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Chapter 315 - Confirmation

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Su Nina’s expression said it all, she was embarrassed. She didn’t even try to explain herself, she simply continued to tail behind Liu Gan.

Liu Gan was unable to find anything worthwhile inside the cabin room. So he returned along his original route. He walked back through the black cabin door, and past the red cabin door. Finally, he reached the living quarters. Once again, he checked every room to confirm that Han GuangMing, Zhao Meng, Wei Liang, and others weren’t there.

It seemed this dreamscape limited sharing to him and Su Nina. It was very different from when all his team members had a shared dream.

Liu Gan walked towards the isolation chamber,  he wanted to test it out even in a dream. Could his [Mist Armor] withstand the pressure at 3000 meters below sea level? There was also the question of duration underwater. Even if it was a dream, it didn’t represent reality. In fact, no one knew if there was a correlation. This was actually a good opportunity to test his theory.

“Even when you are trapped within the dreamland, you aren’t scared at all?” Su Nina curiously asked Liu Gan.

“What is there to be scared of?” Liu Gan said without the slightest change in expression. He opened the door to the isolation chamber.

“What are you going to do?” Su Nina chased after Liu Gan into the isolation chamber.

“Going to see the outside world. With this chance, why not visit the beautiful world of the underwater life forms?” Liu Gan replied as he closed the door behind him, getting ready to open up the external isolation door.

“If you do that, we will die. Do you know how immense the pressure is?” Su Nina was holding back Liu Gan.

“Dying within the dreamland? That isn’t a bad experience. I would like to try it.” Liu Gan roughly pushed aside her hand.

“Don’t do that, you will hurt yourself.” Su Nina was angry that she got pushed aside and walked back to stop him again.

“You are afraid? What are you afraid of? If you are afraid, then go back into the other room, why did you follow me into the isolation chamber?” Liu Gan raised his eyebrows.

“I have no idea, I know that I like to stick with you. You keep on thinking that I have an ulterior motive! I’m just following my heart! Wherever you go, I want to follow you, I just don’t want to hurt myself,” Su Nina replied to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan didn’t continue to bother with Su Nina. He continued with his plan to visit the outside world, as he tried to figure out how to to open up the external isolation door.

Under normal conditions, when there were submarines connected to the joints, opening this external isolation door would be easy. The safety mechanism installed with the door prevented it from opening without any submarine attached to the building. So when Liu Gan tried to forcefully pry open the isolation chamber external door, an alarm was triggered.

Liu Gan had to resort to manual labor as he forcefully pried open the cabin door, first by loosening up the bolts, and then pulling open the door.

Under the immense pressure of water from outside of the building, water poured into the isolation chamber. Liu Gan was pushed back into the isolation chamber by the overwhelming force. He slammed hard onto the wall behind him. The blow to his head caused him to be disoriented for a few seconds. Still, with his [Mist Armor] active, the majority of the damage was negated.

In a matter of seconds, the isolation chamber was filled. The pressure in the isolation chamber equalized with the sea outside.

Liu Gan turned on his waterproof flashlight, then he tried to move several steps within the cabin. He quickly discovered that it felt like he was carrying several tons of weight, it was hard to move even a step.

The wrist watch display indicator changed from red to black for [Mist Armor].  Trying to walk underwater to the shore would be an impossible feat.

Su Nina suddenly appeared outside of the isolation chamber and closed the external door. The pressure on Liu Gan’s body also disappeared. Then Su Nina reappeared close by Liu Gan and walked in front of him. Her sleeping pajamas looked even more lightweight than before, they were like gauze that fluttered with the slightest breeze. There was nothing behind the clothing, like it was omitted.

Liu Gan could tell from from her expression that she wasn't suffering at all. Small bubbles of gas seeped out from her skin. Without a doubt, she was lying to him. She had the ability to breathe underwater.

Liu Gan saw that Su Nina didn't continue speaking. He was starting to grasp the full meaning behind this dreamscape.

Su Nina looked at Liu Gan, as she closed in, she wrapped her arms around Liu Gan. She closed her eyes, and puckered up her lips in an attempt to kiss him.

Liu Gan didn't bother to dodge her kiss this time, instead he pulled out a dagger. As Su Nina got closer, he pierced into her heart and twisted it around several times.

Su Nina opened her eyes, she was very shocked. She didn't think that Liu Gan would be irrational enough to actually kill her. As her expression became dull, the water still surrounding Liu Gan also became a blur, as if this whole dreamland was on the verge of collapsing.

Liu Gan heard a noise like pieces of armor crashing into metal as he woke up abruptly. Yin He sat down by his side. She was equipped with the heavy armor.

“Dreaming?” Yin He asked in an unfamiliar voice.

“Yes, seems like I haven’t woken up yet.” Liu Gan revealed his dagger and stabbed Yin He in her heart.

“You…why did you kill me?” Yin He asked in a surprising manner and unfamiliar voice.

“If you were truly her, this weak attack wouldn’t have harmed you at all. The only reason is because you aren’t her. You are Su Nina. So my dagger was able to pierce through the armor, right into the heart. This is where you die twice, within your own dreamland,” Liu Gan said confidently.

“You are very strong, just like before. You really don’t feel any sympathy toward the other sex. I can’t even find your weakness. But, you are wrong. I didn’t create this dreamscape to hurt you…it was…I wanted to just finish a dream, that’s all…” the Yin He sighed. Once again, Liu Gan’s surrounding became blurred. By his ear, he heard metal parts clashing against each other.

Liu Gan woke up once more, this time it was Yin He sitting by his side. Except, she didn’t have her armor equipped. Liu Gan stabbed at Yin He’s heart again without any hesitation. Yin He didn’t dodge at all, allowing Liu Gan to stab at her metallic body.

“Someone was imitating your identity, so I had to test if it was really you,” Liu Gan explained, as he put away his dagger after confirming who she was.

“That thing appeared again? It attacked you in the dreamland?” Yin He asked angrily. She wanted to do her best to defend Liu Gan, but she couldn’t sleep so she couldn’t help him at all.

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