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Chapter 311 - Cold Air

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“You are talking about the terrible Nightmare Jellyfish? It is locked away in the deepest compartment of the laboratory. Also, the walls will block its dream attack. Unless it has escaped, it can’t launch its mental attacks on us…” Su Nina shook her head.

“I am not interested in arguing with you over this problem. Why didn’t you let me open this cabin door? What is the secret that is hidden away behind these closed cabin doors? I am a high ranking official of the company. I have the right to know everything. However, you have not disclosed to me the truth when I asked for all of the research projects. Do you know this is a severe crime?” Liu Gan shouted.

“What happened at Company Headquarters, you didn’t seem to be telling the whole truth to us…” Su Nina whimpered back.

“How dare you! Who allowed you to speak to me like that? I have the right to question everything that happens within the laboratory. Do you think you have the right to question the company’s executive management?” Liu Gan acted furious. He has to act disgusted, in order to deceive Su Nina.

“What you see now, isn’t the real setting. Things behind the red cabin door, were already changed. I don’t know why it was reverted to how it looked back then…” Su Nina said with a puzzled look.

“Seems like you been in dreamland for awhile, have you been tailing me silently?” Liu Gan looked suspiciously at Su Nina.

“Everything you see now, is from an earlier renovation. A week ago, there was an accident that nearly destroyed everything inside. Shortly afterwards, we decided to seal it shut.” Su Nina avoided Liu Gan’s question.

“What happened here?” Liu Gan frowned.

“An accident story. A research scientist broke down. He probably stayed underwater for too long. But, his mental state broke down. He decided to release all the experimental subjects. These subjects all carry very deadly viruses that required them to be isolated. The moment this virus enters into our cabin area, everyone here will die. You and me appearing here, could mean it has already happened. If this is all real, then we are infected. We can’t return to the cabin that we came from,” Su Nina panicked.

“You just said that everything here is from your past memory, but now you say that you are infected. Can your acting not have such contradictions?” Liu Gan countered.

“My train of thought is in chaos…” Su Nina blushed. Her big eyes were avoiding direct eye contact with Liu Gan.

“Your experimental subject Nightmare Jellyfish definitely escaped from the cabin. It has attacked us mentally. You are in a dream. All this was created from your memory. With that in mind, how can we be infected?” Liu Gan exposed Su Nina, while nitpicking the statement for answer.

This woman must be hiding a secret. Her expression and actions didn’t feel right. It was a red flag, Liu Gan felt strangely about Su Nina...

“I am in a dream? How come I don’t feel like that?” Su Nina asked innocently.

“If this isn’t a dream, why would you appear when you were sleeping? Then there was the issue of this experimental zone being reverted back to how it looked before?” Liu Gan was getting impatient as he questioned Su Nina.

If Liu Gan could deceive her into revealing the secret, then he would. If he couldn’t deceive her, then he would force it out of her.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I am still absolutely muddled.” Su Nina wrapped her fingers around her head, looking really hopeless.

“How long have you been researching the Nightmare Jellyfish in this underwater base? Have things like this ever happened before? Such as these mental attacks?” Liu Gan was losing patience with this woman.

“Our research has always been cautious. There was no way it could’ve attacked us mentally. Things  happening like that would be like telling a fairytale story, so today’s experience is the first time it has happened,” Su Nina persisted in her explanation.

Liu Gan didn’t want to divert his attention to her anymore. He was most concerned about what was behind the black cabin door. Even if this was the dreamland, then this should be either the Nightmare Jellyfish’s or some other person’s memory. If he wanted to find out what Su Nina was hiding, perhaps the answer was behind this door. Since she wouldn’t tell him, he would find it himself. It would be more truthful than whatever she said to him.

If there was any danger associated from opening this cabin door, this danger was a mere memory from the distant past. Liu Gan wasn’t worried about it at all as he continued to brutally kick at the door. Kick by kick, his leg knocked down the door. After twenty kicks, it finally produced a bang! as the black cabin door broke down.

Opening the black cabin door, gusts of cold air flowed out. Liu Gan shivered uncontrollably.

There was a circular cabin room, at least fifty meters in diameter. The inside was empty. There was an absence of instruments, as if the equipment was moved away. There was dim lighting that led all the way to the center of the room, where Liu Gan saw a ladder going down.

The ladder space was filled to the brim with water.

To continue investigating, he would have to do so underwater.

Liu Gan decided to give it a test. The water temperature was rather low, almost 0 C. In the Trembling World, it was close to winter, so the temperature was relatively low. Since the underwater cabin could provide warmth, it didn’t normally feel that cold. However, the deep seawater was maintained at 0 C all year long. With nothing in this cabin to providing warmth, it wasn’t strange to feel cold air flowing out.

“Why are you so curious about the secrets behind this room? You aren’t like the people sent by headquarters. Your task here isn’t simply to investigate our project topics, right?” Su Nina’s voice sounded behind Liu Gan.

“You are really annoying! Do I need to explain to you people what I want to do? If you continue talking, I will ban all your projects!” Liu Gan shot back as he waded deeper into the water.

This type of cold…it could reach right down to the bone. Immediately a question crossed Liu Gan’s mind - would he freeze up or become unconscious if he continued? After a moment of thought, he reminded himself that this was all in dreamland. What would it feel like to pass out in a dream?

Liu Gan clenched his teeth, and continued down the stairs. Soon, the water was at waist level.

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