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Chapter 312 - Reappear

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“Here, take this,” Su Nina tossed over an object to Liu Gan. Liu Gan caught the object in one hand - it was a waterproof flashlight.

Liu Gan turned to look at Su Nina, she was no longer looking at him. Her expression was strange, her face was flushed red.

This is how she expressed her feelings to a handsome guy? Was she infatuated with him already?

“Where did you get this from?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina.

“This place, I'm definitely more familiar here than you are,” Su Nina sneered, but Liu Gan had lost interest already and turned back around. Clearly, he wasn’t interested in her.

Liu Gan slowly submerged himself into the sea water. This type of cold was really unbearable. It was a lot colder than when he was stuck on the top of the lighthouse. Last time, he was coated with drizzling rain, this time he was completely in the near freezing water. The only good thing about today was that this place wasn’t windy and there was no thunderstorm like the last location.

Finally he dipped his head and upper body into the cold sea water. Liu Gan turned on the waterproof flashlight and lit up his path. This flashlight had a really strong and bright range of illumination. The light ray shone through the water, allowing Liu Gan to see clearly.

The seawater was quite clear. With the flashlight’s illumination, he wasn’t able to see any impurities. From the looks of it, no one had been here for a long time. Or perhaps…this dreamscape was a very special scene. With the ability to breathe underwater and the strong illumination from the flashlight, Liu Gan could continue as long as he wanted without any problems.

Aside from the fact that he was freezing.

After swimming for a while, Liu Gan realized that he wasn’t that cold anymore. In fact, his skin felt hot. He was unsure if it was the cold or a condition created by the dreamscape, but since he wouldn’t be freezing to death now, he continued searching for his answer.

To avoid being frozen stiff, Liu Gan moved his legs faster. He kept walking downwards, but he wasn’t swimming. He was merely walking along the floor. Liu Gan’s heavy body sank to the floor. Naturally, he was able to walk steadily along the floor while being in the water, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to float in the water ever again.

Liu Gan quickly reached another locked and sealed door. This time, there was no need to violently kick it down. This cabin door had red colored bolts that could be freed by twisting and turning. Even though it was rigid, with Liu Gan’s enormous strength the cabin door opened easily.

Behind the cabin door was a long tunnel. Reaching the end of this tunnel, there was a flight of stairs that led upwards. Following the stairs, Liu Gan finally stepped out of the ice cold sea water, proceeding until he reached another locked door.

Liu Gan looked around, and once he saw that no one was around, he stripped nude. He then wrung out his wet clothes as much as he could. Then, he put them on once again. Even though he didn’t feel chilly, the feeling of wet clothes still wasn’t comfortable.

“It is very dangerous inside. I didn’t lie to you. If you enter, you have to be very careful,” Su Nina’s voice came from behind Liu Gan.

Liu Gan grabbed what clothes he had left to cover his body. With his other hand, the flashlight shone over to where Su Nina was. He found her in the water walking up out of it. Her pajama was soaked to the point of transparency. She didn’t look like she was wearing any clothes at all.

“When did you follow me?” Liu Gan raised his eyebrows. This woman was like a ghost, appearing out of thin air. It led to some questions about her true identity.

“I’ve been following you quietly from behind. It was just that you have been walking forward, never turning back so you didn’t notice me,” Su Nina giggled at Liu Gan.

“What danger lies ahead? Tell me.” Liu Gan quickly put on the remainder of his clothes. Then he twisted and turned the bolts on the door.

“Since you are here anyway, open the door to find out yourself. Remember only to look and don’t go too far in. Deep inside is a dangerous place,” Su Nina said mysteriously.

“Okay.” Liu Gan was sick of playing games. He broke the remaining bolts, then kicked open the cabin door and shone the flashlight inside.

Within this cabin room, there were a lot of apparatus and workstations, but all were severely damaged. All the machines looked as if they were cut by the same thing. The degree of damage was something Liu Gan had definitely never seen before.

The image of a white-coated scientist appeared near the cabin door. He looked like a virtual shadow, looking around in panic. He changed his direction toward the cabin door, but in mid step, the lower half of his body separated from the upper half of his body. The two halves collapsed on the floor.

After a series of loud screams, he turned into a large black mist and dissipated into the environment.

Another white-coated scientist was also panicking as he looked around, he too tried to run toward the cabin door. This time, the lower half of his body broke off. His head had a linear cut from left to right. His body collapsed and his eyes became lifeless. The top of his skull was removed cleanly from his head along with parts of his brain. The collapsed body revealed a cleanly sliced off cerebrum.

Liu Gan shone the powerful flashlight ray over and discovered the abnormality inside this cabin room. In this gigantic cabin, black colored lines, triangles, and polygonal shapes were floating in mid air. The correct way to describe it was that there were Black Polygon Patches floating in mid air. Some were being moved by the air currents, and revolved slowly about the room.

The researcher’s body separation and then the skull being cut moments ago were due to the Black Polygon Patch that was rotating in mid-air.

“Those black lines and the other polygon patches are spatial cracks, slight cracks in dimensional space. Remember to not touch them. They are very dangerous.” Su Nina appeared from behind Liu Gan again.

“Spatial cracks?” Liu Gan shone his light at the Black Patches again.

The two corpses and the destroyed instruments, slowly formed into black mists and dissipated into the surroundings. Clearly, this was the accident that Su Nina had described happening, and Liu Gan was able to witness the scene take place.

“You can test its power.” Su NIna walked forward with a rod in her hand. She swung the rod into the nearest Black Polygon Patch. The result was the rod was sliced cleanly in half. The rod part that was cut off fell to the floor and clanged loudly.

Su Nina returned with her half of the rod for him to examine. The cut from the end that interacted with the black patch was very smooth. It was smoother than precision machine-cutting, truly remarkable.

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