadow of the distant past. They walked by the Black Polygon Patches, but they weren’t sliced apart. Their armor sparked with several blue flickers of light.

The Armored Warriors had high defensive properties when equipped with their armor. Even the Spatial Cracks weren’t able to damage them. In the virtual shadow-memory, the Armored Warriors were carrying something. They were heading toward the center of the cabin room before they vanished into darkness before Liu Gan’s eyes.

“From this spatial crack research, what were your conclusions?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina.

“Follow me,” Su Nina said, and suddenly, she had another powerful flashlight in her hand. She lead Liu Gan into the cabin room, which she carefully navigated around, avoiding the floating Black Patches in various shapes. She lead Liu Gan to the center of the cabin room.

In the center of the room, Liu Gan saw a large piece of black mirror, or something that resembled a mirror. It was actually inappropriate to be called a mirror, since it couldn’t reflect an image. Its surface was completely pitch black, and when light shone on it, no reflections occured. From the side, it had a smooth surface. Its edges weren’t neat and it looked half-shattered. In fact, the black mist was trailing out from it all around the edges. This alone was quite peculiar.

“That is a damaged Spatial Transfer Gate. If it wasn’t damaged, it could transfer to very far places and even remote dimensions. At least, that is what I’ve heard. We’ve never tested it ourselves, so it might not be true,” Su Nina explained to Liu Gan. Meanwhile, she was reminding Liu Gan to avoid the floating spatial cracks.

“Damaged Spatial Transfer Gate?” Liu Gan frowned at the thought. Liu Gan had heard about the Spatial Transfer Gate before, from Jiang JinYuan. However, Jiang JinYuan told Liu Gan that this Spatial Transfer Gate was only in the Central City of the Main Island. Going through that Gate, it was possible to be transferred back into the real world. At that time, Liu Gan didn’t believe it. There was a higher possibility that San Xing Corporation was trying to swindle Jiang JinYuan as a volunteer by claiming there was a return trip.

However, now Liu Gan had seen the damaged Spatial Transfer Gate with his own eyes. He now truly believed that in Central City somewhere lay a functional Spatial Transfer Gate that was capable of returning to the real world.

Perhaps, Mr. Sheng’s symbol on the map was the designated location Northern NinJing City’s Spatial Transfer Gate. That could also be an indicator of its existence.

“Hey say, if this Spatial Transfer Gate was still functional. Where do you think it would transfer us to?” Su Nina playing dumb.

“You were researching all this time, yet you couldn’t find ways to revert it back to normal?” Liu Gan countered and asked Su Nina.

“I have an idea, if we had enough potential energy, like those from ten nuclear bombs or even more, it could absorb it. Then perhaps, it will restore function,” Su Nina replied to Liu Gan.

“Seems like you do know a lot! How did you find this method?” Liu Gan looked suspiciously at Su Nina.

“This is information that general headquarters had told us. I find it strange that you wouldn't know anything about this,” Su Nina countered, while smiling sinisterly.

“I told you that, I just picked up the job that was left behind by my predecessor. So what you meant before was that as long as a nuclear bomb explodes nearby the Spatial Transfer Gate, it will reinstate its function?” Liu Gan asked.

“It requires a lot of energy to restore the function of the Gate. To safely use it, you would require the key. If you went in without the key, you will be transferred in bits and pieces. Small pieces that are the size of rice,” Su Nina explained.

“What is this key?” Liu Gan continued, but faced the possibility of being exposed as a fraud. Even if there was a risk, he will take the chance for this precious information. If his identity became exposed, these scientists won't be much of a threat. If the time came, then he would just have to force the information out of the researchers.

“It is a type of…PDA. Contained within the PDA are set values. As long as you are carrying the PDA nearby the Gate, then the Gate will recognize the key. The Gate should activate the authentication system. After successful authentication, you will become a mist. As a mist, you will travel safely to your destination,” Su Nina told Liu Gan.

“PDA? What does it look like?” Liu Gan suddenly remembered that he had one on him. Due to the lack of sufficient charging, it hadn't been able to start up.

“The screen should be this big. The color is dull silver. Solar powered recharge station…” Su Nina continued to explain to Liu Gan. The more she described it, the more it sounded like Jiang JinYuan’s PDA.

Liu Gan looked into Su Nina’s eyes and suddenly he had a thought. Was this woman reading his memory, then fabricating a lie to trick him?

This woman’s appearance was questionable. Her ghostly appearances and disappearances twice by his side were too strange. Also, she seemed to pull out items from thin air.

“Why would you tell me this? It doesn't seem like you are telling me everything just because of the fact that I'm someone from headquarters?” Liu Gan acted casual as he tested Su Nina.

“I don't know, it could be that I like you. Ever since that day I saw you, I've had a crush on you,” Su Nina answered, giggling loudly.

“There may be some men that would fall for that, but it doesn't work against me!” Liu Gan shouted back. In the real world, he was a son from a wealthy family. Not only was Liu Gan wealthy, but he was also handsome and charming. He had learned not to believe words from spontaneously flirtatious women.

These type of spontaneously flirtatious women who could casually throw out phrases like ‘like you’ and ‘crush on you’ always had a hidden agenda, especially when they were beautiful. Because they were beautiful, they didn't rashly fall in love with others or have a crush on people. So even if they liked someone, they wouldn’t voluntarily reveal it. They had too much pride and they enjoyed the feeling of being courted.

Beautiful females wouldn’t feel motivated to do something just because of someone’s charm or attractiveness. It was all an excuse to hide their secret agenda. Only the weakest-willed men would be tricked!

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